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Early Years in the Bureau


My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology

The Formation of the Frosterley Club

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The Frosterley Club
Foundation Members of Frosterley (as at 30 June 1976)

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Foundation Members of Frosterley (as at 30 June 1976)

H. Alderdice
H. T. Ashton

A. T. Bath
C. E. Bond
Miss E. J. Borland
Miss E. Bowes
P. Russell-Browne
A. T. Brunt

M. Cassidy
R. H. Clarke
F. Coleman
R. B. Crowder***

F. A. Daw
A. K. Day
A. Douglass
W. A. Dwyer

J. Emmett

J. Fitzpatrick
Mrs D. Foukal

A. Garriock
W. J. Gibbs

T. T. Hall
D. Handcock
L. A. Hanlon
F. T. Hannan
A. K. Hannay
W. K. Henderson
J. C. Hogan
A. W. Holmes
R. A. Holmes
G. Hunter

Mrs N. Koslowski

H. G. Lancaster
F. J. Leake
J. W. Lillywhite*
S. H. Lloyd
K. C. Lomas

J. N. McRae
B. McCormick
J. V. Maher**
R. Maine
J. L. Mansfield
Mrs S. Marceglia
Miss M. Miller
L. Mitchell
E. A. Mizon****
K. T. Morley
N. V. Morris
A. H. Muffatti
A. McL. Murfett

J. H. Nance

D. O'Brien
D. J. O'Connor
G. O'Mahony
P. Orr

N. J. Picken
F. A. Powell
Mrs G. Pressich
P. Price

R. E. Robinson
P. J. Ruckert

K. T. Schmetzer
A. W. Sharp
P. J. Shaw
J. A. Shirley
R. W. Stout
N. A. Streten

E. W. Timcke

F. C. Weisser
G. Whelan
G. U. Wilson
A. F. Woolcock

C. W. Yoeman

* President
** Vice President
*** Secretary
**** Treasurer

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Frosterley Club

People in Bright Sparcs - Ashton, Henry Tamblyn (Harry); Bath, Allen Tristram; Brunt, Allan Thomas; Clarke, Reginald Henry; Crowder, Robert Bernard; Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Gibbs, William James (Bill); Hall, Thomas Taylor (Tom); Handcock, Don; Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Henderson, William Keith; Hogan, John (Doc); Holmes, Ralph Aubrey Edward; Lillywhite, John Wilson; Lloyd, Stephen Henry (Steve); Lomas, K. C. (Kev); Maher, John Vincent (Jack); Maine, Ross; McRae, John Neil; Mitchell, Lynn Raymond; Muffatti, A. H. (Arthur); Murfett, A. M. (Andy); O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Powell, Frank Anthony (Tony); Shaw, Peter; Stout, Reginald William (Reg); Streten, Neil Anthony; Timcke, Edward Waldemar; Weisser, Fred

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Lillywhite, J. 1992 'My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology: The Formation of the Frosterley Club', Metarch Papers, No. 4 February 1992, Bureau of Meteorology

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