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No. 18 January 1958, Item 110 (continued)

On Mr. Warren's death in August 1950, Mr. E. W. Timcke became Director. He held this position until his retirement in March 1955, when Mr. L. J. Dwyer became Director of Meteorology a title conferred on him by the Meteorology Act of 1955.

The last ten years period has been a time of great expansion, of new methods in statistics and climatology of improved techniques in analysis and forecasting, of re-organised communications of up-to-date instrumentation for observations of the upper air, and of extension of stations to the Antarctic and Cocos Island.

In order to bring to notice and into use the great mass of climatological data which the Bureau had accumulated over the years, Climatological Consultative Committees were inaugurated in each Divisional Office in 1950, for the purpose of promoting the systematic use of the data, primarily in Post War Reconstruction problems but in addition for application in co-operative studies with governmental bodies and others.

The Hollerith system was introduced into the Statistical Section when this body moved into premises in Wills Street.

The Bureau's Analysis Section increased its output of advisory statements for the guidance of forecasters in Field and Divisional Offices, being helped in distribution by the installation of facsimile procedures in 1954. The facsimile network is not yet complete. At present it is limited to the South-eastern part of the mainland.

The former Weather Room was remodelled in 1955 to house the combined Divisional Office-Analysis Section, incorporating the Ozalid process of duplicating charts.

People in Bright Sparcs - Dwyer, Leonard Joseph; Timcke, Edward Waldemar; Warren, Herbert Norman

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