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No. 102 January 1965

CoverAWS - Ashmore Island
781Maintenance visit to Ashmore
782Changes at Cairns, Charleville
783Temperature record at Cloncurry
784Suggestions win awards - Lusby, Bonner
785Visit by NZ DIR
786Study tour on Macquarie
787New standards laboratories
788P.S. Bowls Match
789Operation 'Longshot'
790Skipper is Weatherwise
791Satellite Seminar in Tokyo
792Personnel movements
793News in brief - Bon Voyage, Margaret; DIR meets press; Appropriate; Jumped the gun; STFI for Montreal

No. 103 February 1965

CoverAPT readout station - Laverton (photo)
794Lidar - a new met. tool
795Forecasts for aerial spraying
796Visit by French carrier Mets.
797Solar radiation conference
798Observers beware !
799Extension of 'Weather News' readership
800Students sort out research projects
801Dr Loewe at library
802Radio Fax reception - Pt. Moresby, Lae
803More about the drought
804Early observations in Tasmania
805Mixed bag of weather
806New station at Wilkes
807News in brief - Bureau to give evidence; Exam achievements; Wedding bells - Armstrong-Whitby; Walter Mackinley departs IAAC; IAAC in Russia; Visits to C.O. - Dr J. Black, Wilf Warren, John McGann; Back to the Army - Smalley

No. 104 March 1965

808World Met. Day 1965
809DIR welcomes trainees
810Interest in radiosonde
811PMA reports traffic jam
812Science triumphs over frogs, lizards
813Amateurs build satellite
814Early met. records, NSW
815G. Trefry leaves Woomera
816Appointment of ADR
817Visit by top US official - M.J. Rubin
818Harkness fellowship award - A.F. Rainbird
819Our fax received in Argentina
820Rainfall on Mt. Bartle Frere
821Humour in correspondence
822B.M.R. Physicists join us
823Honour for Walter Dwyer
824Personnel movements
825News in brief - IP's visit to Perth; ADM's son engaged; Mr Zhdanov returning home; DIR's new secretary; Greetings from Russia; Visits to CO - Alan Holmes, Terry Piggott
826Obituary - Alfred Milward
827New Co-op flats plan

No. 105 April 1965

828Weather officers - 25 years ago
829Record phone inquiries
830Record number of trainees
831Cadet Mets. exam results
832The unkindest cut
833Visit by Indian Met.
834Central Training's Cricket Match
835Hot day at Mandora
836Wedding bells in Canberra - Margaret Amos
837Thanks from Qantas
838Forecasts for Gemini project
839News in brief - Nell Anderson settling in; Cloud Seeding talks; Standards Assn. seek information; Soldiering on; Visit to Brisbane; Dirs. in Canberra; Norfolk Island inspection; Visits to CO - Dr Clark, Max Pross; 'Shorty' back in Melbourne; Dry start for '65; DIR's secretary married; W.M.O. Day celebrated; IPL visit to Perth; 'Chute' recovery unsuccessful; Forecasts for Lake Burley Griffin

No. 106 May 1965

840Dr Tucker arrives this month
841Reorganisation at CO
842Max Cassidy heads computer body
843Suggestion awards - Miss Phillips, J. Fitzpatrick, R. Bullock
844Barbara Maher goes overseas
845World Met. Day celebrated
846Radar goes bird watching
847Social club annual meeting
848On Safari - Yeomans
849Follow the leader
850Road weather alerts in Sydney
851DIR for WMO meeting
852Bureau issues computer specifications
853Visit by Thai D.G.
854Basketball team formed
855Fred Leake retires
856Ball plans announced
857Sydney Royal Easter Show
858PR tour of NW Tasmania
859Drought critical in NSW
860Successful field day
861New PMA for Sydney
862News in brief - USWB budget; Mick Doyle's False Alarm; Henry Phillpot returns; Norma is back; CO staff arrangements; Departures from Co-op Studies

No. 107 June 1965

863Enderby Land survey
864Thanks from Dr Law
865Anti-cancer appeal
866Instrument display consoles
867Service for offshore drilling
868Praise for Hibal forecasts
869Appreciative references - John Holland, Commissioner of Police (V), G.E. Gill
870Retiring Minister's thanks
871Computer anecdotes
872Radar film impressive
873Ex DIR visits Honiara
874Co-operation between Bureau and DCA
875Visit by Japanese radar men
876Humour at showtime
877Snakes alive
878Squash night was successful
879Fire weather service in NT
880WMO panel of experts for the IHD
881News in brief - PMA Sydney; Dr Loewe a grandfather; Climate details go to gaol; Obs radio course finishes; Posted to Butterworth; Engaged on 21st birthday - Cullinan; Returning to States - Wilhelm; Interest in computer specs.; Publicity for ADR appointment; New job for Doc Hogan - nearly; US sets up ESSA; Ball tickets available; Social club functions; Thanks from US on Hibal

