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No. 209 January 1974

25291973 Meteorologists' Course (cover s other photos)
2530Cocos I. visit by RD WA (photo)
2531Retirement of ADR (J.N. McRae - photo)
2532Willis wanderings (visit to Willis Is)
2533... and Cocos capers
2534Patently obvious
2535Personal par
2536News in brief
2537Weather words
2538Secretary's Christmas message

No. 210 February 1974

2539International conference (IAMAP/IAPSO) (cover & other photo) (presentation of IMO Prize to Dr Priestley)
2540Storm over Melbourne (photo)
2541New site for SA R/0 (photo)
2542Metric display in Hobart (photo)
2543Farewell Aub Douglass
2544New branch of RMS
2545News in brief
2546Information insanity
2547Taking the wet S-bend
2548Personal pars
2549Observer postings - November, December

No. 211 March 1974

2550Gliding event (cover S photos)
2551Observers' course (photo)
2552A really close miss (aircraft mishaps) (photos)
2553Satellite view of cyclone PAM (photo)
2554Discussion of floods at Moree (photo)
2555Brisbane flood January 1974 (photo)
2556Cartoon on flooding
2557Mean wanderings of wet WANDA (Brisbane flood)
2558Quick, quick evaporation
2559The Bureau hits a high (World Gliding Champ'ships)
2560Overseas visit by Director
2561Where there's smoke (Fire bans)
2562Letters of appreciation
2563Knockout cricket

No. 212 April 1974

2564World Met. Day (cover photo)
2565At last - the new building show (photos) (New building for Bureau Head Office)
2566Storm off port quarter (photo)
2567Overseas met. trainees (photo)
2568Weather officer course No. 9 (photo)
2569'Britannia' man says thanks for radio-fax
2570WHO joins the festival
2571Note of thanks
2572Pothos just wont stop growing
2573Letters of appreciation
2574Best wishes
2575A grim forecast for the future
2576News from the north
2577On holidays
2578Observer postings - January, February
2579Vale Fritz Loewe (photo)

No. 213 May 1974

2580Celebrations East and West (cover photos relating to items 2588 and 2589)
2581One of the many (photo of rainfall recorder)
2582Valiant in defeat (photo - tennis trophy)
2583Speeding on his appointed round (photo)
2584Ministerial scrutiny for World Weather Watch (photo)
2585A helping hand for OTC (photo)
2586Victory at Belgrade (CBS VI)
2587A look-see for Canberra man
2588A worthy career comes to a close (A.R. Martin)
2589Movement at the station (retired officers, etc)
2590Return thanks (for F. Loewe, V.A. Bugaev)
2591Personal pars
2592Seminar fare includes Met. lecture (yachting)
2593From the fairways (Met. Golf Club)
2594Bass Strait waves reach record height
2595Storm across the Tasman
2596An old and a new PRO (Wiseman, Hiscock)
2597Words of wisdom from Robbie
2598Hard days at Emu Rock (rainfall observing)

No. 214 June 1974

2599The shape of things to come (cover photo of new Head Office building)
2600Take a bow Captain (photo. Excellence Award)
2601Floods bring a testing time (photos)
2602View from the top (photo, Canberra fog)
2603One for the detectives (photos, old barometer)
2604Thought for the month
2605South America, here we come (photo)
2606Retirement and 4 million memories (photo)
2607Over the inland sea (photo, flooding of C.Aust)
2608Vote of confidence
2609After the plague (forecast locust movements)
2610Fiji takeover
2611Thanks from Alan (A.R. Martin)
2612Personal pars
2613Good work on wind (wind damage seminar)
2614Latest from the links
2615The good old days
2616... and the good news days
2617Death of Cpt. John Watson. PMA

No. 215 July 1974

2619The old 277 takes a breather (cover photo radar)
2620Plenty of space at Campbellfield (photo of store)
2621The view remains unchanged (photo of No. 2 Drummond St, Bureau Head Office since 1908)
2622A little music maestro (photo)
2623Bureau on display (photo)
2624The medium is the massage
2625One up for Vic (V.J. Bahr)
2626An expert on our shores (Prof. Bretschnelder)
2627John Hamilton calls it a day
2628Personal par
2629Saffron thistle blows the whistle
2630No luck with golden gongs
2631Appreciative references
2632Testing time at Cape Schank (golf)
2633A-OK is verdict on Northwest

