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Radio Technical Officers





Chapter 1: The Early Years

Chapter 2: The Training School

Chapter 3: Equipment Installation Records

Chapter 4: The 'Techs' in Antarctica

Chapter 5: The 'Techs' Tell Their Stories

Appendix 1: 'Techs' Roll Call

Appendix 2: Trainee Intakes

Appendix 3: 'Techs' Who Have Served in the Antarctic Region

Appendix 4: Summary of Major Installation Projects

Appendix 5: Summary of Major Equipment Variously Installed at Sites and Maintained by Radio Technical Officers


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Appendix 4: Summary of Major Installation Projects

This is a summary of major installation projects up to December 1989. Since then there have been many more installations, particularly automatic weather stations, with over 250 being installed to date, the majority of these by Regional staff.

1VIC-Bowes AveNov. 1948277F radarDCA
2NT-Darwin Airport1952MetoxStout
3WA-Port Hedland1952MetoxStout
4WA-Cocos IslandApr. 1952MetoxChaddie
5QLD-CloncurryJul. 1952277F radarDCA
6VIC-LavertonJun. 1953277F radarDCA
7NT-Alice SpringsAug. 1953277F radarDCA
8NSW-WilliamtownNov. 1953277F radarDCA
9TAS-HobartJan. 1954277F radarDCA
10SA-Adelaide AirportMay 1954277F radarDCA
11NSW-Lord Howe IslandOct. 1954277F radarDCA
12 NSW-Norfolk IslandJan. 1955MetoxStout/DCA
13WA-ForrestMay 1955277F radarStout/DCA
14QLD-Eagle FarmJul. 1955277F radarStout
15QLD-CharlevilleOct. 1955277F radarStout
16QLD-TownsvilleNov. 1955277F radarStout
17WA-Perth AirportSep. 1955277F radarDCA
18PNG-LaeOct. 1956 MetoxStout
19QLD-GladstoneNov. 1957277F radarStout
20ANT-Macquarie IslandFeb. 1958AA3 Mk Vll radarANARE
21SOL-HoniaraMay 1958MetoxKhan
22NT-DarwinOct. 1958277F radarStout
23QLD-MackayAug. 1959277F radarStout
24NSW-Byron BayOct. 1960SNW51 radarStout
25ANT-DavisJan. 1961MetoxANARE
26QLD-Cairns AirportJan. 1961SNW51 radarStout
27QLD-Cairns AirportFeb. 1961WF1 radarStout
28WA-CarnarvonMay 1961AA3 Mk Vll radarStout
29NSW-CobarApr. 1962AA3 Mk Vll radarStout
30QLD-Saddle Mountain CairnsSep. 1962Cossor radarStout
31VIC-MilduraMar. 1963WF2 radar (temporary)Davies
32SA-CedunaJun. 1963WF2 radar (temporary)Khan
33NSW-Sydney ROJun. 1963SNW51 radarStout
34NSW-Sydney ROJun. 1963InstrumentsClarke
35NSW-Coffs HarbourAug. 1963WF2 radar (temporary)Khan
36SA-OodnadattaSep. 1963WF2 radar (temporary)Khan
37SA-Mount GambierFeb. 1964WF2 radar (temporary)Khan
38NSW-MoreeMar. 1964WF2 radarKhan
39VIC-University of MelbourneMay 1964RC33 radarPendrich
40WA-GilesJul. 1964WF2 radarKhan
41VIC-LavertonSep. 1964WF2 radarClarke
42WA-AlbanyApr. 1965WF2 radarEvans
43WA-BroomeMay 1965WF2 radarKhan
44NSW-WaggaJul. 1965WF2 radarKhan
45SA-WoomeraJul. 1965WF2 radarCrombie
