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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

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Air Pollution

No. 193 September 19722338(P)Brisbane pollution

Air Safety

No. 2 September 19566Air Safety Incident Reports
No. 15 October 195793Air safety incident reports - year 1956/57
No. 25 August 1958156Air safety incident reports
No. 37 August 1959244Air Safety Incident reports
No. 49 August 1960339Air Safety Incident reports
No. 61 August 1961425Air safety incident reports
No. 73 August 1962525Air safety incident reports

Antarctic Blizzards

No. 12 July 195765Storm at Mawson, June 1957
No. 131 June 19671302Cold hike
No. 189 May 19722281Story of a Mawson blizzard


No. 9 April 195746Broadford forest fire
No. 128 March 19671240Tasmania's black Tuesday


No. 99 October 1964747The drought of 1838-39
No. 103 February 1965803More about the drought
No. 105 April 1965839News in brief - Nell Anderson settling in; Cloud Seeding talks; Standards Assn. seek information; Soldiering on; Visit to Brisbane; Dirs. in Canberra; Norfolk Island inspection; Visits to CO - Dr Clark, Max Pross; 'Shorty' back in Melbourne; Dry start for '65; DIR's secretary married; W.M.O. Day celebrated; IPL visit to Perth; 'Chute' recovery unsuccessful; Forecasts for Lake Burley Griffin
No. 106 May 1965859Drought critical in NSW
No. 121 August 19661116Noteworthy activities, June
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762945Drought


No. 130 May 19671269(P)North Queensland floods
No. 130 May 19671270Floods in the Cairns area
No. 131 June 19671305Floods in the NT
No. 133 August 19671339Rain, rain go away
No. 165 April 19701891Hunter river memories
No. 187 March 19722256(P)Bureau profile: 19 - J. Hogan (photo)
No. 187 March 19722257Don't let the rain come down (Melbourne 17 Feb 1972)
No. 201 May 19732440(P)Flooding at Woomera (photo)
No. 206 October 19732492Victorian floods (cover s other photos)
No. 211 March 19742555(P)Brisbane flood January 1974 (photo)
No. 211 March 19742557Mean wanderings of wet WANDA (Brisbane flood)
No. 214 June 19742607Over the inland sea (photo, flooding of C.Aust)
No. 217 September 19742661Sun spotting (partial solar eclipse) (photo)
No. 224 May 19752753Sydney's big wet (cover photos)
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762960Googong flood (cover photos)
No. 251 October 19803169Carnarvon floods

High Rainfall

No. 104 March 1965820Rainfall on Mt. Bartle Frere
No. 133 August 19671339Rain, rain go away
No. 165 April 19701894Rain by the yard
No. 187 March 19722257Don't let the rain come down (Melbourne 17 Feb 1972)

Jet Stream

No. 4 November 195617A definition of the jet stream

Sea State

No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762954Arthur the Wrecker was here (Retirement Thompson, McEwen)

Sheep Losses

No. 157 August 19691794Losses in lambs and newly shorn sheep


No. 204 August 19732470Cherry Venture aground near Double Island Point (photo)
No. 234 Apr/May 19762892Shipwreck a 'sard' saga (A. Brunt reminiscences


No. 115 February 19661000(P)Oldsters at party

Storm Surge

No. 172 December 19702000Cyclone lessons for Australia - 1 - East Pakistan, 2 - USA
No. 192 August 19722317(P)Adelaide's stormy season (photo)
No. 192 August 19722322Stormy initiation (SA storm surge warning)

Strong Winds

No. 101 December 1964776Record blow at the Alice
No. 112 November 1965962News in Brief - Talk to ABC rural officers; With CSIRO met physics (Businger); Record wind at Hobart; Tour of WA (J.S.Maher); Wedding bells for Ellen and Bob (Falconer); Visit to CO (Bruce Mason); Police VC for Neil McRae's brother
No. 116 March 19661028Polar ships lashed
No. 130 May 19671275Child tossed by wind
No. 192 August 19722317(P)Adelaide's stormy season (photo)
No. 192 August 19722322Stormy initiation (SA storm surge warning)

