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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


Explanatory Note

Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


Contact us

Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)

Annual Reports

No. 130 May 19671284ADR's study tour
No. 169 September 19701948 Tale of two reports


No. 65 December 1961462'Antarctic Meteorology' - review

Australian Meteorological Magazine

No. 113 December 1965967 Old bulletin turns up

Bureau Logo

No. 182 October 19712179(P)Weather with a whirl (Bureau symbol) (cover photo)

Cine Films

No. 20 March 1958127Balloons and spinifex
No. 23 June 1958142Public release of film - 'Balloons and Spinifex'
No. 129 April 19671261Bureau films
No. 134 September 19671366Bureau films
No. 139 February 19681450Bureau film wins awards
No. 144 July 19681547Film night in Brisbane
No. 170 October 19701961Cyclone films for the Bureau
No. 171 November 19701973(P)Of tropical cyclones, punch tape and rockets
No. 172 December 19701994(P)Cyclone films premiere
No. 172 December 19701999Cyclones, continued
No. 232 January 19762859Film comes in handy (cyclone film)

Commemorative Postage Stamps

No. 140 March 19681460 Stamps for W.M. Day


No. 19 February 1958113Publication - Droughts in Australia


No. 28 November 1958178Weather service for the man on the land - Royal Melbourne Show - 1958
No. 39 October 19592651959 University Science Exhibition - Perth
No. 79 February 1963564Royal Adelaide Exhibition
No. 84 July 1963604Royal Adelaide Exhibition
No. 87 October 1963635Displays and exhibitions
No. 89 December 1963651Meteorological displays: Brisbane and Perth
No. 94 May 1964695Melbourne Grand Easter Show
No. 98 September 1964729Bureau Exhibit at S.T.A.V. Science Exhibition
No. 98 September 1964730Display at Brisbane Royal National Show
No. 99 October 1964742Bureau joins in bushfire display
No. 99 October 1964745Display at Kokopo show
No. 100 November 1964757The Bureau on show
No. 101 December 1964770Bureau exhibit at Royal Hobart Show
No. 101 December 1964771Sidelights from Hobart Show
No. 106 May 1965851DIR for WMO meeting
No. 106 May 1965858PR tour of NW Tasmania
No. 111 October 1965930Royal Melb. Show display
No. 113 December 1965968Royal Hobart Show display
No. 113 December 1965978News in brief - Display at Amberley; Thanks from Indian D-G; Barry Holt wed; Message from Prof. Bleeker; Work on Wind Loading on structures; Fax for Alice Springs; Junior Obs now an adult; Radio obs from UK; Ghost signals well received; Back on dry land; Research group meeting; Opening of Broome Office; Visit to CO - O'Brien
No. 123 October 19661146Met at the Show
No. 135 October 19671377Satellite as Show centrepiece
No. 135 October 19671378Brisbane Royal Show
No. 137 December 19671418Hobart's exhibition success
No. 146 September 19681578Bureau at Royal Show
No. 149 December 19681653Hobart show exhibit
No. 171 November 19701990Hobart's show biz
No. 172 December 19702003Brisbane's Show exhibit
No. 177 May 19712091Namoi exhibit (photo)
No. 189 May 19722279World Meteorological Day display - Melbourne
No. 192 August 19722323Boat shows - Victoria
No. 192 August 19722324and South Australia
No. 194 October 19722354Brisbane show (photos)
No. 196 December 19722378Royal show - Perth (photo)
No. 229 September 19752814Showtime again (photo)
No. 230 October 19752825Show time in Melbourne (photos of display)

Jubilee Publicity

No. 18 January 1958112Jubilee publicity
No. 21 April 1958133Jubilee publicity

Lectures, Talks

No. 27 October 1958172Address by Mr J. McCarthy - Weather Officer
No. 30 January 1959191Lectures given to S.E.C. Fire Control Officers
No. 91 February 1964671Lecture to students, Darwin

Metric Conversion

No. 193 September 19722333Meteorology goes metric (cover and other illustrations)
No. 193 September 19722334Metric markers
No. 194 October 19722348(P)Meteorology's metric change (illustrations)
No. 210 February 19742542(P)Metric display in Hobart (photo)


No. 87 October 1963636Publication of pamphlets
No. 99 October 1964746Our publications impress W.M.O.
No. 147 October 19681600Bureau publications popular
No. 171 November 19701973Of tropical cyclones, punch tape and rockets
No. 230 October 19752838Explaining Melbourne's weather -(Climate booklet)

Public Relations Officers

No. 243 December 19783065(P)Public Relations Officers (1968-78) (photo)

Rainfall Map

No. 80 March 1963575Annual Rainfall Map and Booklet for 1962

Telecasts for Schools

No. 22 May 1958138Telecasts to schools

Tropical Cyclone Community Education

No. 172 December 19702000Cyclone lessons for Australia - 1 - East Pakistan, 2 - USA
No. 172 December 19702001Pilgrims' progress on publicity preview
No. 173 January 19712022Cyclone education in N.T.
No. 184 December 19712212Tropical cyclone publicity (cover photo)
No. 197 January 19732389(P)Cover photo Cyclone publicity

Weather Development and Research Bulletin

No. 113 December 1965967Old bulletin turns up

Weather News

No. 13 August 195771Anniversary of Weather News
No. 31 February 1959206Change of editor 'Weather News'
No. 50 September 1960347Fifty issues of Weather News
No. 99 October 1964748News in brief - Thanks from Earl Droessler; Top award to former U.S Director; Thanks from the Newmans; Jack Maher's daughter wins trip to Japan; Spastic children get 20; Appointment of P.R.O.
No. 136 November 19671410News in brief - Bereavement, Costello; Operation for PRO; Thanks from former Minister; Visits to CO - RDs WA, ACT & NT; Death of Alan Atkins
No. 146 September 19681586News in brief - Met promotion; London news; Ted Saunders seconded; Degree; Sympathy
No. 152 March 19691693New size for journal
No. 159 October 19691817Ted Saunders leaves
No. 181 September 19712170An anthology of P.R.O.'s (Mike Rosel)
No. 213 May 19742596An old and a new PRO (Wiseman, Hiscock)
No. 235 June/July 19762914PRO passing out parade (cover photo)
No. 243 December 19783038Editor's note (explaining hiatus in issue)
No. 243 December 19783065(P)Public Relations Officers (1968-78) (photo)
No. 244 June 19793073PRO appointed

People in Bright Sparcs - Maher, John Vincent (Jack); Newman, Bernard William (Bernie)

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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