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No. 150 January 1969

CoverWMO Regional Satellite Seminar
1656Director awarded Doctorate
1657The citation for award of Honorary D.Sc.
1658Balloons at Marlin rig
1659Rainmaker Doris?
1660Lecture to chopper course
1661More thanks
1663Annual bowls match
1664Thistle sleigh yew
1665U.S. CLIMAT Atlas
1666Project Apollo
1667Rockets in Antarctica
1668Search for thunderstorms
1669Wind study in Brisbane
1670Farewell to Colleen
1671Studied Radar techniques
1672Aboard Marlin barge
1673Noteworthy activities - November
1674*News in brief - Visits to C.O.; Investiture; Back from South; Wedding bells; New arrivals; New office opened; Barry joins us; Support for Apollo; Joins Eitanin

No. 151 February 1969

CoverHonorary Doctorate conferred
1674The weather of 1968
1675WMO Bureau meeting
1676Second computer on way
1677ADP phase-out
1678New A.W.S. off W.A.
1679G-G's link with Antarctica
1680C.O. glossary
1681Monster bouy
1682Interesting U.S. visit
1683Off to U.S.
1684Annual reunion
1685Anatomy of a wave
1687Initiative saves the day
1688Fishy fairway
1689Het up over hot up
1690Call of Antarctica
1691Noteworthy activities
1692News in brief - Honoured by Queen; Grandfather; CIMO President; Gold shield for ballroom dancing

No. 152 March 1969

CoverFrederick Reef AWS
1693New size for journal
1694To work in U.S.
1695And for WMO
1696Pot luck
1697Numerical prediction symposium
1698Alatna receives us
1699Getting into the A.C.T.
1700Sailors say
1702Barley losses project
1703C.O. glossary
1704Arctic openings
1705Discussion group
1706Site for Parliament House
1707Knock, knock
1708The baths in Brisbane
1709Visited Manila, Bangkok
1710The champions
1711Trans-Atlantic drift
1712Daughter held by reds
1713Drought statement proved point
1714Noteworthy activities - January
1715News in brief

No. 153 April 1969

CoverWMO Bureau meeting, Melbourne
1716Sec-General's thanks
1717New Research Centre
1718Constant level balloon meeting
1719Formation of an Australian Met. Association
1720Bruce farewelled
1721Storm KO's radar
1722C.O. Glossary
1724Symposium anyone?
1725Made to measure weather
1726Hibal flights, Mildura
1727Quakes take 12,000 lives
1728Hail 15ft deep
1729Visit to Centre Island
1730Plan for ocean forecasting service
1731Thunderstom hunters
1732Geoff Goodman leaves
1733Ceduna trip
1734Noteworthy Activities, February
1735News in brief

No. 154 May 1969

CoverOpen day at R.O. - Darwin
1736Century of Obs.
1737Post-Mortem on 'Audrey'
1738Harold Bond joins the jet set
1739Obs., NG style
1740By Jimminy !
1741' In' words
1742He 'copped' it
1743Hibal at Mildura
1744Balloon takes the plunge
1745Air-sea weather probe
1746News from Peter Barclay
1747Long service to Bureau
1748Bill Brann at Entebbe
1749Wot? No witch doctors?
1750Win at golf
1751Study of planetary waves
1752Ninth ESSA is up
1753Noteworthy activities, March
1754Personnel movements
1755News in brief

No. 155 June 1969

1756New NIMBUS is up
1757Director to Geneva
1758Schoolgirls' accolade
1759More thanks
1760Balloon experiment in Canberra
1761Broadcast of Apollo departure
1762Obituary - E.C. McKinna
1763Eclipse Island episode
1764ACOA section committee formed in CO
1765Weather Officer course No. 4
1766Weather device patented
1767Noteworthy activities, April
1768ADI for science group
1769Met. course for scouts

No. 156 July 1969

1771Apollo Launch
1772Tracking station closing
1773Obs. go to gaol
1774Truck 'knocked off'
1775New Met. station at Esperance
1776Sid Reynolds farewelled
1777Storm research begins
1778Tornado facts
1779New use for balloons
1780Thunderstom flight
1781IMO prize awarded
1782Earthquake forecasts
1783Marilyn leaves
1784Noteworthy activities, May
1785News in brief

No. 157 August 1969

CoverMet Office, Esperance
1787Flood warnings earn thanks
1788New thinking on small-scale phenomena?
1789Seen any mirages lately
1790History of State rainfall maps
1791Walking holiday in N.G.
1792No god but lots of rain
1793Weather predictions by animals
1794Losses in lambs and newly shorn sheep
1795Success of V.A.P.
1796Noteworthy activities
1797News in brief
1798Statistical summary

No. 158 September 1969

CoverAnnual ball
1800Rocket-satellite trials
1801Walking holiday in NG - II
1802Port Met. Agents meet
1803Slips that pass
1804Acoustic sounding program
1805Custom built gauge
1807Errors in APT gridding
1808New RD installed
1809How high is a barometer
1810WMO technical notes reach their century
1811Apollo support recognised
1812Noteworthy activities - July
1813News in brief
1814Brisbane Show display

No. 159 October 1969

CoverCeduna opening
1816Robbie's last show
1817Ted Saunders leaves
1818New Guinea walking holiday - III
1820Clarity, etc.
1821Noteworthy activities - August
1822Marion Reef AWS installed
1823Senior Clerks' Conference
1824Bureau's first annual report out
1825Facilities Division moves
1826Gerry O'Mahony's marriage
1827News in brief

No. 160 November 1969

1828October conferences
1829Esperance commissioning
1830Unfortunate coincidence
1831Major field rentals change
1832Lower Snowy flood warning scheme
1834Euroka is hot news
1835Oodnadatta opening
1836RD's Conference
1837Awaiting you in anticipation?
1838Noteworthy activities - September
1839News in brief

No. 161 December 1969

1840Flat out on the job
1841Rabbit Flat and Tempe Downs
1842Puzzle pic
1843What Shaw saw
1844Norfolk Island WF2 commissioning
1845Looking way, way ahead
1846Solar energy talks
1847Giant balloon goes down
1848Tale of two typhoons
1849Regional notes
1850New visibility chart for Hobart
1851show biz
1852Appreciative references
1853ADS, film extra
1854News in brief

People in Bright Sparcs - Barclay, Peter; Bond, Harold George; Brann, Harold Walter Allen Neale (Bill); O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry)

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