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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


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International Activities


No. 14 September 195784Attachment of Australian Meteorologist to I.G.Y. Weather Central, Little America
No. 20 March 1958126Australian Meteorologist at Antarctic Weather Central
No. 33 April 1959212The IGY Weather Central
No. 62 September 1961435First Consultative Meeting of Antarctic Treaty Nations
No. 115 February 19661009First W/G meeting in Melbourne
No. 116 March 19661019Opening of W/G meeting
No. 117 April 19661033More on Hibal

Assistance to Other Meteorological Services

No. 5 December 195624Hand over of Meteorological Service in the New Hebrides to Condominium Government
No. 23 June 1958146U.S.A.A.F. - Operation Handclasp
No. 26 September 1958165U.S. Navy honours Queensland Divisional Office
No. 65 December 1961463Observers assist in aircraft search
No. 77 December 1962554Agrometeorology in Europe
No. 147 October 19681591New Guinea weather visit
No. 162 January 19701855First TPNG Weather Observers
No. 198 February 19732405Presentation in Bangkok (photo)
No. 199 March 19732415Radar for Indonesia (photo)
No. 204 August 19732469Inauguration of PNG National Meteorological Service (photos)
No. 216 August 19742636PNG trainees press on (photo)
No. 247 December 19793108Review of Solomon Islands met. service
No. 260 June 19823298Bureau team for Saudi Arabia
No. 260 June 19823303Solomons Islands aid project

Conferences, Symposia

No. 2 September 19567UNESCO Symposium on Climatology of Arid Zones (with special reference to Microclimatology)
No. 4 November 195615Tropical Cyclone Symposium
No. 5 December 195619A.N.Z.A.A.S. meeting in Dunedin
No. 8 March 195741A.N.Z.A.A.S. meeting
No. 9 April 195749The Second Session of the Commission for Climatology Washington, U.S.A., 14 - 25th January, 1957
No. 15 October 195788A.N.Z.A.A.S. - Adelaide, August 1958
No. 19 February 1958120WMO Commission for Synoptic Meteorology
No. 21 April 1958132The Second Session of the WMO Regional Association for the South West Pacific
No. 21 April 1958135The Commission for Synoptic Meteorology of the World Meteorological Organization
No. 21 April 1958136Symposium on Monsoons of the World
No. 26 September 1958168Symposium on Antarctic Meteorology
No. 29 December 1958185Twelfth Meeting South Pacific Air Transport Council, Melbourne 1958
No. 29 December 1958186SPATC Meteorological Study Group
No. 31 February 1959201Symposium on Antarctic Meteorology
No. 31 February 1959202Pacific Science Association
No. 32 March 1959208ICAO Middle East/South East Asia Regional Air Navigation Meeting
No. 32 March 1959211Symposium on Antarctic Meteorology
No. 34 May 1959219Third Meeting of SCAR, Canberra, 1959
No. 39 October 1959263A.N.Z.A.A.S.
No. 53 December 1960375Fourteenth Meeting of S.P.A.T.C.
No. 55 February 1961386Third Session, Commission for Climatology
No. 57 April 1961405Second U.S.-Asian Military Weather Symposium
No. 62 September 1961435First Consultative Meeting of Antarctic Treaty Nations
No. 63 October 1961443Tenth Pacific Science Congress
No. 64 November 1961456ASupplement: Remarks by Lord Casey at the opening of the Cloud Physics Conference, Canberra 11.9.61
No. 66 January 1962466Fifteenth Meeting of S.P.A.T.C.
No. 67 February 1962472International Conference on Cloud Physics
No. 74 September 1962535A.N.Z.A.A.S. Sydney August 1962
No. 76 November 1962549ICAO PAC-11-RAN Meeting - Vancouver Sept-Oct 1962
No. 79 February 1963563Meeting of Commission for Agricultural Meteorology III, Toronto
No. 79 February 196356616th Meeting of South Pacific Air Transport Council
No. 80 March 1963570Third U.S. - Asian Military Weather Symposium
No. 87 October 1963634XIIIth General Assembly of IUGG/IAMAP
No. 88 November 1963644International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
No. 89 December 1963649WMO/IUGG Symposium on Tropical Meteorology
No. 90 January 1964659CAeM-ICAO Joint Meeting
No. 92 March 1964674ICAO Met/OPS - WMO CAeM Meeting
No. 111 October 1965933ANZAAS conference, Hobart
No. 113 December 1965974Met Symposium, Suva
No. 122 September 19661126Overseas visits - SRCA, STAR, STIO, Rainbird
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight
No. 125 December 19661183Agro-met seminar
No. 125 December 19661185ANZAAS conference
No. 127 February 19671227Bureau at ANZAAS
No. 136 November 19671395International meetings in Australia
No. 136 November 19671404Overseas visits
No. 137 December 19671415Harry Rosman retires
No. 137 December 19671430Bureau men at ANZAAS congress
No. 138 January 19681440WMO post-sessional tour
No. 152 March 19691697Numerical prediction symposium
No. 152 March 19691709Visited Manila, Bangkok
No. 178 June 19712115Bureau at national science conference (ANZAAS)
No. 213 May 19742586Victory at Belgrade (CBS VI)
No. 227 July 19752789Tropical Met. to the fore
No. 227 July 19752792Climate Conference
No. 232 January 19762854Heavies gather at Monash (Climate Conf.)(cover photo)
No. 247 December 19793102Tropical Cyclone Conference (international)

