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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


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No. 57 April 1961401Aerial agriculture

Air Pollution

No. 180 August 19712149Another air pollution service to start
No. 182 October 19712185Perth's air pollution warning system starts
No. 232 January 19762861 Keeping it clean at Isa (air quality Mt. Isa)
No. 249 May 19803131Allan Brunt Retires (cover photo)

Antarctic Operations

No. 47 June 1960328U.S. Naval Antarctic Operations
No. 162 January 19701859Aiding the air race

Appreciative References

No. 38 September 1959258Moonwatch Project
No. 38 September 1959261Banker's Conference, Toowoomba
No. 95 June 1964709Appreciation from USAF
No. 101 December 1964778Appreciation - from Graziers' Association
No. 105 April 1965837Thanks from Qantas
No. 108 July 1965884Successful lecture on ground water
No. 113 December 1965969Appreciative references
No. 113 December 1965978News in brief - Display at Amberley; Thanks from Indian D-G; Barry Holt wed; Message from Prof. Bleeker; Work on Wind Loading on structures; Fax for Alice Springs; Junior Obs now an adult; Radio obs from UK; Ghost signals well received; Back on dry land; Research group meeting; Opening of Broome Office; Visit to CO - O'Brien
No. 120 July 19661097Thanks to Bureau
No. 122 September 19661121Thanks from CSIRO - Cornish re rainfall
No. 123 October 19661141Appreciative references
No. 124 November 19661155USAF says thanks - Hicat
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight
No. 125 December 19661180Exercise Barrawinga
No. 125 December 19661195Met service for presidential visit
No. 129 April 19671257Round Australia flight
No. 129 April 19671258More thanks
No. 130 May 19671276More thanks
No. 131 June 19671300Thanks for 'Dinah' warnings
No. 134 September 19671354Thanks for efforts
No. 134 September 19671355More thanks
No. 140 March 19681469Thanks from Mt. Stromlo
No. 140 March 19681480News in brief - They're married; A record; Thanks from yachtsmen; Visits to C.O. - Bill Dwyer, C. McCue (ADI); Talented musician; Graduations; Scholarships awarded; Move by Research
No. 144 July 19681548Careers night - Mt. Gambler
No. 147 October 19681595TV forecasts in fishing boats
No. 147 October 19681599Letter of thanks from Premier
No. 150 January 19691661More thanks
No. 159 October 19691819Appreciations
No. 160 November 19691833Appreciations
No. 161 December 19691852Appreciative references
No. 163 February 19701869Appreciative references
No. 164 March 19701884Appreciations
No. 166 June 19701912Appreciations
No. 167 July 19701929Appreciations
No. 168 August 19701942Appreciative references
No. 170 October 19701969Appreciative references
No. 171 November 19701989Appreciative references
No. 172 December 19702006Appreciative references
No. 173 January 19712028Appreciative references
No. 174 February 19712051Appreciative references
No. 175 March 19712071Appreciative references
No. 176 April 19712086Appreciative references
No. 177 May 19712103Appreciative references
No. 178 June 19712120Appreciative references
No. 182 October 19712187Appreciative references
No. 183 November 19712205Appreciative references
No. 184 December 19712224Appreciative references
No. 187 March 19722260The Bureau sails ahead (advice to yachtsmen)
No. 188 April 19722270Appreciations
No. 190 June 19722296Appreciative references
No. 191 July 19722309Appreciative references
No. 192 August 19722328Appreciative references
No. 193 September 19722343Appreciative references
No. 194 October 19722358Appreciative references
No. 195 November 19722371Appreciative references
No. 196 December 19722385Appreciative references (Dingle on Eltanin)
No. 197 January 19732399Appreciative references
No. 198 February 19732409Appreciative references
No. 199 March 19732423Appreciative references
No. 201 May 19732448Appreciative references
No. 202 June 19732456Appreciative references
No. 203 July 19732465Appreciative references
No. 204 August 19732472Appreciative references
No. 205 September 19732488Appreciative references
No. 206 October 19732502Appreciative references
No. 207 November 19732511Appreciative references
No. 208 December 19732525Appreciative references
No. 211 March 19742562Letters of appreciation
No. 212 April 19742573Letters of appreciation
No. 215 July 19742631Appreciative references
No. 216 August 19742649Appreciative references
No. 219 November 19742702Appreciative references
No. 221 January 19752724Appreciative references
No. 224 May 19752761Appreciative references
No. 227 July 19752790Appreciative references
No. 230 October 19752835Appreciative reference
No. 232 January 19762868Appreciative references
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762886Meteorology Golf Club; Appreciative references
No. 235 June/July 19762939RD NT sets the record straight; Appreciative references
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762968Off the rails
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762969Yacht race
No. 243 December 19783051Appreciative reference (service to RAAF)
No. 248 March 19803127In defence of Adelaide RFC
No. 261 September 19823332Letters of appreciation
No. 262 December 19823344Commonwealth Games forecast - bouquet for Brisbane RO

