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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

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Akeroyd, A.G.

No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762971Akeroyd the great (Historical note)

Anthony, J.D.

No. 120 July 19661082Minister's visit to north
No. 124 November 19661151(P)WF44 handed over
No. 133 August 19671335Perth office opened

Ashton, H.T.

No. 231 Nov/Dec 19752846Harry Ashton retires (photos)

Atkins. A.V.

No. 33 April 1959214Introducing Mr Atkins
No. 83 June 1963594The Australian Administrative Staff College
No. 85 August 1983610Farewell to Mr A.V. Atkins
No. 136 November 19671410News in brief - Bereavement, Costello; Operation for PRO; Thanks from former Minister; Visits to CO - RDs WA, ACT & NT; Death of Alan Atkins

Bahr, V.J.

No. 121 August 19661105Vic Bahr is back
No. 176 April 19712072Weather watch on the Namoi (cover photo)
No. 243 December 19783045Vic Bahr's last bow (retirement) (photo)
No. 244 June 19793072ISO-Bahr

Banfield, H.E.

No. 217 September 19742674Death of H.E. Banfield

Barnett, M.A.F.

No. 71 June 1962512News in brief - N.Z. Director retires; Opening of Station at Cobar; Broadcast Station VKN Cocos

Bath, A.T.

No. 48 July 1960336Planning and Inspection Section
No. 239 August 19772979ADM retires (A.T. Bath) (cover photo)

Bergeron, T.

No. 62 September 1961441Bureau has distinguished visitor

Bond, H.G.

No. 190 June 19722292Bureau profile: 20 - H.G. Bond

Borkland, E.M.

No. 90 January 1964665Retirement of Miss E.M. Borland

Brann, H.N.

No. 99 October 1964748News in brief - Thanks from Earl Droessler; Top award to former U.S Director; Thanks from the Newmans; Jack Maher's daughter wins trip to Japan; Spastic children get 20; Appointment of P.R.O.
No. 235 June/July 19762937'Fly boy retires' (H.N.Brann)

Brewster, R

No. 235 June/July 19762914PRO passing out parade (cover photo)

Brunt, A.T.

No. 249 May 19803131(P)Allan Brunt Retires (cover photo)

Camm, H.E.

No. 12 July 195767Death of Mr H.E. Camm

Casey, the Lord

No. 64 November 1961456ASupplement: Remarks by Lord Casey at the opening of the Cloud Physics Conference, Canberra 11.9.61
No. 86 September 1963630News in brief - Visit of Lord Casey; Bushfire Research Committee SA; Stores move from C.O.; Visit of Mr Touch Heng
No. 92 March 1964682Distinguished visitors
No. 111 October 1965936Congratulations to new Gov. Gen.

Clarke, R.H.

No. 110 September 1965922US visit for Mr Clarke
No. 113 December 1965964Australians in US
No. 241 January 19783014ANMRC Head retires (R.H. Clarke)

Crowder, R.B.

No. 242 March 19783027New RD Vic (Bob Crowder) (photo)
No. 262 December 19823340Deputy Director appointments

Davis, J.K.

No. 131 June 19671293Death of Antarctic pioneer
No. 132 July 19671332Captain J.K. Davis

Dwyer, L.J.

No. 15 October 195789Election of Mr L.J. Dwyer, Director of Meteorology, as Vice-President, WMO Regional Association V
No. 41 December 1959275South to the Pole - L.J. Dwyer
No. 71 June 1962506Obituary - Mr L.J. Dwyer

Dwyer, W.A.

No. 92 March 1964679Mr W.A. Dwyer - President of CAeM
No. 94 May 1964698Congratulations from the Minister
No. 104 March 1965823Honour for Walter Dwyer
No. 127 February 19671217W.A. Dwyer honoured
No. 135 October 19671371Busy days at Darwin
No. 136 November 19671401WAD'S early farewell
No. 138 January 19681433(P)Walter Dwyer retires
No. 141 April 19681488Busy time for Walter
No. 255 June 19813233Obituaries - Walter Dwyer, Fred Smith

Ennor, Sir Hugh

No. 198 February 19732403W.L. Morrison, Sir Hugh Ennor (cover photo)
No. 198 February 19732407At the top of our new Department - W.L. Morrison, Minister for Science, Sir Hugh Ennor, Secretary
No. 240 November 19773002Sir Hugh (Ennor) passes on (photo)

Falkingham, A.