46QLD-LongreachSep. 1965WF2 radarPatterson
47WA-GeraldtonNov. 1965WF2 radarPatterson
48VIC-LavertonMar. 1966WF44 radarClarke
49VIC-Bowes AveJun. 1966WF2 radarKhan
50TAS-LauncestonJul. 1966WF2 radarPatterson
51SA-Mount GambierJul 1966WF44 radarClarke
52QLD-Cairns AirportAug. 1966WF2 in lieu WF1 radarKhan
53QLD-Cato IslandOct. 1966 AWSGreen
54NSW-Sydney AirportNov. 1966WF44 radarClarke
55ANT-MawsonFeb. 1967WF2 radarANARE
56SA-WoomeraMar. 1967WF44 radarClarke
57WA-Port HedlandMay 1967WF44 radarPatterson
58WA-Halls CreekJul. 1967WF2 radarClarke
59NSW-Coffs HarbourSep. 1967WF2 radar (permanent)Clarke
60PNG-Port MorsebyOct. 1967WF44 radarPatterson
61NSW-NowraNov. 1967WF2 radarClarke
62VIC-Bowes AvenueFeb. 1968277F radar rewireClarke
63ANT-Macquarie IslandFeb. 1968WF2 radarANARE
64VIC-TullamarineMar. 1968InstrumentsClarke
65NT-Cape WesselApr. 1968AWSMissen
66QLD-Willis IslandJun. 1968WF2 radarPatterson
67QLD-Eagle FarmJul. 1968WF44 radarClarke
68NT-Darwin AirportAug. 1968WF44 radarPatterson
69QLD-Frederick ReefOct. 1968AWSPatterson
70NSW-CobarOct. 1968WF2 radarClarke
71ANT-CaseyFeb. 1969WF2 radarSvensson
72SA-CedunaMar. 1969WF2 radarClarke
73WA-Browse IslandMar. 1969AWSBrealey
74SA-OodnadattaApr. 1969WF2 radar (relocation)Patterson
75WA-EsperanceMay 1969WF2 radarClarke
76NSW-Norfolk IslandJul. 1969WF2 radarClarke
77QLD-Eagle FarmAug. 1969WF3 radarHite
78QLD-Marion ReefSep. 1969AWSBugalski
79NSW-Sydney AirportSep. 1969Radar TowerClarke
80QLD-Eagle FarmOct. 1969WF44 extension to WSOHite
81VIC-MilduraNov. 1969WF2 radar (permanent)Clarke
82NT-Darwin AirportDec. 1969WF3 radarDuck
83NT-Port KeatsDec. 1969AWSCarter
84VIC-TullamarineMar. 1970Instruments stage 2Clarke
85WA-Rowley ShoalsJun. 1970AWSSeedsman
86QLD-Flinders ReefJun. 1970AWSClarke
87SA-Kangaroo IslandJul. 1970WF3 radarCornwell
88ACT-CanberraAug. 1970WF3 radarClarke
89WA-Scott ReefSep. 1970AWSOwen
90QLD-Lihou ReefNov. 1970AWSClarke
91NSW-WaggaDec. 1970WF3 in lieu WF2 radarClarke
92VIC-Bowes AvenueNov. 1970WF2 radarClarke
93NT-Bathurst IslandAug. 1971AWSDuck
94QLD-MackaySep. 1971WF44 radarOwen
95QLD-Mount StuartOct. 1971WF44 radarClarke
96Port VilaNov. 1971WF3 radarAdler
97NT-North East IslandNov. 1971AWSDuck
98VIC-Hoddle Street workshopJan. 1972WF44 radarWest
99QLD-GladstoneMay 1972WF44 radarWest
100SA-Adelaide AirportJun. 1972WF44 radarWest
101WA-Adele IslandMay 1972AWSJohnston
102QLD-Creel ReefJun. 1972AWSDuck
103QLD-Gannet CayJul. 1972AWSDuck
104WA-Perth AirportJul. 1972WF44 radarClarke
105QLD-Holmes ReefSep. 1972AWSDuck
106TAS-Hobart AirportAug. 1972WF44 radarWest
107WA-CarnarvonNov. 1972WF3 radarWA Region
108IND-Kupang, TimorMar. 1973WF3 radarClarke
109NSW-WilliamtownApr. 1973WF44 radarWest
110NT-Tennant CreekMay 1973WF3 radarDuck
111ACT-Canberra AirportSep. 1973WF3 radarWest