Aviation, Air Races, Gliding

No. 4 November 195616Aviation forecasts issued in 1955/56
No. 13 August 195772Aviation traffic - forecasts for year 1956/57
No. 25 August 1958154Flight, terminal and area forecasts
No. 36 July 1959235Planning of Meteorological Service for Turbine Engine Aircraft
No. 37 August 1959242Flight, terminal and area forecasts 1958/59
No. 37 August 1959245Daily telecommunications traffic
No. 49 August 1960337Flight, terminal and area forecasts
No. 61 August 1961431Aviation Services - new or modified 1960/61
No. 73 August 1962529Flight, Aerodrome (TAFOR) and Area forecasts
No. 81 April 1963578The Fourth Australian National Gliding Championships
No. 82 May 1963584Inauguration of JACMAS
No. 85 August 1983620Flight, area and terminal forecasts
No. 94 May 1964698Congratulations from the Minister
No. 97 August 1964726Flight, Area and Terminal forecasts, year ending 30.6.64
No. 100 November 1964751Forecasts for Boeings 727's
No. 109 August 1965905New services for aviation
No. 109 August 1965909Flight, area and terminal forecasts
No. 112 November 1965960Service for jump championships
No. 114 January 1966987Forecasts for gliding championships
No. 121 August 19661109New services for aviation
No. 127 February 19671236National gliding championships
No. 133 August 19671345New services for aviation or notification of services at field offices
No. 145 August 19681558New services for aviation
No. 145 August 19681559Flight, area and aerodrome forecasts
No. 157 August 19691798Statistical summary
No. 162 January 19701859Aiding the air race
No. 186 February 19722250Meteorology and gliding
No. 211 March 19742550(P)Gliding event (cover S photos)
No. 211 March 19742559The Bureau hits a high (World Gliding Champ'ships)

Blast Assessment

No. 85 August 1983621Meteorological services to Operation Blowdown


No. 6 January 195728New form of climatological summary
No. 7 February 195737Climatology in 1956
No. 14 September 195787 Operation stock and crop - 1957 face-lift


No. 63 October 1961445Darwin forecasters provide consultant Service


No. 120 July 19661094 Noteworthy activities for May

Controlled Burns, Cane-firing

No. 21 April 1958130Forestry controlled burn at Carabost
No. 39 October 1959264Forecasts for cane firing
No. 44 March 1960298Cane firing forecasts
No. 78 January 1963557 Report on Brigalow Burning Investigation

Defence Services

No. 102 January 1965789Operation 'Longshot'
No. 118 May 19661058Met support for artillery shoot
No. 128 March 19671246Met. activity at East Sale
No. 174 February 19712050Noteworthy activities for January

