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Mr. B. W. Newman, Deputy Director, Sydney
Mr. G. W. Mackey—Deputy Director, Perth
Mr. J. Johnston—Deputy Director, Hobart
Mr. A. J. Shields—Deputy Director, Brisbane
Mr. B. J. Retallack—Supervising Meteorologist, Training
Mr. J. Hogan—Deputy Director, Adelaide
Mr. F. Bell—Officer-in-Charge, Darwin
Mr. P. Ryan—Officer-in-Charge, Darwin
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Dr. Kevin Spillane: The Quality of Tenacity
Taking the World View [John Zillman]
Fred Bell, the Pilot's Friend
Mildura's Harry Storer
Computers—New ADC [Ross Maine]
H. G. Bond
The Sky is the Limit [Bettye Macnicol / Jenny Hopwood]
Hobart Weather Birds [Judy Morris / Felicity James]
Professional Officers' Association Award to Henry [Phillpot]
New Assistant Director Facilities is Keith Henderson
Tasmania's New Regional Director [Ted Phillips]
New Head for ANMRC [Doug Gauntlett]
Tony Powell New Regional Director Victoria
Lynn Mitchell Takes Over the Reins in SA RO Fillerup!
Pat Sullivan New Regional Director, NSW
Bettye Dixon Heads Canberra Liaison Section
Dr Michael Manton Chief of BMRC
Graeme Furler, Regional Director South Australia
Ian Mason, Regional Director ACT
Regional Director Queensland [Rex Falls]
Don Linforth, STPM
Bob Brook, Asst Director (Observations)
Jim Arthur, Regional Director, Northern Territory
Neil Streten Appointed Deputy Director (Services)
Bill Downey, Assistant Director (Executive)
Antarctic Medal Winners
Agrometeorology's Leading Lady [Gloria Bedson]
Ken Wilson—Focus on the 'Big Picture'
Sue Barrell's 'Balancing Act'
Dr Geoff Love Appointed Deputy Director (Services)
Serendipity at 33,000ft: A Win for Metrology—Bruce Forgan's WMO Vaisala Award
Pressure's On for New NCC Head [Mary Voice]
Bob Leighton Wins AMOS Honor for Climate Studies



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Mr. G. W. Mackey—Deputy Director, Perth

No. 43 February 1960, Item 291

In the days when young George Mackey was approaching the end of his school career and making definite plans for his future, it was an employer's world, There were no glossy pamphlets describing advantages and amenities in the hopes of winning the favour of possible employees In fact, it could happen that one could get well started on a career only to find that it no longer existed.

Retrenchments due to lack of finance towards the end of the 1920s dealt this blow to Mr Mackey twice. He had passed through the Naval College Jervis Bay and had served in the Merchant Marine when the necessity to begin again brought him in 1927 into the Melbourne Weather Bureau as a Meteorological Assistant. Promoted to Cadet Engineer in the Postmaster General's Department in 1920, he had by 1936 accumulated valuable experience and qualifications for that career when depression retrenchments again forced him to look elsewhere.

He returned to the Bureau as Assistant Meteorologist (Research) in 1936 and the following year went to Darwin in charge of the Aviation Meteorological Office.

In 1941 he moved to Sydney, but shortly afterwards, as Squadron Leader in charge of a meteorological contingent, he was on his way to Singapore, territory which was already familiar to him as he had visited Batavia and Singapore during his tour of duty at Darwin. Evacuated from Singapore just before its fall, he and his party reached Sumatra, and for several weeks no news of them reached Australia.

When he returned, he went to North Western Area as Area Meteorologist. In 1944 he was back in Melbourne as Aviation Inspector, then went to Hobart as Divisional Meteorologist (Deputy Director). In the years since then he has been Superintendent (Aviation) and Deputy Director at Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.

Mr. Mackey has given much Of his time to P.O.A. activities. He has been a delegate for a number of years to the Federal Conference and is President of the Perth Branch.

A science graduate of Melbourne University, Mr. Mackey was elected as an Associate of the Institute of Physics (Australia) in 1947.

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