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No. 138 January 1968

1433Walter Dwyer retires
1434Frank Hannan joins WMO
1435DIR for Geneva
1436New rainmakers in NT
1437Problems of being OIC
1438At Swan launching
1439A Stout with a dash
1440WMO post-sessional tour
1441Calling Mawson VKOCS
1442Particles affect air temperature
1443Noteworthy activities - November
1444News in brief - Bereavement thanks; Engagement; Obit - Dr Soucek; Ashmore crab caper

No. 139 February 1968

1445First of the many
1446Dr Priestley for GARP
1447Commissioning of WF44
1448Returned to marry
1449BOLE launch at Mildura
1450Bureau film wins awards
1451Football - Darwin style
1452Heat popped thermometer
1453Reader's Digest atlas
1454Collection for Walter Dwyer
1455If at first you don't succeed
1456Visit to Barrow Island
1457Noteworthy activities - December
1458News in brief - Obit - Telford, Williams, Putney; DIR's daughter married; Visits to CO - Ian Watts, RDNT, B.C. Hill

No. 140 March 1968

1459Met crossword
1460Stamps for W.M. Day
1461Another WMO seminar
1462Reception of fax charts
1463Ph.D. award
1464Presentation to skippers
1465Tribute from WMO
1466Ties that bind?
1467Dinner dance a success
1468AWS stores data
1469Thanks from Mt. Stromlo
1470ADR sees EOLE launches
1471Frank was surprised
1472DIP'S rushed trip
1473Overseas visitors
1474Good response to drive
1475Frank Hannan departs
1476New weather station for Bendigo
1477Ball committee formed
1478Cadet met exam results
1479Drafting exam results
1480News in brief - They're married; A record; Thanks from yachtsmen; Visits to C.O. - Bill Dwyer, C. McCue (ADI); Talented musician; Graduations; Scholarships awarded; Move by Research

No. 141 April 1968

1481Computer-drawn synoptic chart
1482Harry Luke resigns
1483Cold front over Tibet
1484APT at sea
1485Tech. Note: Chemical nature of Wo
1486Presented paper at CAeM
1487The rain gauge
1488Busy time for Walter
1489Long service claim challenged
1490Ghost towns of the west
1491Local history
1492Noteworthy activities - February
1493Answers to met. crossword
1494News in brief - (N)ice report; Married; Visits to CO - Thomson, US Navy mets, Mason; ADR moves; New forms officer; Computer tests; Recovering

No. 142 May 1968

1495On show at the show
1496Bureau service commended
1497DCA - Bureau golf day
1498Sidelights of cyclone
1499Thanks for stamps
1500Met. stamp from Canada
1501Pyranometers installed
1502Bert Foenander retires
1503Excellence Awards presented
1504AWS undergoing test
1505Response to article
1506Getting to know you
1507Lake regulated naturally
1508Swimming down south
1509Noteworthy activities - March
1510Mini symposium
1511News in brief - Doug is progressing; Blood donors; Judy leaves; Boating service popular; Study award; At ECAFE; Computer tests; RO moves

No. 143 June 1968

1512Big game hunting in Alaska
1513Rocket program under way
1514Challenge from West
1515Get together highly successful
1516Warnings on hypothermia
1517Army award to Neil Body
1518Nimbus blown up
1519Radar record
1520Cloud seeding stops in ACT
1521Laser pinpoints the clouds
1522Nimbus determines washday
1523Man-made hail
1524We lead in airport forecasting
1525How well do you follow instructions?
1526Noteworthy activities - April
1527Staff movements
1528News in brief - Talks on JACMAS; Visit from ICAO rep.; Services for outback operator; Off to Geneva; Double surprise; Songsters; Awarded scholarship; Visits to CO - Prof. Lapluye; RDNT; John Smith, NASA rep., OIC Mascot (Pat Ryan) Jack Nelms, (Obs. at Cairns); Authors; Condolences - J.V. Maher; Calling all fishermen

