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Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales


Lieutenant Dawes

Captain Flinders

Admiral Phillip Parker King

Sir Thomas MacDougall Brisbane

Dr. Charles Stargard Rumker

James Dunlop

P. E. De Strzelecki

Captain J. C. Wickham

Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A.

Rev. A. Glennie

E. C. Close

Sir William Macarthur

J. Boucher

S. H. Officer

John Wyndham

William Stanley Jevons

Establishment of Meteorological Observatories

Votes and Proceedings, N.S.W., 1848.

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Appendix H.

Copy of a Despatch by Governor Fitzroy, (78.)

11th July, 1847.

My Lord,—With reference to your Despatch, on the Observatory at Parramatta, and to the instructions therein contained, I have now the honor to inform your lordship that I lost no time in calling upon Mr. Dunlop, the Superintendent of the Establishment, to furnish me as soon as possible with the report required by your Lordship for the current year. This report has not yet been forwarded to me, but it shall be transmitted to your Lordship by the earliest opportunity after I have received it.

In further obedience to your Lordship's instructions, I appointed a commission, consisting of Captain King, R.N., Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon, Commanding Engineer, and the Ordnance Storekeeper; and I have the honor to forward the Inventory made under their inspection of the Instruments and Books belonging to the Observatory.

Your Lordship will perceive that the Commission report that the Instruments and Books generally are in good condition, but that the buildings from want of timely repairs, are in a very delapidated state; and on this point (as the Observatory is within one hundred yards of the Government House at Parramatta, and immediately under my own eye) I can state that I am clearly of opinion that no repairs which could now be executed—short of entirely rebuilding the premises—would put them in a habitable or efficient state.

Your Lordship will further observe that Mr. Dunlop is anxious to resign his appointment on account of the state of his health, which renders him incurable of attending to his duties. And as, since receiving the report of the Commission, I have been informed by Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon that the building cannot he even temporarily repaired without considerable expense, I have, in order to preserve the Instruments, etc., from further injury, directed that they should be packed up in boxes and places in charge of the Ordnance Storekeeper, until your Lordship's further wishes are made known to me.

I have, etc.,

To Earl Grey

Appendix I.

13th August, 1847.

[20]Since the report of the Board was sent in I have seen Colonel Gordon, who said that Captain King concurred with him in thinking that instead of incurring the expense covering in portion of the Observatory for the preservation of the instruments, it would be better to have them put up in boxes and placed in the Ordnance Stores.—4th August.
A, J. F.


People in Bright Sparcs - Dunlop, James; King, Phillip Parker

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Russell, H. C. 1888 'Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales, 1778-1860,' Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science vol. 1, 1888, pp. 45-94.

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