No. 176 April 19712078Bureau profile 10 - Alf (Falkingham) of the never never

Farrands, J.L.

No. 240 November 19772998New head for Dept. of Science (J.L. Farrands) (photo)

Farrar, T.

No. 244 June 19793073PRO appointed

Female Meteorologists

No. 202 June 19732455The sky is the limit (women meteorologists)
No. 203 July 19732461Hobart's women Mets. (cover photo)

Foley, J.C.

No. 13 August 195773Retirement - Mr J.C. Foley - Chief Scientific Officer
No. 127 February 19671238News in brief - Instruments remain at Derrimut; Reg Clarke returns; On furlough (Wentzell); New section head (de la Lande); Visits to CO - McGann, Krulis; Obit - J.C. Foley

Gauntlett, D.

No. 242 March 19783035New head for ANMRC (Doug Gauntlett)
No. 262 December 19823340Deputy Director appointments

Gibbs, W.J.

No. 28 November 1958181Promotions of Messrs W.J. Gibbs and J.W. Lillywhite
No. 74 September 1962531Mr. W.J. Gibbs - Director of Meteorology
No. 130 May 19671287DIR elected WMO Vice-President
No. 144 July 19681530Director honoured
No. 150 January 19691656Director awarded Doctorate
No. 150 January 19691657The citation for award of Honorary D.Sc.
No. 151 February 1969*1674(P)The weather of 1968
No. 175 March 19712060Life in the tropics (Poem by W.J. Gibbs), Life in the tropics - Ray Wilkie
No. 177 May 19712095Director re-elected first Vice-President of WMO
No. 243 December 19783039Dr Bill Gibbs (retirement) (photo)
No. 243 December 19783060SA Farewell to DIR (Bill Gibbs)
No. 261 September 19823314 Dr Bill Gibbs wins 1982 IMO Prize (photo cover)

Hall, T.T.

No. 31 February 1959206Change of editor 'Weather News'

Hannan, F.T.

No. 234 Apr/May 19762895Time out for traveller (Hannan retirement)

Hannay, A.K.

No. 35 June 1959233Appointment of Deputy Directors
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762975 Our man in the region retires (A.K. Hannay)

Henderson, K.

No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762874New ADF is Keith Henderson

Hiscock, G.

No. 213 May 19742596An old and a new PRO (Wiseman, Hiscock)
No. 235 June/July 19762914 PRO passing out parade (cover photo)

Hogan, J. (1896-1970)

No. 30 January 1959198Retirement of Mr J. Hogan
No. 35 June 1959234Retirement of Mr J. Hogan
No. 90 January 1964664Mr. J. Hogan
No. 101 December 1964776Record blow at the Alice
No. 167 July 19701918 John Hogan's death

Hogan, J. (1912-1978)

No. 47 June 1960331Personal notes - Bureau Staff - J. Hogan, F. Bell, P. Ryan
No. 167 July 19701919' Doc' Hogan' s MBE
No. 177 May 19712105News in brief
No. 187 March 19722254(P) End of an era (Doc Hogan) (cover photo)

Holmes, R.A.E.

No. 257 October 19813262Obituary - Ralph Holmes

Hunt, R.J.D.

No. 174 February 19712037New Minister for Department
No. 176 April 19712072 Weather watch on the Namoi (cover photo)

Johnson, J.

No. 35 June 1959233Appointment of Deputy Directors
No. 45 April 1960311Personal notes - Bureau Staff

Kingsland, Sir Richard (Formerly Cohen, R.)

No. 108 July 1965882(P)Mr Kingsland goes overseas
No. 114 January 1966988Visit by Secretary, Interior
No. 126 January 19671198World is short of food - Secretary
No. 132 July 19671333News in brief - Honour for Secretary; Praise for exhibit; Visits to C.O.; Jack Glenister retires; Condolences - Jim Fitzpatrick; Error; Wanted known
No. 145 August 19681550(P)Computer - Important forward step
No. 145 August 19681551New era for meteorology

Lillywhite, J.W.

No. 28 November 1958181Promotions of Messrs W.J. Gibbs and J.W. Lillywhite
No. 216 August 19742635(P)John Lillywhite bids 'au revoir' (cover photo)
No. 216 August 19742652 A long and fruitful innings (J.W. Lillywhite retires)

Loewe, F.

