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Early Years in the Bureau


My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology

The Formation of the Frosterley Club

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Formation of a Club

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C/- PO Box 1289K

26 May 1976


The meeting to discuss the formation of a Club for long serving members of the Bureau, mentioned in Bill Gibbs' letter of 13 May 1976, took place as planned. A report of the meeting is attached.

Although a formal constitution and rules governing eligibility for membership have not been drawn up, it is expected that the main objective of the club will be to maintain social contact between long-serving officers of the Bureau by conducting social events, particularly informal lunches.

In true public service tradition we are asking prospective members to complete the attached form which will;

  • serve as an application form;

  • provide information on possible members;

  • permit opinions on the club name and eligibility rules to be assessed;

  • tell us who wants to come to lunch on 24 June.
I would be glad if you would return the completed form to me by 14 June 1976, since we need to make arrangements for the first informal lunch and there might be a limit on the number who can be accommodated.

Yours sincerely,


Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Frosterley Club

People in Bright Sparcs - Crowder, Robert Bernard; Gibbs, William James (Bill)

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Lillywhite, J. 1992 'My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology: The Formation of the Frosterley Club', Metarch Papers, No. 4 February 1992, Bureau of Meteorology

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