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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


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Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)

Air Quality

No. 259 Feb-Mar 19823289Baseline station opened at Cape Grim

Australian Numerical Research Centre (ANMRC, CMRC)

No. 153 April 19691717New Research Centre
No. 154 May 19691753Noteworthy activities, March
No. 171 November 19701975Storm in a teacup
No. 241 January 19783019Radar gust front study

Clear Air Turbulence

No. 120 July 19661084Hicat flights
No. 135 October 19671372Study of CAT

Cloud Physics

No. 120 July 19661092CSIRO wind check

Cold Fronts

No. 251 October 19803166Cold Fronts Research Program
No. 253 February 19813204'Cold Fronts' workshop on 15 May

Cooperative Project

No. 101 December 1964767Instruments go on safari

Fire Weather

No. 78 January 1963557Report on Brigalow Burning Investigation
No. 160 November 19691834Euroka is hot news

GHOST Balloons

No. 118 May 19661050Balloon circles earth
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight
No. 137 December 19671426GHOST expert at CO
No. 149 December 19681642GHOST balloon flights
No. 153 April 19691718Constant level balloon meeting
No. 174 February 19712041'Ghost' balloons from Darwin

International Instrument Comparison

No. 101 December 1964779International pyrheliometric comparisons at Davos


No. 115 February 19661003Lasers to probe atmosphere

Morning Glory Project

No. 226 June 19752771Report of the long knives (report on morning glory)
No. 247 December 19793104(P)Expedition too 'morning glory' (photo)

Nuclear Weapons Tests

No. 121 August 19661116Noteworthy activities, June
No. 122 September 19661128Noteworthy activities, July

Numerical weather prediction

No. 131 June 19671297Weather by numbers symposium
No. 174 February 19712039Computers (1) - New ADC, Computers (2) - The task

Project Koorin

No. 219 November 19742700'Koorin' data collected

Project Reports

No. 8 March 195740Compendium of project reports
No. 37 August 1959250Projects published from 1/7/58 to 30/6/59
No. 49 August 1960343Projects published 1959-60
No. 61 August 1961430Projects published from 1st July, 1960 to 30th June, 1961
No. 73 August 1962523Projects published from 1st July, 1961, to 30th June
No. 85 August 1983613Projects published from 1.7.62 - 1.6.63
No. 97 August 1964721Projects published from 1st July, 1963 to 30th June, 1964
No. 109 August 1965908Projects published
No. 121 August 19661112Projects published July 65 - June 66
No. 133 August 19671348Projects published
No. 145 August 19681561Projects published
No. 157 August 19691798Statistical summary
No. 168 August 19701944Papers published 1969/70

Project Wangara

No. 136 November 19671409Blood, toil, tears and sweat


No. 134 September 19671357Met. rockets study

Sea Breeze

No. 126 January 19671199Sea breeze study

Sea State

No. 114 January 1966990Study of ocean swell
No. 160 November 19691830 Unfortunate coincidence

Serial Sounding

No. 120 July 19661085Serial sounding experiment
No. 123 October 19661143Serial sounding flights
No. 124 November 19661167Serial sounding success

Solar Radiation

No. 103 February 1965797Solar radiation conference

Special Investigations

No. 123 October 19661148Noteworthy activities, August
No. 124 November 19661173Noteworthy events - September
No. 126 January 19671214Noteworthy activities - November
No. 127 February 19671237Noteworthy activities - December
No. 128 March 19671251Noteworthy activities - January
No. 129 April 19671266Noteworthy activities - February
No. 130 May 19671285Noteworthy activities - March
No. 131 June 19671304Noteworthy activities - April
No. 132 July 19671326Noteworthy activities - May
No. 133 August 19671350Noteworthy activities - June
No. 134 September 19671368Noteworthy activities
No. 135 October 19671390Noteworthy activities - August
No. 138 January 19681443Noteworthy activities - November
No. 141 April 19681492Noteworthy activities - February
No. 142 May 19681509Noteworthy activities - March
No. 143 June 19681526Noteworthy activities - April
No. 144 July 19681546Noteworthy activities - May
No. 145 August 19681560Ship reports
No. 145 August 19681562Noteworthy activities - June
No. 150 January 19691673Noteworthy activities - November
No. 151 February 19691691Noteworthy activities
No. 153 April 19691734Noteworthy Activities, February
No. 154 May 19691753Noteworthy activities, March
No. 156 July 19691784Noteworthy activities, May
No. 157 August 19691796Noteworthy activities
No. 159 October 19691821Noteworthy activities - August
No. 160 November 19691838Noteworthy activities - September
No. 161 December 19691849Regional notes
No. 163 February 19701873Regional notes
No. 164 March 19701888Regional notes
No. 165 April 19701895Noteworthy activities
No. 166 June 19701915Noteworthy activities
No. 167 July 19701916Canberra camera
No. 167 July 19701930Noteworthy activities for June
No. 169 September 19701955Noteworthy activities for August
No. 170 October 19701972Noteworthy activities - September
No. 171 November 19701993Noteworthy activities for October
No. 177 May 19712104Noteworthy activities - April
No. 178 June 19712121Noteworthy activities
No. 179 July 19712140Noteworthy activities
No. 180 August 19712159Noteworthy activities - July
No. 181 September 19712175Noteworthy Activities - August
No. 183 November 19712195American improves weather radar (photo)
No. 183 November 19712210Noteworthy activities
No. 184 December 19712229Noteworthy activities

Strong Winds

No. 160 November 19691830Unfortunate coincidence


No. 150 January 19691669Wind study in Brisbane
No. 153 April 19691731Thunderstom hunters
No. 241 January 19783019Radar gust front study

Upper Atmosphere

No. 101 December 1964765Upper atmosphere research group
No. 107 June 1965868Praise for Hibal forecasts
No. 115 February 19661000Oldsters at party
No. 116 March 19661021Outstanding windfinding at Mildura
No. 117 April 19661033More on Hibal
No. 117 April 19661036Project EOLE
No. 122 September 19661123Outline of EOLE project
No. 122 September 19661124End of Hicat
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight
No. 126 January 19671201Largest balloon launched
No. 127 February 19671221Hibal at Longreach
No. 140 March 19681470ADR sees EOLE launches
No. 164 March 19701879Mildura's weather radar building opened
No. 190 June 19722287Balloon launching - Alice Springs (cover photo)

Water Resources

No. 114 January 1966996Water resources survey

Weather Modification

No. 101 December 1964772U.S. Weather modification bill
No. 101 December 1964775Visit from NASA officials
No. 110 September 1965916Rainmaking a 'waste of money'
No. 120 July 19661090US reports being studied
No. 122 September 19661128Noteworthy activities, July
No. 133 August 19671350Noteworthy activities - June
No. 143 June 19681520Cloud seeding stops in ACT
No. 166 June 19701909Tassie's rain from fire

Weather Reconnaisance Aircraft

No. 92 March 1964681Visit of Weather Research Aircraft to Darwin

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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