Field Offices

No. 25 August 1958158New services or modifications to existing services during 1957/58 at Field Offices
No. 29 December 1958184Public weather service from Townsville M.O.
No. 61 August 1961434Flight, terminal and area forecasts July, 1960- June, 1961
No. 85 August 1983618New General Services from Field Offices
No. 134 September 19671368Noteworthy activities

Fire Weather

No. 5 December 195625Bush Fire Organisation
No. 13 August 195778Fire weather warnings in South Australia
No. 26 September 1958169Fire weather service in W.A.
No. 34 May 1959221Fire weather forecasts
No. 100 November 1964752RD's discuss fire warnings
No. 108 July 1965894Talks on fire weather
No. 118 May 19661044(P)Bushfire control in the NT
No. 150 January 19691673Noteworthy activities - November
No. 183 November 19712207Day of the big burn
No. 185 January 19722233(P)A fire ban defied (photo)
No. 223 Mar/Apr 19752745Visit to Giles

Flood Forecasts, Hydrometeorology

No. 38 September 1959254Hydrometeorological Programme
No. 38 September 1959256Instrumentation for flood forecasting
No. 62 September 1961436Trial run of flood forecasting for the Macleay Valley
No. 70 May 1962501Flood forecasting methods
No. 84 July 1963601Bureau Activities in the Hunter Valley, NSW
No. 84 July 1963602Flood Mitigation Conference, Grafton, and Visits to other Northern NSW Coastal Areas

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—Beacons, Signs

No. 15 October 195792Revised plan of weather forecast beacons
No. 19 February 1958115Weather forecast beacon - Sydney
No. 23 June 1958142Public release of film - 'Balloons and Spinifex'
No. 24 July 1958148AWeather forecast beacon - Adelaide
No. 27 October 1958176Forecast display beacon - Brisbane
No. 76 November 1962550Melbourne Weather Forecast Display on Coca-Cola sign
No. 145 August 19681562Noteworthy activities - June
No. 200 April 19732429Cover photo. Sydney's second weather beacon
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762944Shields opens new beacon (cover photo)

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—General

No. 11 June 195761Interchange of capital city forecasts
No. 121 August 19661110Development of forecasting and info services
No. 133 August 19671344Development of forecasting and information services - general

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—Maximum Temperature

No. 55 February 1961390Maximum temperature forecasts 1960

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—Radio

No. 6 January 195729Meteorology on television
No. 8 March 195743Broadcasting from the weather room
No. 10 May 195751Direct radio broadcasts of weather information
No. 14 September 195785Direct broadcast from Divisional Office - Sydney
No. 26 September 1958163Direct broadcasts of weather information over Station 5KA Adelaide
No. 29 December 1958188Direct broadcasts of weather information in Perth, W.A
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—Recorded Telephone Service

No. 16 November 195797Weather service on automatic telephone
No. 31 February 1959200Weather forecasts on automatic telephone
No. 36 July 1959240Display of automatic telephone forecast service
No. 43 February 1960289204,000 phoned for forecasts
No. 50 September 1960350Progress of the Automatic Weather Telephone Service
No. 98 September 1964733Automatic Telephone Weather Service is popular
No. 105 April 1965829Record phone inquiries
No. 135 October 19671383Phone weather popular

Forecasts, Warnings and Information—Television

No. 6 January 195729Meteorology on television
No. 27 October 1958176Forecast display beacon - Brisbane
No. 51 October 1960362Weather on commercial TV, Melbourne
No. 64 November 1961449Meteorology in the television programme
No. 64 November 1961450TV weather Adelaide
No. 64 November 1961451TV weather Brisbane
No. 64 November 1961452TV weather Hobart
No. 64 November 1961453TV weather Melbourne
No. 64 November 1961454TV weather Perth
No. 64 November 1961455TV weather Sydney
No. 64 November 1961456Public appreciation - TV Weather Services
No. 119 June 19661060(P)WF44 installation at Laverton
No. 140 March 19681480News in brief - They're married; A record; Thanks from yachtsmen; Visits to C.O. - Bill Dwyer, C. McCue (ADI); Talented musician; Graduations; Scholarships awarded; Move by Research

