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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
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Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)


No. 21 April 1958129Antarctic roll-call
No. 22 May 1958140Highlights of an Antarctic Tour - by F.T. Hannan, Weather Officer, Grade 4
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762880From the early days (Shackleton, Mawson, Antarctica)


No. 164 March 19701886When flying was tough


No. 127 February 19671216(P)A tradition of met. - Bond family

Brussels meteorological conference

No. 47 June 1960327Recruitment of a ship

Catalogue of publications

No. 121 August 19661112Projects published July 65 - June 66


No. 68 March 1962474Meteorological Radar Station at Cobar

Cocos Islands

No. 38 September 1959255Cocos (Keeling) Islands


No. 145 August 19681550Computer - Important forward step
No. 145 August 19681551New era for meteorology
No. 145 August 19681552How we got computer
No. 145 August 19681553The computer


No. 123 October 19661135DIR meets Emperor
No. 135 October 19671371Busy days at Darwin
No. 138 January 19681433Walter Dwyer retires
No. 154 May 19691736Century of Obs.

Early History

No. 18 January 1958110Fifty years of weather history
No. 96 July 1964716150 years of service
No. 101 December 1964773Centenary of Obs - Sebastopol
No. 104 March 1965814Early met. records, NSW
No. 131 June 19671293Death of Antarctic pioneer
No. 132 July 19671332Captain J.K. Davis
No. 147 October 19681610Death of Dan Hodge
No. 180 August 19712144(P)Sydney's masked meteorologists (cover photo)
No. 182 October 19712184Old view on Hobart's Regional Forecasting Centre
No. 195 November 19722368Death, drama, degradation (NSW Office) (photos)
No. 205 September 19732482Master and servant (D.J. Mares, E.W. Timcke)
No. 223 Mar/Apr 19752750It's later than you think (historical document)
No. 227 July 19752788The Perth RO since 1929 (Margaret Wallace)
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762956Remember the pioneers (aviation history)
No. 249 May 19803137Faces from the past (photos)
No. 253 February 19813208National Trust takes over historic Met Building


No. 135 October 19671385Town for sale
No. 135 October 19671386Town re-opened

Giles, Ernest

No. 218 October 19742679Giles the explorer (cover illus.)
No. 218 October 19742685Giles centenary (E. Giles explorations with map)


No. 19 February 1958*1135(P)Publication - Droughts in Australia
No. 122 September 19661118New RO, Hobart

Honour Board

No. 95 June 1964707New Central Office display case


No. 41 December 1959279Fine .......... for the present

International Antarctic Analysis Centre

No. 42 January 1960286International Antarctic Analysis Centre

International Meteorological Organization (IMO)

No. 199 March 19732417(P)Centenary IMO/WMO (photo)
No. 200 April 19732433Up, up and away. (photo); IMO/WMO centenary; Death of Ken Turnley; Fair-weather beacon; PNG's Director of Meteorology

Jubilee Publicity

No. 18 January 1958112Jubilee publicity
No. 21 April 1958133Jubilee publicity

Kingsford-Smith, Charles

No. 248 March 19803130A letter from 'Smithy' (Charles Kingsford Smith)

Macquarie Island

No. 228 August 19752807Background to Macquarie Island (historical note)

Meeting of WMO Bureau in Australia

No. 27 October 1958*1716(P)Excellence awards to ships

Meteorological Conference in 1907

No. 36 July 1959241Meteorological Conference Melbourne, May 1907

Metric Conversion

No. 199 March 19732422Metric conversion - 1925 style

Norfolk Island

No. 48 July 1960334Territory of Norfolk Island


No. 126 January 19671213Obs - 1907 style

Observers' Course

No. 139 February 19681445(P)First of the many

Papua New Guinea

No. 204 August 19732469(P)Inauguration of PNG National Meteorological Service (photos)


No. 247 December 19793101Nell Anderson provides our Christmas card (cover photo)


No. 99 October 1964747The drought of 1838-39
No. 102 January 1965783Temperature record at Cloncurry
No. 103 February 1965803More about the drought

Rain Gauge

No. 141 April 19681487The rain gauge

South Australia

No. 82 May 1963587Extracts from the Records of the S.A. Divisional Office

Staff Reunions, Frosterley Club

No. 113 December 1965963'Ding Night'
No. 113 December 1965967Old bulletin turns up
No. 115 February 19661000Oldsters at party
No. 126 January 19671207Hosted ex-colleagues
No. 151 February 19691684Annual reunion
No. 162 January 19701857DIR's Christmas party
No. 173 January 19712023Christmas thoughts
No. 213 May 19742580(P)Celebrations East and West (cover photos relating to items 2588 and 2589)
No. 235 June/July 19762915Oldies turn Frosterley (Frosterley Club formed)
No. 239 August 19772982Frosterley (First Annual General Meeting)

Stiger Vortex Gun

No. 199 March 19732414(P)Have gun - will weather (cover photo - Stiger Vortex Gun)
No. 199 March 19732419Have gun - will weather (Stiger Vortex Gun)
No. 207 November 19732508How we broke the drought, almost (Stiger Vortex gun)

Synoptic Meteorology, Charts

No. 127 February 19671224Synchronous charts
No. 127 February 19671225Daily weather map co.
No. 127 February 19671226First synoptic chart

Tropical Cyclones

No. 205 September 19732487The death of a lugger (1910 Broome cyclone)
No. 230 October 19752836The cyclone of 1897 (Darwin - historical note)

Weather Officers Course

No. 105 April 1965828Weather officers - 25 years ago

Willis Island

No. 24 July 1958151Service in isolation, Meteorological Station - Willis Island
No. 120 July 19661080(P)Bureau takes over Willis Is.
No. 120 July 19661081Island's early days recalled
No. 183 November 1971219750 years at Willis (photo) (see also item 2202)
No. 183 November 1971220250 years at Willis
No. 239 August 19772992Airdrops come to an end (Willis Is.) (photo)
No. 243 December 19783062(P)Willis Island air drops (photo)
No. 258 December 19813280Willis celebrates its 60th
No. 259 Feb-Mar 19823292Willis Island correction
No. 260 June 19823311Willis Island recalled

Women's Australian Auxiliary Air Force (WAAAF)

No. 254 April 19813218WAAFs recall wartime service (photo)

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - International Antarctic Analysis Centre

People in Bright Sparcs - Davis, John King; Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Mares, David John; Timcke, Edward Waldemar

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