Global Atmospheric Research Project

No. 120 July 19661092CSIRO wind check
No. 162 January 19701856GARP November exercise
No. 243 December 19783063Global Weather Experiments 1978-79
No. 244 June 19793067Global Weather Experiment 1978-79 - cover logo and photos
No. 244 June 19793071Winter MONEX field phase
No. 248 March 19803119Global Weather Experiment - Australia and NZ to gain most

IMO Prize

No. 51 October 1960358I.M.O. Prize
No. 84 July 1963599I.M.O. Prize
No. 99 October 1964748News in brief - Thanks from Earl Droessler; Top award to former U.S Director; Thanks from the Newmans; Jack Maher's daughter wins trip to Japan; Spastic children get 20; Appointment of P.R.O.
No. 110 September 1965924IMO prize to Dr Pettersen
No. 144 July 19681531No prize awarded
No. 156 July 19691781IMO prize awarded
No. 206 October 19732498International Awards come to Australia
No. 210 February 19742539(P)International conference (IAMAP/IAPSO) (cover & other photo) (presentation of IMO Prize to Dr Priestley)
No. 250 July 19803148IMO Prize to US Meteorologist

International Antarctic Analysis Centre (IAAC, IAMRC)

No. 31 February 1959204International Antarctic Analysis Centre
No. 36 July 1959238First overseas meteorologist at I.A.A.C.
No. 42 January 1960286International Antarctic Analysis Centre
No. 44 March 1960300French Meteorologist at I.A.A.C.
No. 51 October 1960354Argentina sends a meteorologist to I.A.A.C.
No. 54 January 1961385Appreciation of work of I.A.A.C.
No. 56 March 1961391Visitors to the I.A.A.C.
No. 59 June 1961416I.A.A.C. Staff
No. 68 March 1962489News in brief - Cash award for suggestion; Record Radiosonde Height; Changes of Staff - I.A.A.C.
No. 88 November 1963645Visitor to IAAC
No. 91 February 1964670Visitors to IAAC
No. 94 May 1964699New staff members at IAAC
No. 95 June 1964712News in brief - WMO BC-XVI; UK visit; Displays; Japanese Meteorologist for IAAC; New Style Weather Officers; Minister's visit; Practical Hydrometeorology
No. 100 November 1964754Dr Martyn joins IAAC body
No. 103 February 1965807News in brief - Bureau to give evidence; Exam achievements; Wedding bells - Armstrong-Whitby; Walter Mackinley departs IAAC; IAAC in Russia; Visits to C.O. - Dr J. Black, Wilf Warren, John McGann; Back to the Army - Smalley
No. 104 March 1965808(P)World Met. Day 1965
No. 104 March 1965826Obituary - Alfred Milward
No. 112 November 1965944Warren Knapp joins IAAC
No. 114 January 1966997'Passing' of IAAC
No. 119 June 19661064Mr Yoshida departs
No. 122 September 19661133News in brief - New met office, Coff's Harbour; Gymnastics (Miss Welsh); Presentation to ship's officer; Closure of Collingwood; Wal Formston retires; New faces at CO - Brook, Walker, Cross; Vic RO to move; Visit to Ros; Building tenders close; Renovations at Laverton; Obit - Paddy Chapman; Joins IAMRC - David Martin

International Geophysical Year

No. 16 November 1957100Vernal World Meteorological Interval 1957 - High Pilot Balloon Flights
No. 20 March 1958125High altitude wind measurements - I.G.Y. World Meteorological Interval - December 1957
No. 33 April 1959212The IGY Weather Central
No. 69 April 1962497Adelaide Symposium on the results of IGY

International Hydrological Decade

No. 89 December 1963650Australian National Committee for the International Hydrological Decade

