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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 4

I Management Of Native Forests

II Plantations-high Productivity Resources

III Protecting The Resource

IV Harvesting The Resource

V Solid Wood And Its Processing

VI Minor Forest Products

VII Reconstituted Wood Products

VIII Pulp And Paper
i Early eucalypt pulping research and development
ii Eucalypt pulp production begins
iii Early commercial operation
iv The beginnings of pulp production from plantation pine
v Technological development and economic growth
vi 1975 and beyond

IX Export Woodchips

X Future Directions

XI Acknowledgements



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Eucalypt pulp production begins (continued)

The establishment within the space of three years of three new pulp and paper mills based on eucalypts was, of course, a major technological development for Australia, especially as short-fibred hardwood pulps had not previously been used elsewhere as the major constituents of papers. Unfortunately, this also meant that much of the equipment installed had to be that developed overseas for use with a quite different raw material -long-fibred softwoods.

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Australian Newsprint Mills Ltd (A.N.M.); Australian Paper Manufacturers Ltd (A.P.M.); Australian Pulp and Paper Mills (A.P.P.M.); CSIRO Division of Forest Products

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