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Radio Technical Officers





Chapter 1: The Early Years

Chapter 2: The Training School

Chapter 3: Equipment Installation Records

Chapter 4: The 'Techs' in Antarctica

Chapter 5: The 'Techs' Tell Their Stories

Appendix 1: 'Techs' Roll Call

Appendix 2: Trainee Intakes

Appendix 3: 'Techs' Who Have Served in the Antarctic Region
Casey (Summer Only)
Davis (Summer Only)
Macquarie Island
Macquarie Island (Summer Only)
Mawson (Summer Only)
Heard Island (Summer Only)
Unknown Posting

Appendix 4: Summary of Major Installation Projects

Appendix 5: Summary of Major Equipment Variously Installed at Sites and Maintained by Radio Technical Officers


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Appendix 3: 'Techs' Who Have Served in the Antarctic Region


1959Harvey NyeWeather Tech
1960Dave Lee YinglingWeather Tech
1961George HemphillWeather Tech
1962Danny FosterWeather Tech
1963Charles WebsterTech E'tronics
(all those above are USARP personnel)
1964Geoff WilliamsObs (Radio)
1965Ted SimmonsObs (Radio)
1966Noel BarrettSen Obs (Radio)
1967Eddie DavernSen Obs (Radio)
1968Frank ScraysbrookSen Obs (Radio)
1969Alf SvenssonSen Obs (Radio)


1970Heinz GherkeSen Tech (Met)
1971Philip FitzherbertSen Tech (Met)
1972Kerry AndrewsRTO1
1973Bruce AimerRTO1
1974Neil SimmonsRTO1
1975Arie SchellaarsRTO1
1976Leon BlakeleyRTO1
1977Adrian PorterRTO1
1978Graham SmithRTO1
1979Horrie DownRTO1
1980Paul ChesworthRTO2
1981Graham SmithRTO1
1982John HetheringtonRTO2
1983Adrian SmithRTO2
1984Eric SzworakRTO2
1986Greg ClarkRTO2
1987Ray ClarkeRTO2
1988Andrew DelahoyRTO2
1989Dale IngarfieldTO2
1990/1Kevin ShepherdTO2
1991Glen TurnerTO2
1992Denis WiltshireTO2
1993 Ric KernTO4
1994Adrian PorterTO4
1995Neil DrummondTO4
1996Graham SmithTO4
1997Frank O'RourkeTO4

Casey (Summer Only)

1977/8Bruno SipolsTO1
1979Tony SavoryEng
1987/8Adrian PorterSTO2
1987/8Terry StilesSTO1
1988/9Adrian PorterSTO2
1990/1Laurence McBeanEng
1990/1Adrian PorterSOTC
1992/3Kevin ShepherdTO4
1995/6Kevin ShepherdITO


1959 Jannes KeukenObs (Radio)
1960 Keith OldroydObs (Radio)
1961 Vic JabsObs (Radio)
1962 John ArmaniniMet Tech
1963 Bryan EyreObs (Radio)
1964 Alf SvenssonObs (Radio)
1969 Lou Bela-OdstriciSen Obs (Radio)
1970 Brian ChambersSen Tech (Met)
1971 Robert NicholsonSen Tech (Met)
1972 Charles TivendaleRTO1
1973 John O'SheaRTO1
1974 Gerald MillwardRTO1
1975 Eric SzworakRTO1
1976 Robert SaundersRTO1
1977 Frank NeilsenRTO1
1979 Eric SzworakRTO1
1980 Dave RobertsonRTO1
1981 Ian McLeanRTO1
1982 Glenn McAuliffeRTO2
1983 Ray ClarkeRTO2
1985 John HetheringtonRTO2
1986 Mathew GouldRTO2
1987 Frank O'RourkeRTO2
1988 Ian McLeanRTO2
1991 Randall WheatonTO2
1992 Glen TurnerTO2
1993 Mike RowellTO2
1994 Graham SmithTO4
1995 Glenn McAuliffeTO4
1996 Greg StoneTO4
1997Bernie KeoghTO4