No. 53 December 1960373Retirement - Dr F. Loewe
No. 103 February 1965801Dr Loewe at library
No. 172 December 19702008News in brief

Mackey, G.H.

No. 43 February 1960291Personal notes - B.W. Newman and G.W. Mackey
No. 151 February 19691692News in brief - Honoured by Queen; Grandfather; CIMO President; Gold shield for ballroom dancing
No. 170 October 19701959Dinner for George Mackey
No. 175 March 19712059Bureau profile: 9 - George Mackey
No. 247 December 19793110 Deaths of former officers (George Mackey, Fred Bell, Keith Morley)

Magari , K.

No. 169 September 19701945First Papuan trainee meteorologist joins the Bureau

Maine, R.

No. 174 February 19712039 Computers (1) - New ADC, Computers (2) - The task

Martin, A.R.

No. 81 April 1963580(P) Visit of Admiral Reedy and Party
No. 213 May 19742588A worthy career comes to a close (A.R. Martin)

Massie, Sir Harry

No. 92 March 1964682Distinguished visitors

McGrath, C.G.

No. 59 June 1961412Retirement - Mr C.G. McGrath
No. 60 July 1961419Retirement - C. McGrath

McRae, J.N.

No. 209 January 19742531Retirement of ADR (J.N. McRae - photo)

Mitchell, L.

No. 250 July 19803146Lynn Mitchell takes over the reins in SA RO (photo)

Morrison, W.L.

No. 198 February 19732403W.L. Morrison, Sir Hugh Ennor (cover photo)
No. 198 February 19732407At the top of our new Department - W.L. Morrison, Minister for Science, Sir Hugh Ennor, Secretary

Muffatti, A.

No. 244 June 19793066 Arthur Muffatti dies

Namias, J.

No. 68 March 1962478Visit of Mr Jerome Namias

Nance, J.

No. 20 March 1958124Retirements - Messrs F.C. Weisser and J.H. Nance

Neumayer, G. von

No. 131 June 19671300(P)Thanks for 'Dinah' warnings

Newman, B.W.

No. 30 January 1959197Transfer of Mr B.W. Newman to Sydney
No. 43 February 1960291Personal notes - B.W. Newman and G.W. Mackey
No. 98 September 1964728Retirement - Mr B.W. Newman
No. 112 November 1965943Bernie Newman passes on

Nixon, P.J.

No. 136 November 19671392(P)Our new Minister - Hon. P.J. Nixon M.P.

O'Mahony, G.

No. 27 October 1958173Australian National University Fellowship - G. O'Mahony
No. 41 December 1959281Fellowship at A.N.U. - G. O'Mahony
No. 173 January 19712013(P)Gerry O'Mahony leaves
No. 173 January 19712017Gerry O'Mahony - thirty years on
No. 199 March 19732418Walter Wentzell retires (photo)

