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Origins of Australian Meteorology



The Origins of Australian Meteorology
FitzRoy and Maury
Thomas Brisbane
Phillip Parker King
Charles Todd
Ellery and Neumayer
Henry Chamberlain Russell
Clement Wragge
The International Scene
The End of the Beginning

Appendix 1: Chronological Chart of Early Meteorologists



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Ellery and Neumayer

In 1852, three years before Todd arrived in Adelaide, a 26 year-old Bavarian ship's officer, Georg Balthasar von Neumayer, arrived in Melbourne. About this same time Robert Lewis John Ellery arrived in Melbourne at the age of 25 to set up practice as a doctor in Williamstown, where in 1853 the Victorian Government gave him the task of establishing an observatory.

Prof. Georg Belthasar von Neumayer

Prof. Georg Balthasar von Neumayer, 1826–1908

Robert Lewis John Ellery

Robert Lewis John Ellery, 1827–1908

People in Bright Sparcs - Ellery, Robert Lewis John; FitzRoy, Robert; Neumayer, Georg Balthazar; Todd, Charles

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