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No. 114 January 1966

979Old barometer
980Successful Broome opening
981Geoff Tyler says goodbye
982News of Pat Allander
983Acceptance trials of WF44
984Praise for Australia House officials
985Obs radio in training
986Recent moves
987Forecasts for gliding championships
988Visit by Secretary, Interior
989New registry officer
990Study of ocean swell
991Reports from US ships
992Scholarship to Florida - Webster
993Thanks from NZ navy
994Wedding bells
995Christmas and New Year greetings
996Water resources survey
997'Passing' of IAAC
998News in brief - Talk to fire officers; Scientific discussions; Overseas visits; Succumbed to 'wog'; Training at Geraldton; Suggestion awards; Agromet symposium

No. 115 February 1966

999Snowfall makes history
1000Oldsters at party
1001WF277 replaced
1002New job for Dr Law
1003Lasers to probe atmosphere
1004Cec Rodd retires
1005For WMO Executive
1006Awards to skippers
1007Dr Bleeker a grandfather
1008Word from Pat Allender
1009First W/G meeting in Melbourne
1010Trainees start courses
1011Cadets graduate
1012Resignation of Mrs Curtis
1013Retirement of Capt. Fennessy
1014Discussions on project Hicat
1015Good work by Terry and Brian
1016Suggestions win awards (Khyat, Parkinson, Haesler)
1017News in brief - Former RD drops in; Congrats on honour; Typist I/C takes over; Barometer for Empress; Bergs increase in Antarctic; New type of cloud

No. 116 March 1966

CoverChanging moods of the Alice
1018Rain follows dust: WHR potpourri at Alice
1019Opening of W/G meeting
1020Giant balloon burst
1021Outstanding windfinding at Mildura
1022Distinguished visitors - Schwerdtfeger and Jones
1023More on jingles
1024Cupid in Hobart
1025Interference to Ghost signals
1026Computing course at Monash
1027Overseas visit - H. Ashton
1028Polar ships lashed
1029Cadet met exam results
1030Met service for gliding championships
1031First African met cadets
1032News in brief - Visit to V.E. Lally; Progress with new Tas RO; Margaret is back;

No. 117 April 1966

CoverInaugural meeting, Antarctica W/G
1033More on Hibal
1034Andrew Thomson's trip
1035The paper war
1036Project EOLE
1037Dangers of overseas visits
1038Field staff movements
1039Macquarie Island today
1040.... and yesterday
1041Where have all the met boys gone?
1042Hazards of observing
1043Welcome, Colin

No. 118 May 1966

1044Bushfire control in the NT
1045Noteworthy activities, March
1046ADP in the Bureau
1047New Nimbus launch
1048Instrumentation conference at Met. Physics
1049Tribute to grass
1050Balloon circles earth
1051Whr ship answers SOS
1052Spectro moves to Darwin
1053Talks to pilots - SMOS
1054Overseas visits - DIR & SMER, STFI, ADR, STAF
1055Newcomers to Co-op Studies
105621 last month
1057Soldiering on - SRHY
1058Met support for artillery shoot

No. 119 June 1966

1059Whr briefing cover
1060WF44 installation at Laverton
1061AWS visit
1062Noteworthy activities April
1063Visit to USS Pine Island
1064Mr Yoshida departs
1065Symposium on filters
1066Premises a tribute to staff
1067WMO Seminar in Melbourne
1068Basketballers first win
1069Soldiering on - Ryan
1070Praise for Bureau
1071White for safety
1072Bowls - C'wlth v State PS
1073Toy 'better than forecasters'
1074Computer conference
1075News in brief - Ian Watts resigns; Visit from Joe Lord; Tribute to Frank Basden; Ball date fixed; Visit to CO - Sir Frederick White; Initial training ends; Happy birthday; APT reception good
1076Special Colombo Plan visitor
1077Obit - Alec Kebblewhite
1078Bob Curedale retires
1079Shades of jolly swagman

No. 120 July 1966

CoverWillis Is. 1921-1966
1080Bureau takes over Willis Is.
1081Island's early days recalled
1082Minister's visit to north
1083Northern development "considerable"
1084Hicat flights
1085Serial sounding experiment
1086ANZAAS congress
1087Testing of new telecom. channel
1088News of former colleagues
1089Presentation of excellence award
1090US reports being studied
1091WMO executive committee
1092CSIRO wind check
1093Predicted rain year ahead
1094Noteworthy activities for May
1095Contract signed for new RO
1096Crickets, fireflies 'tell temperature'
1097Thanks to Bureau
1098Swedish weather service seeks computer
1099Personnel movements
1100News in brief - They're engaged; Visits to CO - Prof. Holmes, Lt.Col Myers, J.S.Maher; On furlough - Brann; RO moves in; Record low recorded; Visit to Butterworth - STFI