Other personalities

No. 6 January 195732Death of Mr W.H. Fievez - late observer, Meteorological Office, Oodnadatta
No. 18 January 1958111Obituary - P.D. Eastham, A.L. Christian
No. 29 December 1958189Death of Mr Peter Liiv
No. 31 February 1959207Esmond John Thompson
No. 46 May 1960322Resignation of Mr Bruce Mason
No. 47 June 1960331Personal notes - Bureau Staff - J. Hogan, F. Bell, P. Ryan
No. 55 February 1961387Retirement - R.C. Shinkfield
No. 57 April 1961403Obituary - J.A. O'Connor, S.W.S. Robertson
No. 65 December 1961464News round up (Melbourne, Hobart, Mawson)
No. 69 April 1962492Retirement - Mr Les Nelson
No. 69 April 1962494Obituary - Mr R.W. Wyatt
No. 96 July 1964716150 years of service
No. 106 May 1965855Fred Leake retires
No. 112 November 1965952Bill Golder retires
No. 113 December 1965971Well done Bob McElwee
No. 115 February 19661004Cec Rodd retires
No. 115 February 19661008Word from Pat Allender
No. 119 June 19661077Obit - Alec Kebblewhite
No. 119 June 19661078Bob Curedale retires
No. 122 September 19661133News in brief - New met office, Coff's Harbour; Gymnastics (Miss Welsh); Presentation to ship's officer; Closure of Collingwood; Wal Formston retires; New faces at CO - Brook, Walker, Cross; Vic RO to move; Visit to Ros; Building tenders close; Renovations at Laverton; Obit - Paddy Chapman; Joins IAMRC - David Martin
No. 124 November 19661159Special leave for Mr Cassidy
No. 125 December 19661176Gwyn Court departs
No. 125 December 19661181Visit from Percy Cerutty
No. 126 January 19671203Ron McCormack leaves
No. 130 May 19671286News in brief - New IPL; Congratulations; Shipboard computer; Returned to WMO; Physics lecture; Visits to CO - Simmers, Bond, Johnston, Timcke
No. 132 July 19671331Obit - Miss E. Dillon
No. 133 August 19671336de Mont departs
No. 136 November 19671407Retirement of S. Karelsky
No. 137 December 19671415Harry Rosman retires
No. 138 January 19681434Frank Hannan joins WMO
No. 140 March 19681475Frank Hannan departs
No. 153 April 19691732Geoff Goodman leaves
No. 161 December 19691854News in brief
No. 167 July 19701917Ken Harrison retires
No. 168 August 19701936Jack Carpenter retires
No. 173 January 19712016What the others are doing: Bureau profile 7 - Fred Bell
No. 173 January 19712018Bob Walsh retires
No. 174 February 19712036What the others are doing - Bureau profile 8 - Harry Storer
No. 175 March 19712065A farewell to Pubs - Doug Kreltszheim
No. 179 July 19712129Bureau profile: 13 - Morrie Moncrieff
No. 186 February 19722247Bureau profile: 18 - P.H. Kenney (photo)
No. 192 August 19722327Retirement of Laurie Glenister
No. 193 September 19722337A forecaster's farewell (Bill Swan)
No. 193 September 19722342Retirement of Ivon Bates
No. 196 December 19722379Retirement of Harry Storer (photo)
No. 199 March 19732420Retirement of Walter Wentzell
No. 200 April 19732431Sudden death of Ken Turnley (photo)
No. 201 May 19732444Victorian trio retire (Hobba, James, Costello)
No. 206 October 19732493Death of Charlie James (photo)
No. 206 October 19732499Death of Charlie James
No. 207 November 19732504Allan Walker farewelled (photo)
No. 208 December 19732520Churchill Fellowship - Tony Powell
No. 208 December 19732522Retirement - Ross Vollprecht; Rainfall goes metric
No. 210 February 19742543Farewell Aub Douglass
No. 216 August 19742645Norm calls it a day (retirement N. Keay)
No. 217 September 19742658Moving on (A. Kapoulitsa - DIR's Sec) (photo)
No. 217 September 19742667Many thanks Alf (A. Falkingham)
No. 218 October 19742686Biddy passes on (Mrs. Isobel Bradley)
No. 221 January 19752719Captain Wall calls it a day (Port Met. Agent)
No. 226 June 19752774Death of Walter Wentzell
No. 226 June 19752775Obituaries (Johnson,de Montignie, Karelsky)
No. 227 July 1975278240 years for SA pair (Wilson, Deering) (photo)
No. 229 September 19752820Fred Bell retires
No. 231 Nov/Dec 19752845A farewell to Fred (Bell) (photo)
No. 231 Nov/Dec 19752852Vale - Ian Anton Alexander
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762875Tasmania's new RD (Ted Phi Hips)
No. 234 Apr/May 19762901'Mr Fixit' bows out (Lancaster retirement)
No. 235 June/July 19762927Our RAAF man retires (J.S.J. Maher)
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762957Our actor Steve (retirement S.H. Lloyd)
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762958Our cowboy Gwynne (G.U. Wilson retirement)
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762959Tea lady retires (Leila Phillips) (photo)
No. 239 August 19772981Obituaries - Brian Dawson, Len Bowdler
No. 240 November 19773010Chief draftsman retirement (Bill Yeoman) (photo)
No. 241 January 19783024George Trefry retires
No. 242 March 19783029QIC Sale retires (Arthur Woolcock)
No. 243 December 19783058NT PTO retires (Ralph Barnes)
No. 244 June 19793074Retirement (Obs 2, Neville McLeod)
No. 244 June 19793076Wilf Warren says 'thanks'
No. 245 August 19793080Retirements - Jack Maher, Kevin Lomas (photos)
No. 245 August 19793089Bill Henderson (NSW RO) retirement
No. 246 October 19793099Werner Adamietz retirement
No. 247 December 19793110Deaths of former officers (George Mackey, Fred Bell, Keith Morley)
No. 248 March 19803121Obituaries (L. Nicholas NSW, D.H. Forder SA)
No. 248 March 19803128Andy Garriock retires
No. 249 May 19803133Obituaries (David Wright HO, Jack Johnston NSW)
No. 249 May 19803138Retirements - Bernie McCormick and Harry Alderdice
No. 250 July 19803149Keith Stibbs reports on Saudi Arabia (photo)
No. 250 July 19803152Don Linforth promoted to STOI
No. 250 July 19803153Val Phillips retires
No. 250 July 19803154Obituary (A.M. Miller HO)
No. 250 July 19803162End of an era - Jack Moore Qld (cover photo)
No. 253 February 19813201Vale John Nicholas
No. 253 February 19813205Frank Coleman retires (photo)
No. 254 April 19813220Jack Peggie retires
No. 255 June 19813231A Stout with a dash - Reg Stout retirement (photo)
No. 255 June 19813233Obituaries - Walter Dwyer, Fred Smith
No. 257 October 19813258Farewell to Keith Stibbs (cover photo)
No. 260 June 19823301Obituary - Edward A Corbett
No. 261 September 19823317Obituaries - Mr E.W. Timcke, Mr George De Caux

