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Table of Contents

RAAF Meteorological Service



Chapter 1: The Weather Factor in Warfare

Chapter 2: Establishing and Developing the RAAF Directorate of Met. Services (D.Met.S)

Chapter 3: Recruiting and Training of Personnel

Chapter 4: Meteorology in Aviation

Chapter 5: The Met. Retreating

Chapter 6: The Met. Advancing

Chapter 7: The Met With the Army and the Navy

Chapter 8: Divisional Offices of the Bureau of Meteorology During the War

Chapter 9: Research and Instrumental Development

Chapter 10: The End, Aftermath, and Beyond

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3
List of Timor Escapees—February 1942

Appendix 4



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Appendix 3

List of Timor Escapees—February 1942


Russell Offices

In Reply Quote: AF264/1/21(44)

17 February 1978

P. E. Laughton-Bramley MBE, FRGs
Hon Gen Secretary
Royal Air Forces Escaping Society
(Australian Branch)
48 Parklands Avenue

Dear Sir,

Reference your letters of 11 and 17 January 1978 concerning the escape of Mr E. E. Mitchell and details of other members of the RAAF Party who survived their ordeal and escaped from Timor in 1942.

You are advised that the escape party mentioned by Mr Mitchell comprised 33 personnel, but 4 died due to privations suffered whilst awaiting rescue. The majority of the party were members of No. 2 Squadron, RAAF, one of whom was Mr Mitchell (then LAC E. E. Mitchell).

In addition to No. 2 Squadron personnel the party, commanded by FLTLT B. Rofe whilst in Timor included Lt Bridge, RANVR, PTE C. Clements, W/T Operator, 2/40 Battalion, and FLTLT Cook and FLGOFF Leithhead. The latter were crew members of a Hudson aircraft of No. 13 Squadron which was shot down near Koepang and they had joined the party after evading the Japanese.

Enclosed are photo copies of various reports by the CORAAF Party (FLTLT B. Rofe) and interviews with other members of the party which describe in detail their ordeal and rescue. These documents confirm most of the information given to you by Mr Mitchell and should assist in determining his and other members eligibility to join your Society.

Also attached as Annex A is a list of all members of the party which indicates those personnel who survived and were evacuated from Timor, by the US Submarine Sea Raven on 19 April 1942. The service particulars given denote the ranks, etc. at the time of escape, many were later promoted.

Trusting that the information provided assists you in determining the eligibility of Mr Mitchell and other members of the RAAF Party to join the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society (Australian Branch).

Yours faithfully,

for Director General of Co-ordination-Air Force.

People in Bright Sparcs - Rofe, Bryan

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Joyce, J. 1993 'The Story of the RAAF Meteorological Service', Metarch Papers, No. 5 October 1993, Bureau of Meteorology

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