No. 108 July 1965

882Mr Kingsland goes overseas
883Maintenance trip to Ashmore Island
884Successful lecture on ground water
885First junior observers graduate
886Observer is 85 and still on the job
887Visit by Plessey Radar executive
888402 mc/s radiosonde
889Weather extremes in Antarctica
890Meeting of RMO's
891Instant tables
892Retirement of Assistant Secretary
893WMO meeting in Geneva
894Talks on fire weather
895Opening of NT RO
896Reception for Tuckers
897Visits to CO - G. Atkins, Bob Dingle, Tom Fleming
898Administrator's interest in met.
899News in brief - New Social Club treasurer; John Ryan joins Obs. Branch; Road weather alerts for Perth; Ball date changed; ABC rural officers' conference; Diplomas awarded

No. 109 August 1965

900Opening of Darwin Office
901Dr Tucker visits Darwin
902Social round for DIR ADR
903Statistical summary 1964-5 - Cost of met. service
904Staff employed
905New services for aviation
906New forecasting and information services
907New general services from RO
908Projects published
909Flight, area and terminal forecasts
910Ship reports
911Suggestions received
912News in brief - DIR on University of the Air; Editor's Note; Death of long-time observer - Rex; Airep confirms radiosonde trace; Newcomer to Met. Physics; Dr Priestley back home

No. 110 September 1965

913Annual ball
914Use of ADP equipment in CO
915Computer to process synoptic messages
916Rainmaking a 'waste of money'
917Reopening of Balladonia station
918Bill Yeoman's African journey
919Opening of Albany met. office
920Excellence awards for ships
921Hydrology symposium
922US visit for Mr Clarke
923Work begins on new Hobart office
924IMO prize to Dr Pettersen
925Overseas visits: Retallack, Southern, O'Mahony, Maine, Maher, Holmes, Henderson, Court, West, Rainbird
926Forecasting course in Philippines
927Antarctic personnel - 1966
928Personnel movements
929News in brief - Tony Powell to Co-op Studies; Forest officers conference; Fire Mets.; Neil Picken engaged; Display case at Darwin PO; DIR trip to north-west; On Course; Talks on Jacmas; Names for cyclones; Japanese scientist for Mawson

No. 111 October 1965

930Royal Melb. Show display
931Weather jingle
932Big blow at Macquarie
933ANZAAS conference, Hobart
934IIOE Symposium, Bombay
935The rain that didn't
936Congratulations to new Gov. Gen.
937NASA will toss up TOS
938Conference with press, radio and TV
939RD's Conference
940OIC's Conference
941News in brief - Ball photos; UN fellowship (Krishnan); CAAP FEllows, Mensah and Mahyi; Thanks from Canada; ADR gets about; Jack Maher says Hello; Directors retire (Simmers and Sutton); Congrats. to Rex

No. 112 November 1965

942Careers night - Mt. Gambier
943Bernie Newman passes on
944Warren Knapp joins IAAC
945Application of science and development
946Dr Ras steps down (Also letter from Dr Simmers)
947Press, Radio and TV conference
948RD's conference
949Lakes Entrance climate station
950Successful 'look-see' at computers
951Suggestion awards (Ryan, Barrett, Lusby and Baird)
952Bill Golder retires
953Ghost balloon project
954Closure of Corop rainfall station
955Rain, rain, go away
956Used many modes of transport
957Installation of new equipment - BSIP
958Impressions of the Solomons
959Some 'characters' met
960Service for jump championships
961Victory at cricket
962News in Brief - Talk to ABC rural officers; With CSIRO met physics (Businger); Record wind at Hobart; Tour of WA (J.S.Maher); Wedding bells for Ellen and Bob (Falconer); Visit to CO (Bruce Mason); Police VC for Neil McRae's brother

No. 113 December 1965

963'Ding Night'
964Australians in US
965John Maher's walkabout
966Presentation to skippers
967Old bulletin turns up
968Royal Hobart Show display
969Appreciative references
970Jet really moved
971Well done Bob McElwee
972Cold snap hits Tasmania
973Letter from Mrs Newman
974Met Symposium, Suva
975Analyses of upper winds
976Geneva meeting on WWW
977Staff movements
978News in brief - Display at Amberley; Thanks from Indian D-G; Barry Holt wed; Message from Prof. Bleeker; Work on Wind Loading on structures; Fax for Alice Springs; Junior Obs now an adult; Radio obs from UK; Ghost signals well received; Back on dry land; Research group meeting; Opening of Broome Office; Visit to CO - O'Brien

People in Bright Sparcs - Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Hogan, John (Doc); Kingsland, Richard; Loewe, Fritz; Maine, Ross; McRae, John Neil; Newman, Bernard William (Bernie); O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Phillpot, Henry Robert; Powell, Frank Anthony (Tony); Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Retallack, Bruce James; Tucker, Gilbert Brian

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