Davis (Summer Only)

1992 Adrian PorterSOTC
1993 Kim NitschkeTO4
1993/4Jeff Aquilina

Macquarie Island

1958Bill PrenterRadar Mechanic
1959Deryk SmithSen Tech
(both those above were non-Bureau)
1960Oscar FergusonObs (Radio)
1961John GeorgeObs (Radio)
1962Peter LaneMet Tech
1963Bill ChamberlainObs (Radio)
1964Noel BarrettObs (Radio)
1965John GeorgeObs (Radio)
1966Geoff PickeringSen Obs (Radio)
1967Alf SvenssonSen Obs (Radio)
1968John BarnesSen Obs (Radio)
1969John WilshawSen Obs (Radio)
1970Gordon CurrieSen Tech (Met)
1971Fred Iliff Sen Tech (Met)
1972Chris McPheeRTO1
1973Peter LaneRTO1
1974Dave RobertsonRTO1
1975Dave AndrewsRTO1
1976Mark LittleRTO1
1977Ian PhillipsRTO1
1978John GoldenRTO1
1979John FlanneryRTO1
1980Dave ShawRTO2
1981Trevor RogersRTO1
1982Mike RowellRTO2
1983Peter McLennanRTO2
1984Bernie KeoghRTO2
1985Kevin ShepherdRTO2
1986Robert LundRTO2
1987Bernie KeoghRTO2
1988Kim NitschkeRTO2
1989Randall WheatonTO2
1991Jim LaneTO2
1992Charles MohringTO2
1993Trang LuuTO4
1994Ian McLeanTO4
1995Ray ClarkeTO4
1996Paul MasseyTO4
1997Scott TremethickTO4

Macquarie Island (Summer Only)

1991/2Kim NitschkeTO4


1960Harry PreeceTechnician
1961Horst von Renouard Obs (Radio)
1962Bob NelsonObs (Radio)
1963Geoff MerrillObs (Radio)
1964Phil JacqueminObs (Radio)
1965John BaldwinObs (Radio)
1966Ron MurrayObs (Radio)
1967Ray SharrockSen Obs (Radio)
1968Jim CornwellSen Obs (Radio)
1969Horrie DownSen Obs (Radio)
1970Dave RobertsonSen Tech (Met)
1971Garth PalmerSen Tech (Met)
1972Dave RobertsonRTO1
1973Sid OwenRTO1
1974Brendan GodwinRTO1
1975John PeinigerRTO1
1977Peter HunterRTO1
1978Neil BrandieRTO1
1979Bernie KeoghRTO1
1980Kevin ShepherdRTO2
1981Peter McLennanRTO1
1982Russ HenryRTO2
1983Richard EndacottRTO2
1984Paul ChesworthRTO2
1985Paul ChesworthRTO2
1986Glenn McAuliffeRTO2
1987Andrew CramondRTO2
1988Eric SzworakRTO2
1989Bryan HodgeTO2
1990Dave ShawTO2
1991Tony Johnston TO2
1992Andrew CramondTO2
1993Frank O'RoukeTO2
1994Paul MasseyTO4
1995Tony JohnstonTO4
1996Denis WiltshireTO4
1997Ian McLeanTO4

Mawson (Summer Only)

1991/2Adrian PorterSOTC
1993/4Graham SmithTO3
Albert HoustonTO3

Heard Island (Summer Only)

1992/3Alan ThomasTO4

Unknown Posting

1960/1Ray MissenAWS Tech
1961/2Ray MissenAWS Tech


1984/5Tony SeparovicEng
1985 Graham BuisRTO2
1994/5Russ HenryTO4
1996/7Colin MaxfieldTO4

Note: 'Techs' shown here that were recruited and employed specifically for the listed Antarctic tour do not appear on Appendix 1. This occurs mainly in the earlier years.

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Clarke, R. 1999 'Stories of the Bureau's Radio Technical Officers from 1948', Metarch Papers No. 14 February 1999, Bureau of Meteorology

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