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No. 126 January 1967

CoverGroup at agro-met seminar
1198World is short of food - Secretary
1199Sea breeze study
1200Skipper wins excellence award
1201Largest balloon launched
1202Back in harness - Phillpot
1203Ron McCormack leaves
1204Rundown on PERT
1205Wefax reception - ATS-B
1206Annual Bowls match
1207Hosted ex-colleagues
1208New aid in the ACT
1209Now we know
1210Largest world centre
1211The rains came
1212Ashmore AWS reports encouraging
1213Obs - 1907 style
1214Noteworthy activities - November
1215Melbourne's dash of the tropics

No. 127 February 1967

1216A tradition of met. - Bond family
1217W.A. Dwyer honoured
1218Boating a popular pastime
1219Reports from Japanese boats
1220Library expands
1221Hibal at Longreach
1222Nomadic honeymoon
1223Biological barometer
1224Synchronous charts
1225Daily weather map co.
1226First synoptic chart
1227Bureau at ANZAAS
1228Noun or adjective?
1229Academic achievements
1230Bad luck, Alf
1231Away from it all
1232Annual Xmas dinner
1233Keep fit campaign at SA RO
1234Hail damage to Stevenson screen
1235Visit from Chichester
1236National gliding championships
1237Noteworthy activities - December
1238News in brief - Instruments remain at Derrimut; Reg Clarke returns; On furlough (Wentzell); New section head (de la Lande); Visits to CO - McGann, Krulis; Obit - J.C. Foley

No. 128 March 1967

1239Cyclone Dinah
1240Tasmania's black Tuesday
1241ADR on study tour
1242To study, teach abroad
1243In the family
1244A weatherman's advice
1245Have joined corn. group
1246Met. activity at East Sale
1247Mt. Goldsworthy station
1248Unscheduled dip
1249Computer for Swedish weather service
1250Cadet met. exam results
1251Noteworthy activities - January
1252Staff movements
1253News in brief - Joan is first; Shipboard presentations; Fax at sea; Agronomy conference; Fan mail; Icing up; Obit - Mr and Mrs Paterson

No. 129 April 1967

CoverHigh honour to Dr Priestley
1254WMO congress
1255Shipboard functions
1256News from Geoff Goodman
1257Round Australia flight
1258More thanks
1259Award to cadet met.
1260On study courses
1261Bureau films
1262Trainees come ... and go
1263Macquarie's weather
1264Radome installed
1265The inspector and the bolts
1266Noteworthy activities - February
1267News in brief - Night basketball; Hydrology meeting; WWW meeting; Mauritius trip; Visits to CO - Ryan, Lynch, McGann
1268Opening of Seacom cable

No. 130 May 1967

CoverEnd of the road
1269North Queensland floods
1270Floods in the Cairns area
1271Computer tender let
1272CO sections move
1273Bowls carnival, Brisbane
1274Gold into water
1275Child tossed by wind
1276More thanks
1277WF 44 installations
1278WF 44 course
1279Automatic weather stations
1280Visit to Cato Is.
1281News from Wally Wentzell
1282Radar at RMC
1283Man-made forests conference
1284ADR's study tour
1285Noteworthy activities - March
1286News in brief - New IPL; Congratulations; Shipboard computer; Returned to WMO; Physics lecture; Visits to CO - Simmers, Bond, Johnston, Timcke
1287DIR elected WMO Vice-President

No. 131 June 1967

CoverAustralia's highest observing station
1289Visit by ocean survey ship
1290WMO buying electonics
1291Address to graziers
1292Nimbus still going strong
1293Death of Antarctic pioneer
1294UK satellite working well
1295Annual ball
1296News from the nomads
1297Weather by numbers symposium
1298SA RO annual picnic
1299Dave Langford departs
1300Thanks for 'Dinah' warnings
1301The silver screen
1302Cold hike
1303Now it's buzzword
1304Noteworthy activities - April
1305Floods in the NT
1306Move into ops. centre
1307WMO congress
1308Organisation of WMO
1309Offer on GHOST project
1310News in brief - Quote of the month; Cupid strikes again; Sorry, Donoghue; Supply officer moves; Senior forecasters to meet; Talk on US visit; Water for peace