No. 144 July 1968

1529Windfinding Radar Type WF-3
1530Director honoured
1531No prize awarded
1532ADR at overseas seminars
1533WMO Executive Committee
1534Visit to Cooma
1535Courses completed
1536WF-44 at Eagle Farm
1537Soldiering on
1538Materials handling aids at CO store
1539Low pressures
1540Correct addresses essential
1541Ph.D. for Gunter Weller
1542Smoke Signals
1543Bowls win for Commonwealth Services
1544Letters of thanks
1545Tornado had 528 mph winds
1546Noteworthy activities - May
1547Film night in Brisbane
1548Careers night - Mt. Gambler
1549News in brief - Obituary; Runner-up; News from Townsville; Smog warning; Wives as forecasters

No. 145 August 1968

1550Computer - Important forward step
1551New era for meteorology
1552How we got computer
1553The computer
1554Statistical summary -1967/68
1555Cost of met services
1556Staff employed
1557Development of forecasting and info services
1558New services for aviation
1559Flight, area and aerodrome forecasts
1560Ship reports
1561Projects published
1562Noteworthy activities - June

No. 146 September 1968

CoverBureau ball
1563Regional Directors meet
1564DIR visits Giles
1565Computer visitors
1566Bureau makes and aids the news
1567Visit to unusual ship
1568Bureau publication
1569New flood warning system
1570Radar tracking sets
1571Port Met Agents meet
1572New weather watch
1573Automatic weather station
1574Our chart in Holland
1575Strange request
1576Mail gets there
1577Computer-aided yachtsman's success
1578Bureau at Royal Show
1579Violent winds recorded
1580School balloons
1581Sonde overhead
1582Overseas visits
1583NT trip
1584Basketball dance
1585Noteworthy activities - July
1586News in brief - Met promotion; London news; Ted Saunders seconded; Degree; Sympathy
1587Believe it or not

No. 147 October 1968

CoverCommissioning Eagle Farm WF44
1588Eighth unit to be opened
1589Minister's address
1590DIR recalls government help
1591New Guinea weather visit
1592Weather officer course No. 4
1593Asian visitors
1594Successful Brisbane show exhibit
1595TV forecasts in fishing boats
1596Ergonomics training course
1597Unusual Tasmanian discovery
1598Bureau assists in rescue
1599Letter of thanks from Premier
1600Bureau publications popular
1601Messages got through
1602WWW stamp
1603New weather system
1604Antarctic weather station
1605Geneva visits
1606Noteworthy activities - August
1607News in brief - From NZ; Rugby News; Frost warning
1608Basketball players sought
1609Information from Japan
1610Death of Dan Hodge

No. 148 November 1968

CoverExamination of scouts and guides
1611International seminar - met satellite data
1612Commissioning of WF44 Darwin
1613Bushfire inspection trip
1614High flying balloons
1615An ill wind
1616Hurricane tracking chart
1617Army says thanks
1618Collections for charities
1619Kites v balloons
1620Feeling pleased
1621Mystery balloon
1622The friendly WF44
1623Obit - Egbert Harry
1624Duncan Cameron
1625Moya leaves us
1626It got the bird
1627Territory observers on the job
1628'Quake centre is two years old
1629Study of internal waves
1630Automated mets
1631Visit by Dr White
1632Cruise by USS Eltanin
1633Antarctic parties for 68/69
1634Honour for DIR
1635Long-range forecast
1636Pin up
1637Useful definitions
1638News in brief - Off south; Centre court star; High honour; Thanks; CQ CQ CQ DE AXM; Year aloft; Pacific visitors; Engagement; Newcomer to IAMRC; Serial sounding; Study tour to US; Cloud seeding study

No. 149 December 1968

CoverWF44 commissioning - Darwin
1639Darwin radar commissioned
1640WHO conference, New Delhi
1641DIR's Xmas message
1642GHOST balloon flights
1643The degree day
1644Cat fight
1645Unwelcome visitor
1646Off to Germany
1647For cloud watchers
1648WMO satellite seminar
1649A new twist
1650Noteworthy activities - October
1651Aviation lecture
1652Attended flood seminar
1653Hobart show exhibit
1654Visit to Asian met. centres
1655News in brief - Strike (A) light!; They're engaged; Dinner dance

People in Bright Sparcs - Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Maher, John Vincent (Jack); Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Ryan, Patrick (Pat); Stout, Reginald William (Reg)

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