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No. 78 January 1963

556Seminar on Forecasting - Bangkok
557Report on Brigalow Burning Investigation
558Official Opening - Cairns Radar Station
560Bureau visitors to Central Office
561'There's nothing new .....'
562News in brief - Antarctic Radiosonde Releases; U.S. Meteorologist visits Bureau; Suggestions Award

No. 79 February 1963

563Meeting of Commission for Agricultural Meteorology III, Toronto
564Royal Adelaide Exhibition
565World Meteorological Day 1963
56616th Meeting of South Pacific Air Transport Council
567Bureau visitors to Central Office
568Personnel movements
569News in brief - Port Meteorological Agent; Suggestions Award; U.S. Asian Military Weather Symposium; Visit to United States Antarctic Base

No. 80 March 1963

570Third U.S. - Asian Military Weather Symposium
571Opening of new wing at S.A. Divisional Office
572Antarctic trip - G.T. Rutherford
573International co-operation re outer space
574Record of Weather Service
575Annual Rainfall Map and Booklet for 1962
576News in brief - Bureau cricket match; Overseas visitor; Suggestions Award; Visitor to Bureau

No. 81 April 1963

577Obituary - Dr H.M. Treloar
578The Fourth Australian National Gliding Championships
579Meteorological Service for the Royal Visit 1963
580Visit of Admiral Reedy and Party
581Mets-in-Training postings
582Cadets exam results 1962
583News in brief - Retirement of Secretary Pacific Science Association

No. 82 May 1963

584Inauguration of JACMAS
585Third Line Radar Installation - Mildura, Vic
586New Permanent Head for the Department of the Interior
587Extracts from the Records of the S.A. Divisional Office
588Handling of materials
589Visitors to Central Office
590Personnel movements
591Correspondence with a difference
592News in brief - World Meteorological Day; Adelaide Exhibition; Overseas visit; Suggestions Awards

No. 83 June 1963

593Fourth Congress WMO
594The Australian Administrative Staff College
595Visit to U.S.A. of STIO
596Visitors to C.O.
597News in Brief - Freedom from Hunger Campaign

No. 84 July 1963

598Fifteenth Session of WMO Executive Committee
599I.M.O. Prize
600Rabaul Trade Fair
601Bureau Activities in the Hunter Valley, NSW
602Flood Mitigation Conference, Grafton, and Visits to other Northern NSW Coastal Areas
603Work Study Conference
604Royal Adelaide Exhibition
605Instrumentation at Sydney Divisional Office
606Visitors to Central Office
607Retirement of Mr R. Shaw
608Midwinter Message
609News in brief - Promotion of Assistant Director Management; Grants Building Display

No. 85 August 1963

610Farewell to Mr A.V. Atkins
611Cost of Met Services 1962-63
612Staff employed as at 30.6.63
613Projects published from 1.7.62 - 1.6.63
614Suggestions received
615Ships reports
616New forecasting and information services in general
617New General Services from Div. Offices
618New General Services from Field Offices
619Meteorological Warnings issued by Div. Offices
620Flight, area and terminal forecasts
621Meteorological services to Operation Blowdown

No. 86 September 1963

622Sydney meeting on Met. organisation for Turbine Aircraft
623Seminar on aerodrome forecasting
624New head for U.S.W.B. - Dr Robert M. White
625Institution of Engineers (Aust) Committee on Hydrology
626Family rainfall records
627Exhibitions and displays
628Personnel movements
629I.A.A.C. Staff changes
630News in brief - Visit of Lord Casey; Bushfire Research Committee SA; Stores move from C.O.; Visit of Mr Touch Heng

No. 87 October 1963

632National Symposium on Water Resources, Use and Management
633Islands visit by engineer
634XIIIth General Assembly of IUGG/IAMAP
635Displays and exhibitions
636Publication of pamphlets
637Ashmore Island Automatic Weather Station
638Visitors to Central Office
639News in brief - New Sydney Divisional Office; Course for Assistant Director, Services; Radio Facsimile Broadcasts, Townsville; Wilkes Station Weather Report; Suggestion Awards

No. 88 November 1963

640Visit to South Africa: Mr H.R. Phillpot
641New Divisional Office in Sydney
642Antarctic parties 1964
643'Road Weather Alert' Service
644International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
645Visitor to IAAC
646New Inspector (Personnel)
647News in brief - Shell Project Cards; University Fellowship for Meteorologist; New Course commences; Symposium on Tropical Meteorology; Social Club Fishing Group

No. 89 December 1963

648Developments in Satellite Meteorology
649WMO/IUGG Symposium on Tropical Meteorology
650Australian National Committee for the International Hydrological Decade
651Meteorological displays: Brisbane and Perth
652Professor T. Griffith Taylor
653Ashmore Island - Automatic Weather Station
654Dr F.W. Reichelderfer
655Public Servants' Co-operative Housing Scheme
656Visitors to Central Office
657News in brief - Flash Flood of Alice Springs; Photographic Air Survey in the South Pacific; Bureau Cricket Match

People in Bright Sparcs - Casey, Richard Gardiner; Phillpot, Henry Robert; Treloar, Harry Mayne

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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