International Indian Ocean Expedition

No. 66 January 1962465The International Indian Ocean Expedition
No. 111 October 1965934IIOE Symposium, Bombay

International Meteorological Organization (IMO) Centenary

No. 199 March 19732417(P)Centenary IMO/WMO (photo)
No. 206 October 19732497IMO/WMO Centenary

Overseas Visits, Attachments of Bureau Staff

No. 7 February 195733Visit to U.S.A. by Mr G. O'Mahony
No. 10 May 195752Visit to the U.K. and France by Mr H.R. Phillpot
No. 12 July 195770Visit to U.K. and U.S.A. by Mr H.N. Brann, Supervising Meteorologist, Instrument Section, Central Office
No. 17 December 1957109Overseas mission - Mr H.N. Brann
No. 26 September 1958167Overseas visit - Mr W.J. Gibbs
No. 27 October 1958*1716(P)Excellence awards to ships
No. 40 November 1959271Visit to Stockholm - J.N. McRae
No. 43 February 1960293Overseas visit - W.J. Gibbs
No. 44 March 1960303Overseas visit - J.W. Lillywhite
No. 51 October 1960361Overseas visit - Mr W.J. Gibbs
No. 53 December 1960372Antarctic visit - W.J. Gibbs
No. 57 April 1961400Artificial satellites
No. 58 May 1961408Recent technical developments
No. 67 February 1962471Antarctic Visit - H.R. Phillpot
No. 74 September 1962536Visit to Japan
No. 77 December 1962554Agrometeorology in Europe
No. 80 March 1963572Antarctic trip - G.T. Rutherford
No. 83 June 1963595Visit to U.S.A. of STIO
No. 88 November 1963640Visit to South Africa: Mr H.R. Phillpot
No. 90 January 1964660Lapan visit - Mr. G.S. Goodman
No. 95 June 1964712News in brief - WMO BC-XVI; UK visit; Displays; Japanese Meteorologist for IAAC; New Style Weather Officers; Minister's visit; Practical Hydrometeorology
No. 97 August 1964727News in brief - Overseas Visits; Football Match Training Section V The Rest; Suggestions Awards
No. 110 September 1965925Overseas visits: Retallack, Southern, O'Mahony, Maine, Maher, Holmes, Henderson, Court, West, Rainbird
No. 110 September 1965926Forecasting course in Philippines
No. 112 November 1965950Successful 'look-see' at computers
No. 116 March 19661027Overseas visit - H. Ashton
No. 118 May 19661054Overseas visits - DIR & SMER, STFI, ADR, STAF
No. 124 November 19661158Overseas visits - Dr Priestly and Mr Swinbank, Messers Holmes and Henderson
No. 128 March 19671241ADR on study tour
No. 129 April 19671267News in brief - Night basketball; Hydrology meeting; WWW meeting; Mauritius trip; Visits to CO - Ryan, Lynch, McGann
No. 130 May 19671284ADR's study tour
No. 132 July 19671313Highlights of DIR tour
No. 132 July 19671325ADR in Stockholm
No. 140 March 19681472DIP'S rushed trip
No. 144 July 19681532ADR at overseas seminars
No. 146 September 19681582Overseas visits
No. 147 October 19681605Geneva visits
No. 149 December 19681654Visit to Asian met. centres
No. 150 January 19691671Studied Radar techniques
No. 151 February 19691682Interesting U.S. visit
No. 152 March 19691694To work in U.S.
No. 152 March 19691695And for WMO
No. 159 October 19691827News in brief
No. 161 December 19691843What Shaw saw
No. 162 January 19701861News in brief
No. 168 August 19701933Lima, Llamas and C-llimatology
No. 168 August 19701939CO notes
No. 169 September 19701947Malaysian meeting
No. 170 October 19701970News in brief
No. 175 March 19712070News in brief
No. 211 March 19742560Overseas visit by Director
No. 213 May 19742586Victory at Belgrade (CBS VI)
No. 228 August 19752803Back from a hot spot (visit to Saudi Arabia)
No. 230 October 19752831Overseas visits
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762876Off to Geneva
No. 234 Apr/May 19762896R.D. from Perth off to U.S.
No. 244 June 19793075Overseas scholarship (Greg Holland)
No. 250 July 19803155Overseas visits by HO staff (P. Noar, A. Hall)
No. 253 February 1981320018 months at ECMWF - Peter Price reports