No. 216 August 1974

2635John Lillywhite bids 'au revoir' (cover photo)
2636PNG trainees press on (photo)
2637Wild Westerners. (WA R/O football)(photo)
2638KL visitors here for a year (photo)
2639Ready to burst (balloon test) (photo)
2640Weather on the water (photo)
2641Role for R/O in LWA rocket probe (photo)
2642Variety is the spice of life
2643Brisbane bowlers keep their end up
2644How they brought the good oil to Giles
2645Norm calls it a day (retirement N. Keay)
2646Personal pars
2647Back from Geneva
2648Easy target
2649Appreciative references
2650Out of the past
2651Report from the fairway
2652A long and fruitful innings (J.W. Lillywhite retires)
2653Postings - July 1974

No. 217 September 1974

2654Familiar faces in the classroom (cover photo)
2655Showtime in the States (cover photo)
2656Full house (Met. course No. 24) (photo)
2657More from CTS (W/O course No. 10) (photo)
2658Moving on (A. Kapoulitsa - DIR's Sec) (photo)
2659Flood monitor (telemetry system) (photo)
2660Mine host at Onslow (photo)
2661Sun spotting (partial solar eclipse) (photo)
2662Off to Teheran (B. Retallack)
2663Tight hold on the purse strings
2664Automation in meteorology (talk by R.Maine)
2665Ready for the fire season
2666Personal pars
2667Many thanks Alf (A. Falkingham)
2668Ah, another satisfied customer
2669Quick and cheap (satellite development)
2670In the pen (minimum thermometer and wallaby)
2671Golf honours to Sam Took
2672Me IDAS on display
2673US radar ace steps down (Vaughn D. Rockney)
2674Death of H.E. Banfield
2675Mick Foley passes on
2676Weather Watch chief dies (A.H. Glaser)
2677Death of ANARE man (Frank McMahon)
2678Postings for August

No. 218 October 1974

2679Giles the explorer (cover illus.)
2680We're in (Head Office moves to 150 Lonsdale St)
2681First conference (of Observers Gr 4) (photo)
2682That's show biz (Royal Melb. Show display) (photo)
2683Smart work in the tea room (photo)
2684Cartoon quip
2685Giles centenary (E. Giles explorations with map)
2686Biddy passes on (Mrs. Isobel Bradley)
2687Tough time on the mountain (Mt. Kanigan radar)
2688First hole-in-one
2689Personal pars
2690Lured by the limerick
2691Postings for September

No. 219 November 1974

2692The shape of things to come (satellite photo) R/D's conference (photo)
2693Alf (Falkingham) sends his thanks (photo)
2694A job well done (new H.O. building)
2695All had a ball (photos)
2696Art from the outback (photo)
2697Picture from the past (photo ca 1950)
2698Into the rough (photo)
2699A role in 'Hunter' (emergency exercise)
2700'Koorin' data collected
2701Out of the winner's circle
2702Appreciative references
2703Personal pars
2704(Social) Club's steady rise
2705Postings for October

No. 220 December 1974

2706Santa comes to town (photo)
2707Minister (Morrison) does the honours (photos)
2708Mt. Kanighan joins radar fence (map and photo)
2709Farewell at Frosterley (photo)
2710Top end tableau (photo)
2711Life on the ocean wave (social fishing) (photo)
2712Xmas picnic for the littlies (photo)
2713Charity day at Whittlesea (golf)
2714Cricket from the West
2715Personal pars
2716Letters to the Weatherman
2717Postings for November

People in Bright Sparcs - Bahr, Victor John; Banfield, Henry Evans; Foley, James Charles; Lillywhite, John Wilson; Loewe, Fritz; McRae, John Neil; Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Retallack, Bruce James

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