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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 3

I Background

II Early European Settlements

III Assessment Of Available Water Resources

IV Water Supplies For Goldmining Development

V Irrigation Development

VI Farm And Stock Water Supplies

VII Urban Water Supplies

VIII Wastewater Management And Treatment

IX Water Quality Management
i Eppalock reservoir catchment project
ii Ord River catchment regeneration project
iii Salinity reduction

X Limnological And Water Quality Research

XI New Techniques In Water Resource Planning And Management

XII Legislation

XIII Conclusion

XIV List Of Abbreviations

XV Acknowledgements

XVI Plantations-high Productivity Resources



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Water Quality Management

Because of the large area of Australia and the relatively small population concentrated in large urban settlements around the coast, this country has been spared many of the problems of preserving water quality which are found in the more populous regions of Europe and America.

Nevertheless, the low and variable rainfall in the more heavily settled areas, the intermittent nature of stream flows, the generally light and friable soils of developed land, and the widespread occurrence of saline soils and groundwater have combined to generate a need for land use controls of a diverse and interesting nature in recent years. Some examples, which have involved the development of new approaches, or the adaptation of overseas techniques are given below.

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