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No. 173 January 1971

2010Where are they now? - 1937 Met. Course
2011Celestial cartoon
2012NSW OIC's meet
2013Gerry O'Mahony leaves
2014Broome thunderstorm
2015Wilf Warren displays at Perth and Moorabbin
2016What the others are doing: Bureau profile 7 - Fred Bell
2017Gerry O'Mahony - thirty years on
2018Bob Walsh retires
2019Meteorological display at Moorabbin air pageant
2020Lihou Reef AWS completed
2021Canberra Regional Office moves
2022Cyclone education in N.T.
2023Christmas thoughts
2024Inter-departmental fishing contest
2025Noteworthy activities for December
2027Postings - December
2028Appreciative references
2029News in brief
2030Death of Graham Hancock

No. 174 February 1971

2031Canberra's new office
2032Lihou Reef
2033VAP equipment for Singapore
2034Thursday Is. school children
2035Mildura OIC at Benalla, Thunderstorms over Sydney
2036What the others are doing - Bureau profile 8 - Harry Storer
2037New Minister for Department
2038New Regional Directors
2039Computers (1) - New ADC, Computers (2) - The task
2040Lightning strikes at VIC Regional Office
2041'Ghost' balloons from Darwin
2042Enter the cyclone fairy
2043Sydney IPSD girl makes turf killing
2044Annual report
2046Chariman Mao's ultimate miracle
2047Ode to the pink palace
2048Going metric
2049Postings - January
2050Noteworthy activities for January
2051Appreciative references
2052News In brief

No. 175 March 1971

CoverCover photograph Captains of industry
2053Rotary students visit Esperance office
2054Photo of Willy-willy (dust devil)
2055Photo. Take a Captain Cook (facsimile 'photo')
2056Photo. The abominable Scotchman (Ginty Stevens)
2057Photo. Female visitor to Giles
2058Photos of George Mackey - retirement - wartime
2059Bureau profile: 9 - George Mackey
2060Life in the tropics (Poem by W.J. Gibbs), Life in the tropics - Ray Wilkie
2061A southern transfer - Bob Southern to Perth
2062The downfall of Arch Shields - cyclones
2063Meanwhile, back in NSW - V.J. Bahr
2064A pseudo-meteorological glossary
2065A farewell to Pubs - Doug Kreltszheim
2066Antarctic adventures - Heard Island rescue
2067John McGilligan leaves
2068Noteworthy activities - February
2069Postings - February
2070News in brief
2071Appreciative references

No. 176 April 1971

2072Weather watch on the Namoi (cover photo)
2073Meteorological rockets - (photo)
2074Ghost balloon at Darwin (photo)
2075John McGilligan leaves (photo)
2076Ship award in NSW (photo)
2077Alf Falkingham, presentation to George Mackey (photo)
2078Bureau profile 10 - Alf (Falkingham) of the never never
2079Indian ocean radiosonde trial (from merchant ship)
2080More excellence awards for ships
2081The Bass Strait caper (canoe crossing)
2082Nomad (bouy) - Bass Strait's weather watcher
2083What's with (sounding) balloons?
2084Red skies, shepherd's delight, and things
2085Honouring the rainfall volunteers (Observers)
2086Appreciative references
2087Noteworthy activities - March
2088Thursday Island's cyclone film night
2089News in brief

No. 177 May 1971

2090World Meteorological Day display (vocer photo)
2091Namoi exhibit (photo)
2092Ocean radiosonde project )photo)
2093Secretaries - Services chief (photos)
2094Bureau profile: 11 - For Secretary read Bulldog
2095Director re-elected first Vice-President of WMO
2097Annual report nears
2098Paddy Carr's retirement
2099Meteorology Professor (Schwerdtfeger)
2100Parliamentary question (on tropical cyclones)
2101When the 'wet' becomes the 'green'
2102What the public wants (from the weatherman)
2103Appreciative references
2104Noteworthy activities - April
2105News in brief
2106Postings - March/April
2107Tom McGuane resigns

No. 178 June 1971

2108Historical barometer (cover photo)
2109Adelaide's lady meteorologists (photo)
2110Welcome to Thursday Island (photo)
2111The two faces of Ken Morley (photos)
2112Bureau profile: 12 - Moree OIC Ken Morley
2113Reaching the schools
2114Meteorology for mariners
2115Bureau at national science conference (ANZAAS)
2116Namoi valley flood forecasting talks
2117NSW meteorological society formed
2118Service for skiers
2119Bureau Ball
2120Appreciative references
2121Noteworthy activities
2122They're never happy all the time
2123News in brief
2124Postings - May