Palmer, C.E.

No. 205 September 19732484Obituary - Clarence Palmer

Phillpot, H.R.

No. 67 February 1962471Antarctic Visit - H.R. Phillpot
No. 88 November 1963640Visit to South Africa: Mr H.R. Phillpot
No. 251 October 19803164Henry Phillpot retires (photo)

Powell, F.A.

No. 248 March 19803117Tony Powell new RD Victoria (photo)

Priestley, C.H.B.

No. 129 April 19671254(P)WMO congress
No. 139 February 19681446Dr Priestley for GARP
No. 206 October 19732498International Awards come to Australia
No. 210 February 19742539(P)International conference (IAMAP/IAPSO) (cover & other photo) (presentation of IMO Prize to Dr Priestley)

Reichelderfer, F.W.

No. 89 December 1963654Dr F.W. Reichelderfer

Retallack, B.J.

No. 45 April 1960311Personal notes - Bureau Staff
No. 152 March 19691710The champions
No. 217 September 19742662Off to Teheran (B. Retallack)

Roach, J.

No. 235 June/July 19762921Bereavements (J. Roach, J. Cocks)

Rofe, B.

No. 181 September 19712166Obituary - Bryan Rofe

Rosel, M.

No. 159 October 19691817Ted Saunders leaves
No. 181 September 19712170An anthology of P.R.O.'s (Mike Rosel)

Rutherford, G.T.

No. 80 March 1963572Antarctic trip - G.T. Rutherford
No. 100 November 1964758High honor for George Rutherford
No. 202 June 19732454Death of George Rutherford (photo)

Ryan, P.

No. 226 June 19752766Pat Ryan retires (photo)
No. 241 January 19783022Former RD passes on (Pat Ryan)

Saunders, E.

No. 159 October 19691817Ted Saunders leaves

Schwerdtfeger, P.

No. 177 May 19712099Meteorology Professor (Schwerdtfeger)

Shields, A.J.

No. 35 June 1959233Appointment of Deputy Directors
No. 45 April 1960311Personal notes - Bureau Staff
No. 240 November 19773000RD Queensland retires (A.J. Shields) (photo)

Simmers, R.

No. 71 June 1962512News in brief - N.Z. Director retires; Opening of Station at Cobar; Broadcast Station VKN Cocos

Southern, R.L.

No. 71 June 1962507Advanced Tropical Meteorology Course
No. 174 February 19712038New Regional Directors
No. 175 March 19712061A southern transfer - Bob Southern to Perth
No. 252 December 19803186WMO post for Bob Southern

Spillane, K.T.

No. 166 June 19701902Bureau profile....1 - Dr K. Spillane

Streten, N.

No. 143 June 19681512Big game hunting in Alaska

Sullivan, P.

