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Radio Technical Officers





Chapter 1: The Early Years

Chapter 2: The Training School

Chapter 3: Equipment Installation Records

Chapter 4: The 'Techs' in Antarctica

Chapter 5: The 'Techs' Tell Their Stories

Appendix 1: 'Techs' Roll Call

Appendix 2: Trainee Intakes

Appendix 3: 'Techs' Who Have Served in the Antarctic Region

Appendix 4: Summary of Major Installation Projects

Appendix 5: Summary of Major Equipment Variously Installed at Sites and Maintained by Radio Technical Officers


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Chapter 3: Equipment Installation Records

The initial preparation of data recording major installation projects was first undertaken by myself in 1973 whilst a member of the Installation Section of Head Office. I am pleased to note that this record has been suitably added to in the years since I left the Bureau and its intention to provide an invaluable documentary record for posterity has been maintained.

The installation data given at Appendix 4 serves a number of useful purposes not least that it chronologically displays the station or site concerned, the type of major equipment installed and also the name of the supervisor responsible for the project. Appendix 5 provides a summary of major equipment variously installed at sites and maintained by Radio Technical Officers.

Many regional technicians were involved in these major installation projects as were other staff from Head Office in assisting the Installation Section. Many 'techs' will recall with satisfaction the invaluable hands on experience in being involved with these important projects.

WF44 radar installation

The Bureau's first WF44 radar installation, at Laverton, Victoria, in March 1966. (Photograph courtesy of Ray Clarke)

WF2 radar

WF2 radar arriving at Cobar, New South Wales, in October 1968 to replace the AA3 Mk VII radar visible in the background. (Photograph courtesy of Jannes Keuken)

Installation of WF2 radar

Installation of the WF2 radar at Macquarie Island in February 1968.

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