No. 121 August 1966

1101Conference of PMAs
1102Pulse rate gives height
1103Ode to Whr
1104Push button forecasts
1105Vic Bahr is back
1106Statistical summary 1965-66
1107Cost of met. services
1108Staff employed
1109New services for aviation
1110Development of forecasting and info services
1111Development of services in ROs
1112Projects published July 65 - June 66
1113Flight, area and terminal forecasts
1114Ship reports
1115Suggestions received
1116Noteworthy activities, June

No. 122 September 1966

CoverBall pictures
1117Annual ball
1118New RO, Hobart
1119Opening of Tamworth Office
1120Do it yourself forecasting
1121Thanks from CSIRO - Cornish re rainfall
1122Computer tenders in
1123Outline of EOLE project
1124End of Hicat
1125Minor 'tragedy' at Werribee
1126Overseas visits - SRCA, STAR, STIO, Rainbird
1127WMO appointment - Mcllroy of CSIRO
1128Noteworthy activities, July
1129Capitalised nomenclature grinds gears
1130Visit from Prof. Lettau
1131ADR visits NT
1132Coarse sailors' Beaufort scale
1133News in brief - New met office, Coff's Harbour; Gymnastics (Miss Welsh); Presentation to ship's officer; Closure of Collingwood; Wal Formston retires; New faces at CO - Brook, Walker, Cross; Vic RO to move; Visit to Ros; Building tenders close; Renovations at Laverton; Obit - Paddy Chapman; Joins IAMRC - David Martin

No. 123 October 1966

CoverOld and New Hobart
1135DIR meets Emperor
1136That word 'Fine'
1137Unofficially it was cold
1138Antarctic bonanza
1139Million to one chance
1140Forecasts for de Gaulle's flight
1141Appreciative references
1142Obs for mercy dash
1143Serial sounding flights
1144SA RO picnic
1145Basketball team's success
1146Met at the Show
1147Move for Victorian RO
1148Noteworthy activities, August
1149Whr snippets from down south
1150DCA golf day

No. 124 November 1966

CoverNew radar handed over
1151WF44 handed over
1152Services for LBJ
1153Met centre opened - Derrimut
1154Help for lone sailor
1155USAF says thanks - Hicat
1156Surprise party for DIR
1157Mr Ramaswamy retires
1158Overseas visits - Dr Priestly and Mr Swinbank, Messers Holmes and Henderson
1159Special leave for Mr Cassidy
1160Cocos Is Olympics
1161Forecasts by computer
1162Tribulations in the tropics
1163Obit - G H White
1164Talk on rainmaking
1165Excellence awards presented
1166Antarctic personnel
1167Serial sounding success
1168Passing of Hank Marx
1169Gift from G-G
1170Cato Is operating
1171Successful squash night
1172Suggestion awards - Lensink, Donald, Bullock
1173Noteworthy events - September
1174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight

No. 125 December 1966

CoverRussian barometer
1175Old Russian barometer
1176Gwyn Court departs
1177Visit from Dr Mathur
1178Flood forecasting symposium
1179Obit - Jack Nayler
1180Exercise Barrawinga
1181Visit from Percy Cerutty
1182Attended gym championships
1183Agro-met seminar
1184Mt. Derrimut met centre
1185ANZAAS conference
1186Any antique instruments?
1187Missing - one island
1188Build it yourself antenna
1189Radomes from Japan
1190Bureau has golf win
1191Penalty or no penalty
1192How high the surf?
1193Offset duplicator installed
1194Opening of Hobart office
1195Met service for presidential visit
1196Personnel movements - July-Oct
1197News in brief - Fund donations; Wedding bells; Welcome back, Walter

People in Bright Sparcs - Ashton, Henry Tamblyn (Harry); Bahr, Victor John; Brann, Harold Walter Allen Neale (Bill); Holmes, Ralph Aubrey Edward; Swinbank, William Christopher Swinbank, William Christopher; White, Frederick William George

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