No. 259 Feb-Mar 19823286Pat Sullivan new Regional Director, NSW (photo)

Taylor, Griffith

No. 44 March 1960305First Conference of Institute of Australian Geographers
No. 89 December 1963652Professor T. Griffith Taylor

Tegart, J. McG.

No. 259 Feb-Mar 19823287New Secretary visits Head Office - Dr W.J. McG. Tegart (photo)

Timcke, E.W.

No. 261 September 19823317Obituaries - Mr E.W. Timcke, Mr George De Caux

Trefry, G.R.

No. 104 March 1965815G. Trefry leaves Woomera

Treloar, H.M.

No. 37 August 1959252Personal news
No. 81 April 1963577Obituary - Dr H.M. Treloar

Tucker, G.B.

No. 104 March 1965816Appointment of ADR
No. 106 May 1965840Dr Tucker arrives this month

Wallace, M.

No. 223 Mar/Apr 19752744End of a long run (retirement Miss Wallace, Benporath)
No. 227 July 19752788The Perth RO since 1929 (Margaret Wallace)

Warwick-Smith, G.

No. 166 June 19701900New Secretary for the Department
No. 166 June 19701915(P)Noteworthy activities

Watt. W.S.

No. 23 June 1958145Obituary notice - Mr W.S. Watt

Webster, J.

No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762877Message from the Minister (Jim Webster)

Weisser, F.C.

No. 20 March 1958124Retirements - Messrs F.C. Weisser and J.H. Nance
No. 80 March 1963574Record of Weather Service
No. 96 July 1964716150 years of service

Wexler, H.

No. 75 October 1962542Eminent American meteorologist dies

White, R.M.

No. 86 September 1963624New head for U.S.W.B. - Dr Robert M. White

Whittingham, H.E.

No. 165 April 19701892Herb Whittingham dies

Wilkie, R.

No. 174 February 19712038New Regional Directors
No. 175 March 19712060 Life in the tropics (Poem by W.J. Gibbs), Life in the tropics - Ray Wilkie

Wintle, G.

No. 191 July 19722301Death of 'Gug' Wintle (photo)

Wiseman, G.

No. 181 September 19712170An anthology of P.R.O.'s (Mike Rosel)

Zillman, J.W.

No. 170 October 19701957What the others are doing: Bureau profile... 4 - John Zillman
No. 243 December 19783040Dr John Zillman (new Dir) (photo)
No. 244 June 19793068WMO 8th Congress - DIR elected to EC

People in Bright Sparcs - Akeroyd, Arthur Gordon; Ashton, Henry Tamblyn (Harry); Bahr, Victor John; Banfield, Henry Evans; Bath, Allen Tristram; Bell, Fred; Brann, Harold Walter Allen Neale (Bill); Brunt, Allan Thomas; Casey, Richard Gardiner; Clarke, Reginald Henry; Crowder, Robert Bernard; Davis, John King; de la Lande, Ralph; Dwyer, Leonard Joseph; Dwyer, Walter Anthony; Ennor, Arnold Hughes; Farrands, John Laws; Foley, James Charles; Forder, Douglas Highmoor (Doug); Gauntlett, Douglas John; Gibbs, William James (Bill); Hannay, Alexander Keith (Keith); Henderson, William Keith; Hogan, John; Hogan, John (Doc); Holmes, Ralph Aubrey Edward; Kingsland, Richard; Lillywhite, John Wilson; Linforth, Don; Loewe, Fritz; Lomas, K. C. (Kev); Mackey, George William; Maher, John Vincent (Jack); McRae, John Neil; Mitchell, Lynn Raymond; Muffatti, A. H. (Arthur); Newman, Bernard William (Bernie); O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Phillpot, Henry Robert; Powell, Frank Anthony (Tony); Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Retallack, Bruce James; Rofe, Bryan; Ryan, Patrick (Pat); Shields, Archibald John; Spillane, Kevin Thomas; Stibbs, Keith; Storer, Harold Reginald (Harry); Stout, Reginald William (Reg); Sullivan, Patrick Joseph; Taylor, Thomas Griffith; Timcke, Edward Waldemar; Treloar, Harry Mayne; Tucker, Gilbert Brian; Watt, William Shand; Weisser, Fred; Whittingham, Herbert E. (Herb); Wright, David; Zillman, John William

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