Ionospheric Prediction

No. 119 June 19661062Noteworthy activities April

Nuclear Weapons Trials

No. 16 November 195799Operation Antler

Offshore Oil

No. 107 June 1965867Service for offshore drilling
No. 234 Apr/May 19762891Special forecast for ESSO launch (oil rig)

Oil Refinery

No. 47 June 1960329Weather statistics for refinery

Olympic Games

No. 3 October 195612Olympic Games, Melbourne 1956 - Meteorological Services - General
No. 3 October 195613Olympic Games - Meteorological Services - Aviation

Project HIBAL

No. 55 February 1961388Project Hibal

Regional Offices

No. 25 August 1958159New services commenced by Divisional Offices of the Bureau in 1957/58
No. 28 November 1958182Reorganisations of N.S.W. Divisional Office
No. 49 August 1960346New services for Divisional Offices
No. 61 August 1961432New Services commenced in Divisional Offices 1960/61
No. 85 August 1983617New General Services from Div. Offices
No. 85 August 1983619Meteorological Warnings issued by Div. Offices
No. 97 August 1964725New general services from Divisional Offices
No. 108 July 1965895Opening of NT RO
No. 109 August 1965900Opening of Darwin Office
No. 121 August 19661111Development of services in ROs

Reorganisation of Services

No. 37 August 1959246New services or modifications 1958/59
No. 85 August 1983616New forecasting and information services in general
No. 97 August 1964724New forecasting and information services in general
No. 109 August 1965906New forecasting and information services

Road Weather Alerts

No. 88 November 1963643'Road Weather Alert' Service
No. 95 June 1964705Road Weather Alerts
No. 106 May 1965850Road weather alerts in Sydney
No. 108 July 1965899News in brief - New Social Club treasurer; John Ryan joins Obs. Branch; Road weather alerts for Perth; Ball date changed; ABC rural officers' conference; Diplomas awarded

Rocket Trials

No. 134 September 19671352The Launching of Europa

Royal Visits

No. 5 December 195626Itinerary of the Duke of Edinburgh, 1956 - Meteorological Services
No. 11 June 195762Meteorological services - world tour of H.M. Yacht Britannia
No. 21 April 1958137Royal visit 1958
No. 74 September 1962533Meteorological Services for Royal visit
No. 81 April 1963579Meteorological Service for the Royal Visit 1963

Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority

No. 16 November 1957102Adaminaby Dam Project

Space Flights

No. 69 April 1962495Visitors to Central Office
No. 105 April 1965838Forecasts for Gemini project
No. 151 February 19691674The weather of 1968
No. 156 July 19691771(P)Apollo Launch

Tropical Cyclone Names

No. 110 September 1965929News in brief - Tony Powell to Co-op Studies; Forest officers conference; Fire Mets.; Neil Picken engaged; Display case at Darwin PO; DIR trip to north-west; On Course; Talks on Jacmas; Names for cyclones; Japanese scientist for Mawson

Tropical Cyclone Warnings

No. 6 January 195730Tropical Cyclone Warning System
No. 184 December 19712220WA planning for cyclones
No. 186 February 19722248Two very liberated women (cyclones Althea & Sally)

Underwater Pipeline

No. 243 December 19783059Special services (forecasts for construction)

Yachting, Boating

No. 31 February 1959199Trans-Tasman Yacht Race
No. 32 March 1959209Trans-Tasman yacht Race
No. 36 July 1959237Weather services to small craft
No. 58 May 1961407Meteorological service for small craft in Australian waters
No. 127 February 19671235Visit from Chichester

People in Bright Sparcs - Brunt, Allan Thomas; Powell, Frank Anthony (Tony)

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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