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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


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Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)


No. 35 June 1959232Course for Senior Administrative and Personnel Officers, Canberra

Aerodrome Forecasting

No. 86 September 1963623Seminar on aerodrome forecasting

Australian Institute of Geographers

No. 44 March 1960305First Conference of Institute of Australian Geographers

Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Computers

No. 119 June 19661074Computer conference


No. 35 June 1959227Bankers' Conference, Toowoomba

Clean Air

No. 190 June 19722293Clean air conference


No. 71 June 1962508Facilities Conference

Fire Weather

No. 17 December 1957105Forestry Fire School at Carabost, N.S.W.
No. 24 July 1958149Fire Weather Conference
No. 71 June 1962510Seventh Conference of Fire Control Officers

Flood Forecasting

No. 195 November 19722365(P)Flood forecasting conference (photo)


No. 15 October 195790Proposals for a seminar on forecasting
No. 17 December 1957107Forecasting Seminar
No. 71 June 1962510Seventh Conference of Fire Control Officers
No. 136 November 19671393Senior forecasters conference

Institution of Engineers

No. 20 March 1958123Institution of Engineers Conference - Newcastle
No. 35 June 19592311959 Water Resources Conference and Meeting of Technical Committee No. 6 (Hydrology) of the Institute of Engineers
No. 47 June 19603261960 Engineering Conference - Cairns
No. 86 September 1963625Institution of Engineers (Aust) Committee on Hydrology


No. 45 April 1960312First Conference 'Management in Meteorology'
No. 46 May 1960316Conference on Management in Meteorology

Maximum Possible Precipitation

No. 20 March 1958128Conference on Maximisation of Precipitation
No. 23 June 1958144Conference on techniques for estimating maximum precipitation

News Media

No. 111 October 1965938Conference with press, radio and TV
No. 112 November 1965947Press, Radio and TV conference
No. 247 December 19793105(P)Bureau/Broadcasters workshop (photo)
No. 250 July 19803151(P)Bureau-media workshops in Melbourne and Perth (photos)
No. 251 October 19803168Bureau/media workshops completed (photos)

Northern Territory Scientific Liaison

No. 56 March 1961392Northern Territory Scientific Liaison Conference

Officers in Charge

No. 132 July 19671312OICs' conference

Port Meteorological Agents

No. 121 August 19661101Conference of PMAs
No. 146 September 19681571Port Met Agents meet

Rain Seminar

No. 51 October 1960353Seminar on rain

Regional Directors

No. 111 October 1965939RD's Conference
No. 112 November 1965948RD's conference
No. 146 September 19681563Regional Directors meet
No. 160 November 19691828(P)October conferences
No. 160 November 19691836RD's Conference
No. 170 October 19701958Communication and Regional Directors
No. 182 October 19712180Regional Directors in conference (photo)
No. 219 November 19742692(P)The shape of things to come (satellite photo) R/D's conference (photo)
No. 231 Nov/Dec 19752843(P)RD's gather in Melbourne (photo)
No. 232 January 19762866First test for (drifting) bouys
No. 247 December 19793103Tough year ahead - DIR tells RDs conference (photo)
No. 252 December 19803182Regional Directors' conference (photo)
No. 262 December 19823337Regional Director's Conference (photo)


No. 60 July 1961418Bureau Conference on Services
No. 61 August 1961433Services Conference 1961

Tropical Cyclones

No. 243 December 19783053Conference on tropical cyclones

Turbine Aircraft

No. 86 September 1963622Sydney meeting on Met. organisation for Turbine Aircraft

Water Resources

No. 70 May 1962502Water Resources Conference 1962
No. 87 October 1963632National Symposium on Water Resources, Use and Management
No. 96 July 1964713Symposium - 'Water Problems in Victoria'

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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