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Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales


Lieutenant Dawes

Captain Flinders

Admiral Phillip Parker King

Sir Thomas MacDougall Brisbane

Dr. Charles Stargard Rumker

James Dunlop

P. E. De Strzelecki

Captain J. C. Wickham

Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A.

Rev. A. Glennie

E. C. Close

Sir William Macarthur

J. Boucher

S. H. Officer

John Wyndham

William Stanley Jevons

Establishment of Meteorological Observatories

Votes and Proceedings, N.S.W., 1848.

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Rev. A. Glennie

The Rev. A. Glennie kept a Meteorological Jounal of all rainy days, floods and heights of floods being given in many cases; also, thunder and hailstorms at Paterson, Lochinvar, and Brisbane Water, from January, 1837, to the end of October, 1870, rain measures being taken during the last two years at Lochinvar—

At Paterson, 1832, to January, 1850.
Brisbane Water, August, 1850, to June, 1863.
Lochinvar, August, 1863, to October, 1870.

Extracts were published in the "Climate of New South Wales," by H. C. Russell, 1877—(Government Printer); and a full copy of the Journal is in the Library of the Observatory.

E. C. Close

The late E. C. Close, kept a Journal of Floods in the Hunter, 1831 to 1864, from which extracts were published in the "Climate of New South Wales," by H. C. Russell, but the journal in full was not presented to the Observatory and is in the possession of his son.

Sir William Macarthur

The late Sir William Macarthur, of Camden Park, kept a Journal of the weather for many years, and Rain Measures, from 1860 to 1875. Extracts, including a rain table for the whole period, will be found in the "Climate of New South Wales," by H. C. Russell, extending from 1860 to 1875, and a number of notes in the historical part of the volume; but the journal is still at Camden Park.

J. Boucher

J. Boucher, of Bukelong, Bombala, kept a Meteorological Register for 1852 to 1885. Copies of the rain measures from 1857 to 1885, given to me, were printed in "Rain Results" for 1885. Copies of his barometer, thermometer, and wind observations were not given to me.

S. H. Officer

S. H. Officer, kept a Rainfall and Weather Record at Murray Downs Station on the Murray River, from 1864 to 1885. These, with valuable notes of the seasons, will be found in "Rain and River Results" for 1885.

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Russell, H. C. 1888 'Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales, 1778-1860,' Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science vol. 1, 1888, pp. 45-94.

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