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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 9

I Introduction

II The Australian Chemical Industry

III Pharmaceuticals

IV Chemists In Other Industries

V The Dawn Of Modern Chemical Industry - High Pressure Synthesis

VI The Growth Of Synthetic Chemicals - Concentration, Rationalisation And International Links
i Phenothiazine for Australia's sheep and cattle
ii Some innovative organic syntheses
iii Factory R&D

VII Australian Industrial Chemical Research Laboratories

VIII The Plastics Industry

IX The Paint Industry

X Acknowledgements



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Phenothiazine for Australia's sheep and cattle

In 1939 Dr. H. M. Gordon of the CSIRO's McMaster Laboratories reported a biological discovery of considerable importance to Australian farmers. He had found that phenothiazine, a heterocyclic compound was 'a safe and effective anthelmintic' (worm-killing drug).[82] It was the first of a series of Australian contributions to veterinary science, several of which led to manufacture in Australia. Unfortunately for the prospects of international commercial exploitation, the compound was not new[83][84] and some of its biological properties were already known, hence it was not patentable as a composition of matter. Using its commercial formulation 'Thiox' Gordon established in years of painstaking research that the compound could control Australia's most serious sheep and cattle infestation, intestinal worms. Even in his early papers Gordon suggested that the compound could be made locally. He was right and for some decades his discovery and locally developed industrial syntheses saved the Australian farmer millions of dollars.

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - CSIRO McMaster Laboratories; I.C.I. Australia Ltd

People in Bright Sparcs - Gordon, Dr H. M.

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