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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 7

I The First 100 Years 1788-1888

II Railways

III Motorised Vehicles

IV Aviation
i Local Inventions, Research, Design and Manufacture
ii The Development of Air Transport: The Trail Blazers
iii The Services
iv The Royal Flying Doctor Service
v Ground Aids and Safety Innovations
vi From Aviation to Modern Shipping

V Modern Shipping

VI Innovative Small Craft

VII Conclusion

VIII Acknowledgements

IX Contributors



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From Aviation to Modern Shipping

In the last 75 years, aviation has changed our concept of transport. From the early attempts at controlled flight at the beginning of this century, progressive improvements in materials, power plants, navigational aids, avionics and a host of technological developments have all contributed to the highly sophisticated aircraft and aviation infrastructure of today.

Mass transport of people and bulk handling of freight by air, is a reality but in developing these fast, safe and efficient services, aviation has had a significant impact on competing forms of transport. Traditional travel of people by ship or by railway have, to a large extent, been replaced by airways and even large freight consignments of perishable goods, packaged electrical equipment and miscellaneous urgent packages are now carried by air. Shipping has been particularly affected and the consequence of other more efficient forms of transport for particular cargoes has forced a concentration of shipping into those areas of bulk handling and specialist application where ships have a cost advantage. The dynamics of this ever changing balance between one form of transport and another is the history of Australian transport and the following section deals with the changing role of shipping in our national development.

People in Bright Sparcs - Schaetzel, Stanley S.

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