112WA-MeekatharraMar. 1974WF3 radar (new building)Clarke
113NT-Alice SpringsMay 1974WF44 radar (new building)West
114QLD-Brisbane River ValleyMay 1974RRRGWest
115NT- Darwin RFCJul. 1974InstrumentsClarke
116NT-Daly WatersJul. 1974WF3 radarWest
117QLD-Mount KaniganAug. 1974WF44 radarWest
118VIC-LavertonApr. 1975WF44 towerClarke
119QLD-Mount IsaJun. 1975WF3 radar (new building)West
120MAL-ButterworthAug. 1975WF44 radarClarke
121WA-BroomeOct. 1975WF44 radarWest
122VIC-Melbourne RFCFeb. 1976InstrumentsClarke
123PNG-RaubaulMay 1976WF3 radarWest
124NSW-Sydney AirportJun. 1976WF3 radar (new building)Clarke
125VIC-RockbankJul. 1976APTClarke
126QLD-Mount KaniganJul. 1976WF44 (remote control to Brisbane)West
127TAS-LauncestonSep. 1976WF2 radar (relocation)Clarke
128TAS-StrahanSep. 1976AWSLazdins
129TAS-Tasman IslandOct. 1976AWSWest
130QLD-Mount StuartOct. 1976WF44 radar remoteClarke
131SA-Adelaide RFCDec. 1976InstrumentsLazdins
132ANT-CaseyApr. 1977Solar radiation equipmentPorter
133VIC-Lonsdale StreetNov. 1977MDUSWest
134SA-Adelaide AirportApr. 1978InstrumentsWest
135WA-LearmonthAug. 1978WF44 radarLazdins/Porter
136WA-LearmonthAug. 1978WF2 radarPorter
137VIC-BallaratSep. 1978EG&G AWSLazdins
138PNG-Port MorsebyNov. 1978APTLazdins/Porter
139PNG-LaeNov. 1978WF3 radarLazdins/Porter
140QLD-Cairns AirportNov. 1978WF2 in lieu WF1 radarQld Region
141VIC-Lonsdale StreetFeb. 1979EG&G AWSPorter/Lazdins
142VIC-BroadmeadowsMar. 1979WF44 radarPorter/Lazdins
143VIC-BroadmeadowsMay 1979WF3 radarPorter/Lazdins
144VIC-BroadmeadowsJun. 1979WF2 radarLazdins
145VIC-BroadmeadowsJul. 19/7 InstrumentsPorter/Lazdins
146NT-Tennant CreekNov. 1979WF3 radarPorter
147VIC-BroadmeadowsJan. 1980WF3 radarPorter/Lazdins
148VIC-BroadmeadowsJan. 1980WF2 radarPorter/Lazdins
149QLD-LucindaAug. 1980EG&G AWSLazdins
150QLD-Heron IslandApr. 1980EG&G AWSLazdins
151WA-Cocos IslandApr. 1980MetoxPorter
152QLD-Mount StuartJul. 1980WF44 radarPorter
153VIC-HMAS CookOct. 1980Radiosonde/Met. sensorsPorter/Lazdins
154VIC BroadmeadowsJan 1981WF100 radarPorter
155TAS-StrahanApr. 1981EG&G AWSPorter/Lazdins
156NT-Tennant CreekAug. 1982WF3 radarLazdins
157QLD-TownsvilleOct. 1982SSBPorter
158QLD-MackaySep. 1982SSBPorter
159QLD-GladstoneSep. 1982SSBPorter
160QLD-CoolangattaNov. 1982EG&G AWSLazdins
161NSW-LetterboxOct. 1982WSR74 radarBrown&Dureau
162WA-CarnarvonApr. 1983WF100 radarPorter/Lazdins
163WA-Rottnest IslandApr. 1983EG&G AWSAllan
164WA-GeraldtonJul. 1983WF100 radarPorter/Lazdins
165VIC-GeelongSep. 1983EG&G AWSAllan
166WA-ForrestOct. 1983WF100 radarLazdins
167WA-GeraldtonOct. 1983WF100 radarLazdins
168WA-CarnarvonOct. 1983WF100 radarLazdins
169TAS-Storey's CreekNov. 1983EG&G AWSBriggs
170QLD-CharlevilleDec. 1983WF100 radarLazdins
171ANT-MawsonJan. 1984WF2 radarAllan
