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Table of Contents

RAAF Meteorological Service



Chapter 1: The Weather Factor in Warfare

Chapter 2: Establishing and Developing the RAAF Directorate of Met. Services (D.Met.S)

Chapter 3: Recruiting and Training of Personnel

Chapter 4: Meteorology in Aviation

Chapter 5: The Met. Retreating

Chapter 6: The Met. Advancing

Chapter 7: The Met With the Army and the Navy

Chapter 8: Divisional Offices of the Bureau of Meteorology During the War

Chapter 9: Research and Instrumental Development

Chapter 10: The End, Aftermath, and Beyond

Appendix 1
List of Officers of D.Met.S as at 1 January, 1945

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4



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Flight Lieutenants

72504HUTCHISON, James Dugald Stuart(t) (ASD)17.4.41
52505JOHNSTON, John(t) (ASD)17.4.41
620508McGRATH, Cornelius(t) (ASD)17.4.41
82511SHINKFIELD, Reginald Claxton(t) (ASD)17.4.41
52512WEISSER, Frederick Christian(t) (ASD)17.4.41
92514WYATT, Raymond William(t) (ASD)17.4.41
92530MARTIN, Alan Robert(t) (ASD)1.1.42
82543SMALLMAN, George Anzac(t) (ASD)1.1.42
72519BROWN, George Frederick(t) (ASD)1.10.42
62521DALE, Percival Tasman(t) (ASD)1.10.42
62533McKENZIE, William Keith(t) (ASD)1.10.42
82541SENIOR, Lionel Roper(t) (ASD)1.10.42
62535MIZON, Errol Alfred(t) (ASD)1.4.43
92546VOLLPRECHT, Ross(t) (ASD)1.4.43
72550BAHR, Victor John(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62551BRIGDEN, David Drayton(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62555ELSTON, George William(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62556GARDINER, Thomas King(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62561McCONNELL, Robert John(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62564TREFRY, George Robert(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62GARRIOCK, Andrew(t) (ASD)1.4.43
62BROWN, Arthur Frederick Morris(t) (ASD)1.4.43
92554DOWDELL, William Lawrence(t) (ASD)1.4.43
92563TAYLOR, Reginald John(t) (ASD)1.4.43
92526HALL, James Michael Joseph(t) (ASD)1.8.43
92562ROYCE, Richard Gladstone(t) (ASD)1.8.43
93882BELL, Fred(t) (ASD)1.8.43
93872O'MAHONY, Gerard(t) (ASD)1.12.43
93885HARRISON, Jack Reginald(t) (ASD)1.12.43
72517BOND, Harold George(t) (ASD)1.12.43
82520CLARKE, Reginald Henry(t) (ASD)1.12.43
92549WRIGHT, Donald Sidney(t) (ASD)1.12.43
252557HANNAN, Francis Thomas(t) (ASD)1.12.43
292558HIGGINS, Huntly Gordon(t) (ASD)1.12.43
262559KERR, Charles(t) (ASD)1.12.43
292560MOORE, John Aubrey Vincent(t) (ASD)1.12.43
252565WALSH, Robert William(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253873McINTYRE, Daniel Gordon(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253874PHILLPOT, Henry Robert(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253875JOSEPH, Denis Hugh(t) (ASD)1.12.43
273876HARVEY, Robert Walter(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253878BEWSHER, Donald Kelvey(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253879BROWNLIE, Thomas James(t) (ASD)1.12.43
263880DOUGLAS, Arthur Wilson(t) (ASD)1.12.43
253881PITT, Donald Ernest(t) (ASD)1.12.43
283883BARNES, Ralph(t) (ASD)1.12.43
283884HUMPHRIS, Kenneth Sturt(t) (ASD)1.12.43
252518BRANN, Harold Walter Allen Neale(t) (ASD)1.7.44
293871BIRTWISTLE, Robert(t) (ASD)1.7.44
263877McCARTNEY, Hugh Samuel(t) (ASD)1.7.44
24559STEWART, Jack Alan(t) (ASD)1.7.44
53553EVERIST, Selwyn Lawrence(t) (ASD)1.7.44
28731HAINES, Norman Lindsay(t) (ASD)1.7.44
52920LORD, Joseph Henry(t) (ASD)1.7.44
40086ALLENDER, Colin Frederick Thomas(t) (ASD)1.7.44
38458BATES, Charles Ivon(t) (ASD)1.7.44
25576JAMES, Charles Christopher(t) (ASD)1.7.44
262537NETTLE, Maurice Alfred(t) (ASD)1.1.45
25460O'CONNOR, Patrick Thomas(t) (ASD)1.1.45
51233SAVIGE, Walter Ernest(t) (ASD)1.1.45
6784TEASDALE, Alan Charles(t) (ASD)1.1.45
36525BURKE, Leslie Edmund(t) (ASD)1.1.45
60878WHITE, Richard Cecil Leslie(t) (ASD)1.1.45
117369HENDERSON, Frank Cotter(t) (ASD)1.1.45
117375MacKINNON, Kenneth(t) (ASD)1.1.45
412468MILTHORPE, Walter Johnstone(t) (ASD)1.1.45
60167SWAN, Keith John(t) (ASD)1.1.45
36526CUTHBERTSON, Eric George(t) (ASD)1.1.45

Honorary Flight Lieutenants

HARTSHORN, John Henry17.4.41
RUTHERFORD, George Taylor21.1.43

People in Bright Sparcs - Bahr, Victor John; Bond, Harold George; Brann, Harold Walter Allen Neale (Bill); Clarke, Reginald Henry

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Joyce, J. 1993 'The Story of the RAAF Meteorological Service', Metarch Papers, No. 5 October 1993, Bureau of Meteorology

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