Panels of Experts, Working Groups, Seminars

No. 5 December 195621WMO Panel of Meteorological Experts on the Arid Zone
No. 13 August 195775WMO Working Group on Statistical Requirements and Methods on Climatology
No. 13 August 195779WMO Working Group on Guide to Climatological Practices
No. 27 October 1958170International problems
No. 38 September 1959257Bangkok Seminar
No. 57 April 1961400Artificial satellites
No. 59 June 1961415Second Session of CSM Working Group on Telecommunications, Paris, 11th-26th April, 1961
No. 68 March 1962488CSM Working Group on Networks
No. 69 April 1962490Training Seminar on Tropical Cyclones - Tokyo
No. 78 January 1963556Seminar on Forecasting - Bangkok
No. 92 March 1964675Telecommunications Working Group Meeting
No. 93 April 196468713th Session of UNSCEAR
No. 99 October 1964737Hydromet Seminar in Bangkok
No. 100 November 1964760W.M.O. seminar on advanced tropical met.
No. 102 January 1965791Satellite Seminar in Tokyo
No. 107 June 1965880WMO panel of experts for the IHD
No. 115 February 19661009First W/G meeting in Melbourne
No. 116 March 19661019Opening of W/G meeting
No. 119 June 19661067WMO Seminar in Melbourne
No. 126 January 19671198World is short of food - Secretary
No. 136 November 19671397Value of working groups
No. 137 December 19671413Panel of experts meet in Melbourne
No. 140 March 19681461Another WMO seminar
No. 149 December 19681640WHO conference, New Delhi
No. 149 December 19681648WMO satellite seminar
No. 149 December 19681652Attended flood seminar
No. 161 December 19691845Looking way, way ahead
No. 197 January 19732397Cyclone Seminar
No. 202 June 19732453(P)WMO Tropical Cyclone Seminar (cover & other photos)

Students from Overseas

No. 44 March 1960299Colombo plan student with Bureau
No. 58 May 1961409Introduction to Japan
No. 69 April 1962498News in brief - ADS visits N.T. and S.A; cyclone forecasts; Australia's FAX broadcasts aid; Antarctic ships; Antarctic analyses; Course in tropical meteorology; Colombo plan students at Central Training School
No. 162 January 19701855First TPNG Weather Observers
No. 216 August 19742636PNG trainees press on (photo)
No. 216 August 19742638KL visitors here for a year (photo)
No. 234 Apr/May 19762890Cambodians among WO Graduates (cover photos)

Visits by Overseas Meteorologists, Etc.

No. 21 April 1958134Visit by Mr H. Van Loon and Mr G. Cartwright
No. 52 November 1960363Visit by Secretary General, W.M.O.
No. 62 September 1961441Bureau has distinguished visitor
No. 68 March 1962476Visit by Nigerian Minister of Communications
No. 68 March 1962478Visit of Mr Jerome Namias
No. 81 April 1963580Visit of Admiral Reedy and Party
No. 104 March 1965817Visit by top US official - M.J. Rubin
No. 106 May 1965853Visit by Thai D.G.
No. 117 April 19661034Andrew Thomson's trip
No. 119 June 19661076Special Colombo Plan visitor
No. 122 September 19661130Visit from Prof. Lettau
No. 124 November 19661174News in Brief - Reminder of air disaster; Balloon's long flight; Got her down; Gwenda returns; The Drum; Direct radio broadcasts; Suggestions wanted; News from south; Round-Aust flight
No. 134 September 19671356Visit by Dr Riehl
No. 135 October 19671391News in brief - Off course; Spastic appeal; Thanks; Predicting dust storms; Welcome, Prof Sargeant; Familiarisation flight; Talks on rocketry; Visits to CO - RD SA, Clarrie McCue
No. 167 July 19701922U.S. Computer expert here
No. 191 July 19722300Visit by members of German Met. Service (photos)
No. 197 January 19732395Visits of overseas meteorologists
No. 223 Mar/Apr 19752738Visitors from Japan (cover photo)
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762872Chinese group completes visit (photo)
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762960Googong flood (cover photos)
No. 239 August 19772989Japanese Met. visits Head Office (photo)
No. 239 August 19772995Saudi Arabian visit (photo)
No. 240 November 19773003Crown Prince (Hassan of Jordan) visits Bureau (photo)
No. 242 March 19783036Visiting scientist (L. Bengtsson)
No. 253 February 19813198Visit by WMO Secretary-General (cover photo)
No. 253 February 19813199Japanese visit
No. 255 June 19813227VIP visitors

