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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 11

I The Present Energy Economy

II Australian Energy Consumption

III Research And Development

IV Coal
i Transition at the coal face
ii Further development of face mechanisation
iii Mechanisation outside the face area
iv Open-cut mining in NSW
v Open-cut mining in Queensland
vi Underground mining in Queensland
vii The state of the art
viii Conclusion

V Oil And Natural Gas

VI Solar Energy

VII Nuclear Energy

VIII Bagasse Firewood And Other Biomass

IX Electric Power Generation And Distribution electric Power Generation And Distribution

X Manufactured Gas

XI Industrial Process Heat



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Underground mining in Queensland

Coal mining was begun in Queensland in 1843, by which time it had been in progress in NSW for approximately 50 years, and had received an impetus when Queensland separated from the colony of NSW in 1859. The size of Queensland and the early primitive state of its transport systems dictated that mining had to be carried out near the source of consumption. It is only in latter years that large units (open-cut) have been developed for power-station requirements, so that it is understandable that development underground followed closely the evolution in NSW.

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