172VIC HMAS CerberusApr. 1984TARSHO Com. Section
173SA-EdithburgMay 1984EG&G AWS Allan
174NT-MilingimbiAug. 1984EG&G AWSAllan
175NSW-Norfolk IslandSep. 1984WF100 radarPorter
176NSW-Lord Howe IslandMay 1985WF100 radarPorter
177NSW-BraidwoodJul. 1985EG&G AWSAllan
178QLD-TownsvilleAug. 1985WF100 radarLazdins
179NT-GoveOct. 1985WF100 radarPorter/Lazdins
180WA-DampierNov. 1985WSR81C radarPorter/Lazdins
181WA-Port HedlandNov. 1985WSR81C radarPorter
182VIC-Melbourne RFCApr. 1986InstrumentsPorter/Lazdins
183VIC-HMAS CerberusAug. 1986EG&G AWSLazdins
184WA-Perth AirportSep. 1986WF100 WW radarPorter/Lazdins
185QLD-WeipaSep. 1986WF100 WW radarLazdins
186QLD-Saddle Mountain CairnsJul. 1986Cossor radar removalLazdins
187QLD-Saddle Mountain CairnsOct. 1986WF100 WW radarPorter/Lazdins
188VIC-BroadmeadowsNov. 1986WF100 radarPorter/Lazdins
189NSW-Coffs HarbourMay 1987WF100 radarPorter
190VIC-Lonsdale StreetMay 1987AVHRRLazdins
191PNG-Port MorsebyMay 1987WF44 radarPorter
192QLD-Brisbane AirportSep. 1987WF44 radarPorter
193QLD-Brisbane AirportSep. 1987WSO fitoutCox/Smith
194NT-Darwin whereOct. 1987Doppler radarPendrich
195ANT-CaseyDec. 1987InstrumentsPorter
196WA-EsperanceAug. 1988WF100 radarPorter
197NSW-Lord Howe IslandOct. 1988WF100 radarPorter/Cox
198WA-PerthDec. 1988WF100WW radarStiles
199QLD-Holmes ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
200QLD-Flinders ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
201QLD-Lihou ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
202QLD-Marion ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
203QLD-Creal ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
204QLD-Frederick ReefDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
205QLD-Gannet CayDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
206QLD-Cato IslandDec. 1988Sutron AWSSmith/Allan
207VIC-BroadmeadowsJan. 1989WF100 radarCox
208VIC-MilduraJun. 1989WF100 radarStiles
209VIC-Moorabbin AirportAug. 1989InstrumentsStiles
210ANT-CaseyDec. 1989InstrumentsPorter

ANAREAustralian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (Antarctic Division)
APTAutomatic Picture Transmission (data from orbiting satellites)
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (data from orbiting satellites)
MDUSMedium Data Utilisation Station (data from Japan's geostationary meteorological satellite (GMS))
RRRGRemote Rain and River Gauging system
SSBSingle Side Band (radio equipment)
TARSTurn-around Ranging Station (equipment assisting the navigation of GMS)

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Clarke, R. 1999 'Stories of the Bureau's Radio Technical Officers from 1948', Metarch Papers No. 14 February 1999, Bureau of Meteorology

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