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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 4

I Management Of Native Forests

II Plantations-high Productivity Resources

III Protecting The Resource

IV Harvesting The Resource

V Solid Wood And Its Processing

VI Minor Forest Products

VII Reconstituted Wood Products
i Veneer, plywood and laminated sections
ii Fibreboards
iii Particleboard

VIII Pulp And Paper

IX Export Woodchips

X Future Directions

XI Acknowledgements



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Reconstituted Wood Products

A number of ways has been devised for making more effective use of wood by subdividing it, without substantial chemical modification, into smaller sections, sheets, flakes, fibre bundles or fibres and then recombining these to form products such as panels and beams. As new processes have been developed overseas they have, after a time, generally been introduced into Australia and adapted to local raw materials and markets and those based on comminuted wood have made an important contribution to resource utilization as they have provided outlets for sawmill off-cuts and timber not suitable for sawmilling. Each new panel technology -plywood, fibreboard, particleboard -has taken some market share from its predecessors (Figure 10) but all have developed their own market niches.

Figure 10

10 Production of wood-based panel products

Source: Bureau of Agricultural Economics

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