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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 11

I The Present Energy Economy

II Australian Energy Consumption

III Research And Development

IV Coal

V Oil And Natural Gas

VI Solar Energy

VII Nuclear Energy

VIII Bagasse Firewood And Other Biomass
i Bagasse
ii Firewood
iii Other biomass

IX Electric Power Generation And Distribution electric Power Generation And Distribution

X Manufactured Gas

XI Industrial Process Heat



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Other biomass

Plants for producing biogas from certain industrial wastes have been found to be economically viable, with payback periods as low as 2-4 years for larger plants when credits for waste treatment or disposal are taken into account. A few such technologies are currently being used commercially in Victoria, although there is a significant untapped potential energy contribution from this source.

The Carrum and Ballarat sewage plants use the biogas they produce for heat and electricity production and a factory at Ballarat produces biogas from potato wastes. The annual primary energy contribution from these sources in 1982-83 was estimated to be 0.3 PJ. A plant has been built as a result of a joint Victorian Solar Energy Council and industry project to convert starch processing wastes to biogas to contribute a further 0.1 PJ per annum.

At a disused municipal tip in the City of Northcote, Victoria a demonstration project has begun operation using biogas from extraction wells as fuel for an engine-generator supplying electricity to the local distribution system for consumer use.

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Australian Consumers' Association; Victorian Solar Energy Council

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