WMO Activities, Congress, EC, Bureau

No. 34 May 1959220Third W.M.O. Congress
No. 35 June 1959229W.M.O. Third Congress - Geneva
No. 50 September 1960348Twelfth Session of the Executive Committee of W.M.O., June 1960
No. 83 June 1963593Fourth Congress WMO
No. 84 July 1963598Fifteenth Session of WMO Executive Committee
No. 95 June 1964712News in brief - WMO BC-XVI; UK visit; Displays; Japanese Meteorologist for IAAC; New Style Weather Officers; Minister's visit; Practical Hydrometeorology
No. 106 May 1965851DIR for WMO meeting
No. 108 July 1965893WMO meeting in Geneva
No. 115 February 19661005For WMO Executive
No. 118 May 19661054Overseas visits - DIR & SMER, STFI, ADR, STAF
No. 120 July 19661091WMO executive committee
No. 120 July 19661094Noteworthy activities for May
No. 129 April 19671254WMO congress
No. 131 June 19671307WMO congress
No. 131 June 19671308Organisation of WMO
No. 140 March 19681472DIP'S rushed trip
No. 143 June 19681528News in brief - Talks on JACMAS; Visit from ICAO rep.; Services for outback operator; Off to Geneva; Double surprise; Songsters; Awarded scholarship; Visits to CO - Prof. Lapluye; RDNT; John Smith, NASA rep., OIC Mascot (Pat Ryan) Jack Nelms, (Obs. at Cairns); Authors; Condolences - J.V. Maher; Calling all fishermen
No. 144 July 19681533WMO Executive Committee
No. 151 February 19691675WMO Bureau meeting
No. 155 June 19691757Director to Geneva
No. 156 July 19691784Noteworthy activities, May
No. 177 May 19712095Director re-elected first Vice-President of WMO
No. 245 August 19793078WMO Congress (cover photos)
No. 248 March 19803123New Secretary-General of WMO
No. 250 July 19803144WMO Executive Committee Meeting (photo)
No. 255 June 19813222WMO Executive Committee report (photo)
No. 255 June 19813228CAS VIII in Melbourne 1982
No. 259 Feb-Mar 19823285CAS-VIII an outstanding success (photo)
No. 260 June 19823295DIR leaves for WMO Executive Committee meeting

WMO Advisory Committee

No. 90 January 1964658WMO Advisory Committee


No. 56 March 1961395World Meteorological Day
No. 68 March 1962475World Meteorological Day
No. 79 February 1963565World Meteorological Day 1963
No. 93 April 1964689World Meteorological Day
No. 105 April 1965839News in brief - Nell Anderson settling in; Cloud Seeding talks; Standards Assn. seek information; Soldiering on; Visit to Brisbane; Dirs. in Canberra; Norfolk Island inspection; Visits to CO - Dr Clark, Max Pross; 'Shorty' back in Melbourne; Dry start for '65; DIR's secretary married; W.M.O. Day celebrated; IPL visit to Perth; 'Chute' recovery unsuccessful; Forecasts for Lake Burley Griffin
No. 106 May 1965845World Met. Day celebrated

WMO RAV (SW Pacific Region)

No. 15 October 195789Election of Mr L.J. Dwyer, Director of Meteorology, as Vice-President, WMO Regional Association V
No. 21 April 1958132The Second Session of the WMO Regional Association for the South West Pacific
No. 24 July 1958152Association for the South West Pacific
No. 34 May 1959218Working Groups on RA-V
No. 77 December 1962553W.M.O. Regional Meeting, Noumea
No. 114 January 1966998News in brief - Talk to fire officers; Scientific discussions; Overseas visits; Succumbed to 'wog'; Training at Geraldton; Suggestion awards; Agromet symposium
No. 163 February 19701874News in brief
No. 261 September 19823316Eighth Session of WMO Regional Association Five

World Weather Watch (WWW)

No. 70 May 1962499Meteorology and outer space
No. 80 March 1963573International co-operation re outer space
No. 101 December 1964764World Weather Watch Centre for Melbourne
No. 113 December 1965976Geneva meeting on WWW
No. 173 January 19712029News in brief
No. 213 May 19742584Ministerial scrutiny for World Weather Watch (photo)

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - International Antarctic Analysis Centre

People in Bright Sparcs - Ashton, Henry Tamblyn (Harry); Brann, Harold Walter Allen Neale (Bill); Casey, Richard Gardiner; Dwyer, Leonard Joseph; Gibbs, William James (Bill); Holmes, Ralph Aubrey Edward; Lillywhite, John Wilson; Maher, John Vincent (Jack); Maine, Ross; McRae, John Neil; Noar, Peter; O'Mahony, Gerard (Gerry); Phillpot, Henry Robert; Priestley, Charles Henry Brian (Bill); Retallack, Bruce James; Ryan, Patrick (Pat); Swinbank, William Christopher Swinbank, William Christopher

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