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Glimpse of the RAAF Meteorological Service




Chapter 1: Growing Up

Chapter 2: Port Moresby Before Pearl Harbour

Chapter 3: Port Moresby After Pearl Harbour

Chapter 4: Allied Air Force HQ and RAAF Command, Brisbane
General Douglas MacArthur
We Join Allied Air Headquarters, Brisbane
Ralph Holmes
Forecasting Procedure
WAAAFs and Other Staff
Briefing MacArthur & Co
Domestic Affairs
The Yanks Are Coming
Japanese Advance Across Owen Stanley Range
General George C. Kenney
Additional Staff
Staff Arrangements
Long Range Forecast
Investigations into Tropical Meteorology
Analysis Statements
MacArthur's Remarkable Strategy
A New Direction
Tropical Weather Research Bulletin
RAAF Command, Pat Squires and Henry Phillpot

Chapter 5: Japan Surrenders and We Are Demobilised



Appendix 1: References

Appendix 2: Milestones

Appendix 3: Papers Published in Tropical Weather Research Bulletins

Appendix 4: Radiosonde Observations 1941–46


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Tropical Weather Research Bulletin (continued)

D. P. Mellor (1958) quotes Air Ministry Report, Meteorological Research Committee London, 30 December 1946, as stating that the TWRB was one of the two most outstanding contributions to tropical meteorology up to this time'. Mellor's book The role of science and industry is a survey of the part played by science and industry in World War II. It is volume V of Series 4 (Civil) of the official war history published by the Australian War Memorial Canberra under the general title Australia in the war of 1939–45. The various series dealing with the war in Europe and the Pacific contain many volumes.

An indication of how an eminent historian such as Mellor can make the occasional factual error appears on page 523 of Mellor's book. A footnote on that page refers to me as 'Sqn Ldr W J Gibbs . . . Flight Clerk Qantas Empire Airways Ltd. of Sydney; b. Kogarah, NSW 31 October, 1919'. Clearly Mellor's assistants have confused me with another Sqn Ldr W J Gibbs of the RAAF. The latter part of the footnote should read '. . . Meteorologist of Sydney; b. Bondi, NSW 17 October 1916'.

In the latter part of 1944 I visited Darwin for discussion with Keith Hannay, Arch Shields and other meteorologists of the north-west area on some of the ideas which had appeared in the TWRB. Arch in particular was trenchant in his criticism. I thought this was great. My aim in initiating the TWRB was that it should generate contributions and discussions from meteorologists working in our region.

People in Bright Sparcs - Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Shields, Archibald John; Warren, Herbert Norman

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Gibbs, W. J. 1995 'A Glimpse of the RAAF Meteorological Service', Metarch Papers, No. 7 March 1995, Bureau of Meteorology

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