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No. 162 January 1970

1855First TPNG Weather Observers
1856GARP November exercise
1857DIR's Christmas party
1858Port Keats AWS installed
1859Aiding the air race
1860Regional notes
1861News in brief
1862Puzzle pic answer
1863DIR's historical lecture
1864Postcards from Poland
1865Foreign furlough

No. 163 February 1970

1867Ada's fury
1868Unseasonal weather?
1869Appreciative references
1870Ship's Excellence Award
1871Britain's new weather computer
1872Americans hope for hurricane modification
1873Regional notes
1874News in brief

No. 164 March 1970

CoverRA5 communications experts meet the Roos
1875George Rutherford and his seven cyclones
1876Ken Smith's tornado
1877No news is bad news
1878Allan Rainbird leaves
1879Mildura's weather radar building opened
1880Southern at sea
1881ITOS-1 (and Australis) in orbit
1882Rainfall observer meets his Waterloo....
1883Flinders Reef - AWS contract let
1885Maintaining A.W.S.
1886When flying was tough
1887IPS exams
1888Regional notes

No. 165 April 1970

1889Mildura commissioning
1890Alf's ingenuity plus
1891Hunter river memories
1892Herb Whittingham dies
1893World Met Day
1894Rain by the yard
1895Noteworthy activities
1896Region outplays Central Office
1897News in brief

No. 166 June 1970

1898In Ada's path
1899Talking cyclones in Queensland
1900New Secretary for the Department
1901Met moments
1902Bureau profile....1 - Dr K. Spillane
1903Meteorologists welcomed
1904Excellence Awards for rainfall observers
1905Alan Daw's 'Secretary Bird'
1906Captain Cook and meteorology
1907Mt. Newman re-visited
1908Mawson notes
1909Tassie's rain from fire
1910Harold McKay's death
1911Postings - weather officers grade 1
1913Observers injured
1914News in brief
1915Noteworthy activities

No. 167 July 1970

1916Canberra camera
1917Ken Harrison retires
1918John Hogan's death
1919' Doc' Hogan' s MBE
1920Brisbane off the air
1921Flinders Reef, Rowley Shoals AWS installed
1922U.S. Computer expert here
1923Port Moresby training complex built
1924Communications workshop ready
1925Adelaide's chair of meteorology
1926Woomera notes
1927Island observers retire
1928Weather beacon misses again
1930Noteworthy activities for June

No. 168 August 1970

1931Rowley Shoals AWS
1932A depression over Sydney....
1933Lima, Llamas and C-llimatology
1934Bureau Profile...2 - Anne Turnley
1935Teeth trouble
1936Jack Carpenter retires
1937Death of Ned Kennedy
1938A social success
1939CO notes
1940Recent postings
1941Second edition of Monana
1942Appreciative references
1943Noteworthy activities for July
1944Papers published 1969/70

No. 169 September 1970

1945First Papuan trainee meteorologist joins the Bureau
1946What the others are doing: Bureau profile... 3 - Betty Wittwer
1947Malaysian meeting
1948Tale of two reports
1949First Excellence award to rainfall observers
1950ABC "Weekend Magazine" documentary
1951Taking a dim view of the Bureau Ball
1952Weather tipping competition
1953Appreciative references
1954A frontal tale
1955Noteworthy activities for August
1956News in Brief - Recent Postings

No. 170 October 1970

CoverLetters to 'Mr Weatherman'
1957What the others are doing: Bureau profile... 4 - John Zillman
1958Communication and Regional Directors
1959Dinner for George Mackey
1960Balloons 1: what goes up must come down, Balloons 2: to help and "inspect"
1961Cyclone films for the Bureau
1962The flying Met. man
1963Poetic licence
1964Jenny Hopwood's Doctorate
1965Bureau's network of sea temperature bouys
1966First conferring of degrees in T.P.N.G.
1967Recent postings - September
1968About Automatic Weather Stations
1969Appreciative references
1970News in brief
1971Darwin's remote control satellite antenna
1972Noteworthy activities - September

No. 171 November 1970

1973Of tropical cyclones, punch tape and rockets
1974What the others are doing: Bureau profile.5 - Mr Fixit, the RMO
1975Storm in a teacup
1976Port Latta's wind vane, Death of a satellite
1977Processing 150 million rainfall observations approx.
1978A 'first' for meteorological rockets
1979Speeding things up....
1980New field off ices at Kieta, Kavieng
1981Weather ship off Victoria
1982Bureau lecturer at first pollution control course
1983'Penang - pearl of the orient'
1984Bill Kinimonth's 'wild west'
1985The Kennedy kaper
1986Some of our field offices are missing
1987'A little white skin lie'
1988From the files
1989Appreciative references
1990Hobart's show biz
1991News in brief
1992Recent postings
1993Noteworthy activities for October

No. 172 December 1970

1994Cyclone films premiere
1995Broome's open day
1996RD WA makes ship award
1997All trim at Lord Howe
1998What the others are doing: Bureau profile 6 - Lena Tullio
1999Cyclones, continued
2000Cyclone lessons for Australia - 1 - East Pakistan, 2 - USA
2001Pilgrims' progress on publicity preview
2002Goodbye ESSA, hello NOAA
2003Brisbane's Show exhibit
2004Forecasting for plant diseases
2005Sporting roundup
2006Appreciative references
2007Noteworthy activities for November
2008News in brief
2009Postings - November

People in Bright Sparcs - Hogan, John; Hogan, John (Doc); Mackey, George William; Spillane, Kevin Thomas; Whittingham, Herbert E. (Herb); Zillman, John William

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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