No. 179 July 1971

2125Inspections by army helicopter (cover photo)
2126Central office tea club (photo)
2127WA girls winter uniform (photo)
2128Photos of M. Moncrieff, postal clerks in WA, line squall
2129Bureau profile: 13 - Morrie Moncrieff
2130Skyborne inspection for Bill Henderson
2131SA pioneers air pollution potential services
2132Drought statement reintroduced
2133Ocean radiosonde reports very useful
2134Fifty years on (RAAF jubilee celebrations)
2135New automatic weather station in NT
2136Bureau officers visit Papua-New guinea
2137Arthur Douglas farewelled at Port Moresby
2138Demand for foul weather warnings?
2139Superballoon bursts onto the scene
2140Noteworthy activities
2141From the land of the bird of paradise
2142News in brief
2143Postings - June

No. 180 August 1971

2144Sydney's masked meteorologists (cover photo)
2145Mets unmasked (ca 1919) (photo)
2146Let's hear it for Melbourne (photo)
2147Photos of Canberra weather shop, Adelaide pollution
2148Bureau profile: 14 - Canberra weather shop
2149Another air pollution service to start
2150Canberra's suburban rainfall network
2151Of matters humourous
2152It's all so easy
2153Going to 'Tulla' (transfer to Tullamarine)
2154News from Victoria
2155Visitors for Willis Island team
2156Excellence award to ship's officer
2157News in brief
2158The battle of Brenock Park
2159Noteworthy activities - July

No. 181 September 1971

2161What a way to see out winter (cover photo)
2162A good time had by all (photo of Bureau Ball)
2163Excellence award presentation (photo)
2164Bureau profile: 15 - (Bureau training program) (photo)
2165Return thanks (Mrs. E. Jolly)
2166Obituary - Bryan Rofe
2167Rose dongs Hong Kong (Typhoon)
2168Tornado in Kin Kin
2169...and blizzards in the Antarctic
2170An anthology of P.R.O.'s (Mike Rosel)
2171Him no funny fella (complaints)
2172How to really hole in one
2173Visits from Britain (ship with radiosonde)
2174Strikers and the weather
2175Noteworthy Activities - August
2176Personal pars
2177Students squashed again
2178Postings - August

No. 182 October 1971

2179Weather with a whirl (Bureau symbol) (cover photo)
2180Regional Directors in conference (photo)
2181Meteorology at Melbourne Show (photos)
2182Bureau profile: 16 - Watch on the ionosphere (photo)
2183Of radars and automatic weather stations
2184Old view on Hobart's Regional Forecasting Centre
2185Perth's air pollution warning system starts
2186Prophet with honour in his own country
2187Appreciative references
2188Wild wind at Casey
2189Operating on daylight saving
2190Personnal pars
2191News in brief
2192Noteworthy activities

No. 183 November 1971

2194It's not the height - it's the weather (cover photo)
2195American improves weather radar (photo)
2196This ghost (balloon) is for real (photo)
219750 years at Willis (photo) (see also item 2202)
2198Townsville forecasters salute a colleague (photo)
2199Kytoon kapers (photo)
2200World conservation May display (photo)
2201Retirement of popular forecaster (Arthur Jeffries)
220250 years at Willis
2203New accommodation for Central Office
2204One way to can the drought
2205Appreciative references
2206Failure of weather spacecraft (ITOS satellite)
2207Day of the big burn
2208Cricket news
2209Personal pars
2210Noteworthy activities

No. 184 December 1971

2212Tropical cyclone publicity (cover photo)
2213Regional Director at Tokyo Conference (photo)
2214Christmas cheer from the Editor
2215Typhoon Committee meeting in Tokyo (photo)
2216A classic case of mammatus (photo)
2217New Bureau symbol already in view (photo)
2218Retirement of Millie Miller
2219Retirement of Beryl Bowes
2220WA planning for cyclones
2221Hasps (rockets) over Woomera
2222Still popular with the papers
2223Weather education
2224Appreciative references
2225It can't all be true (new RO Sydney)
2226Reading the form
2227Personal pars
2228Bureau bowls
2229Noteworthy activities

People in Bright Sparcs - Bahr, Victor John; Gibbs, William James (Bill); Mackey, George William; O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Rofe, Bryan; Shields, Archibald John; Storer, Harold Reginald (Harry)

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