No. 132 July 1967

CoverNew RO WA
1312OICs' conference
1313Highlights of DIR tour
1314Cwlth-State bowls, Brisbane
1315As it is writ
1316Rainmaking in India
1317Are you observant?
1318Talks on computer
1319Visit by computer expert - Dr Flatt
1320Expert on tropical met. - D.H. Johnson
1321Colloquium on maths
1323New climat. stations
1324AWS for trial
1325ADR in Stockholm
1326Noteworthy activities - May
1327Excellence award to ship - M/V Pt. New Plymouth
1328Moves in Training
1329Courses begin, finish
1330Broken spring on Nullabor, bogged at Zanthus
1331Obit - Miss E. Dillon
1332Captain J.K. Davis
1333News in brief - Honour for Secretary; Praise for exhibit; Visits to C.O.; Jack Glenister retires; Condolences - Jim Fitzpatrick; Error; Wanted known

No. 133 August 1967

CoverSolomon Is. personalities
1335Perth office opened
1336de Mont departs
1337Ginty on the whistle
1338Courses begin
1339Rain, rain go away
1340Visit to Cooby Creek
1341Statistical summary 1966-67
1342Cost of met. services
1343Staff employed
1344Development of forecasting and information services - general
1345New services for aviation or notification of services at field offices
1346Flight, area and terminal forecasts
1347Ship reports
1348Projects published
1349Bureau-DCA golf day
1350Noteworthy activities - June

No. 134 September 1967

1351Belle of the Ball
1352The Launching of Europa
1353Lighter moments of launching
1354Thanks for efforts
1355More thanks
1356Visit by Dr Riehl
1357Met. rockets study
1358No Crow-ing about this
1359News from the Goodmans
1360Met baby
1361Canberra's weather
1362Lecture on ATS
1363Departures from Bureau
1364Japan orders hardware
1365New type of anemometer
1366Bureau films
1367Service for Australia House
1368Noteworthy activities
1369News in brief - On stage; Thanks from Derek Johnson; Singer; Gymnastics, Modifications to Ops Centre; Conferences; Will direct IPS; Russ Atkins farewelled; Atomic AWS; Rain wanted; Science talks; Visits to CO - RD Q, Dr Simmers

No. 135 October 1967

1370Balloon release, Wilkes
1371Busy days at Darwin
1372Study of CAT
1373Visit to oceanographer
1374Project Wangara
1375Judy Young leaves
1376Radar installed, Port Moresby
1377Satellite as Show centrepiece
1378Brisbane Royal Show
1379Senior forecasters to meet
1380Programmers course
1381Advice to orchardists
1382Antarctic personnel
1383Phone weather popular
1384Obit - Mrs Jolley
1385Town for sale
1386Town re-opened
1387Overland for wedding
1388Weather watch by computer
1389Laser measures cloud levels
1390Noteworthy activities - August
1391News in brief - Off course; Spastic appeal; Thanks; Predicting dust storms; Welcome, Prof Sargeant; Familiarisation flight; Talks on rocketry; Visits to CO - RD SA, Clarrie McCue

No. 136 November 1967

1392Our new Minister - Hon. P.J. Nixon M.P.
1393Senior forecasters conference
1394Pleasant Sunday Afternoon
1395International meetings in Australia
1396Fire weather forecasts
1397Value of working groups
1398Coral Sea survey
1399Port Moresby's WF 44 radar
1400Long term for Arthur Douglas
1401WAD'S early farewell
1402Weather satellite advances
1403Mobile windfinders
1404Overseas visits
1405Eucla revisited
1406DIR ' S computer course
1407Retirement of S. Karelsky
1408Coffs Harbour opening
1409Blood, toil, tears and sweat
1410News in brief - Bereavement, Costello; Operation for PRO; Thanks from former Minister; Visits to CO - RDs WA, ACT & NT; Death of Alan Atkins

No. 137 December 1967

1411Minister's Xmas message
1412RD Q tours NG
1413Panel of experts meet in Melbourne
1414Versatile John Doheny leaves
1415Harry Rosman retires
1416Family breaks Bureau link
1417Redemptorist Brother Ballarat's new observer
1418Hobart's exhibition success
1419Winds of change at Euroa
1420Problems, predicaments, puzzles for PRO
1421Pigs and Murray Weaver
1422Catching 'em young in the north
1423ADR on course
1424A 'RIPA' of a conference
1425Symposium on hydrological forecasting
1426GHOST expert at CO
1427Navy to operate Bureau's WF2
1428Morley of Moree makes whoopee
1429The Cocos crab caper
1430Bureau men at ANZAAS congress
1431News in brief - That Stout fellow again; Visits to CO - Cassidy, RDNSW, Chadder; Don Handcock in Canberra; Computer progress
1432Tasmanian daylight saving

People in Bright Sparcs - Clarke, Reginald Henry; Davis, John King; de la Lande, Ralph; Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Foley, James Charles; Handcock, Don; Phillpot, Henry Robert; Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Stout, Reginald William (Reg); Timcke, Edward Waldemar

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