Temperature Extremes

No. 44 March 1960307January heat in N.S.W.
No. 102 January 1965783Temperature record at Cloncurry
No. 105 April 1965835Hot day at Mandora
No. 113 December 1965972Cold snap hits Tasmania

Thunderstorms, Hail

No. 126 January 19671215Melbourne's dash of the tropics
No. 153 April 19691728Hail 15ft deep
No. 181 September 19712161What a way to see out winter (cover photo)
No. 201 May 19732441(P)Thunderstorm over Brisbane (photo)
No. 205 September 19732479(P)Hail fellow (hailstorm) (cover s other photo)


No. 156 July 19691778Tornado facts
No. 164 March 19701876Ken Smith's tornado
No. 181 September 19712168Tornado in Kin Kin
No. 198 February 19732406(P)Drought, hail and tornados (newspaper cartoon, two photos)
No. 208 December 19732518(P)Tornado in Brisbane (photo)
No. 210 February 19742540(P)Storm over Melbourne (photo)

Tropical Cyclones

No. 10 May 1957531956-57 Tropical Cyclone Season - Eastern Australia
No. 12 July 1957631956-57 Tropical Cyclone Season - Western July Australia
No. 12 July 195769Report on double passage of cyclone, Willis Island, 6-8th February, 1957
No. 23 June 1958148Queensland cyclone, 1st April, 1958
No. 52 November 1960365Cyclone at Mauritius
No. 94 May 1964697Sidelights on cyclone 'Katie'
No. 101 December 1964780News in brief - Management Conference; Lloyd, New Zealander calls in; Green Satellite confirms cyclone Rita; Hospital as weather station; Suggestion wins award - Jarman; Visits to CO - RD NSW, Pat Sullivan, D.C. Pitt, Lin Mitchell; Cyclone warning directive; Forecast wins bet for Campbell; Wedding bells for Barbara Daniel
No. 128 March 19671239(P)Cyclone Dinah
No. 142 May 19681498Sidelights of cyclone
No. 143 June 19681514Challenge from West
No. 144 July 19681539Low pressures
No. 163 February 19701867(P)Ada's fury
No. 164 March 19701875George Rutherford and his seven cyclones
No. 164 March 19701880Southern at sea
No. 166 June 19701898In Ada's path
No. 166 June 19701899Talking cyclones in Queensland
No. 177 May 19712100Parliamentary question (on tropical cyclones)
No. 186 February 19722243(P)Daisy oh! Daisy (cover photo) (tropical cyclone)
No. 186 February 19722248Two very liberated women (cyclones Althea & Sally)
No. 196 December 19722381Insurance on cyclones
No. 196 December 19722382Hurricane horror
No. 197 January 19732394(P)Hurricane Bebe - the butterfly of hate (photos)
No. 205 September 19732487The death of a lugger (1910 Broome cyclone)
No. 221 January 19752718(P)Darwin after Tracy (photos, diagrams)
No. 223 Mar/Apr 19752739(P)A tale of Trixie, Vida & Co (cyclones) (photo)
No. 224 May 19752760Rough ride from Alison (cyclone)
No. 230 October 19752836The cyclone of 1897 (Darwin - historical note)
No. 232 January 19762856(P)Aftermath of Joan (Pt. Hedland cyclone) (photo)
No. 234 Apr/May 19762909Cyclone Colin report from Lord Howe Island
No. 247 December 19793111Recollections of cyclone Kerry
No. 248 March 19803114Cyclone season strikes
No. 249 May 19803134AMY a 'super' cyclone

People in Bright Sparcs - Brunt, Allan Thomas; McRae, John Neil; Sullivan, Patrick Joseph

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'Catalogue of Items in Weather News, Issues No. 1-262, August 1956 - December 1982', Metarch Papers, No. 1 February 1986, Bureau of Meteorology

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