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Catalogue of Items in Weather News


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Catalogue of Items

Administration (Including Finance, Organisation, Premises, Staff, Training)
Archives (Including Items of Historical Significance)
Conferences (Other Than International—Including Symposia, Seminars)
Data Processing (Including Computers)
International Activities
Publicity (Including Publications, Public Relations)
Research (Including Investigations, Special Studies)


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Acoustic Sounders

No. 196 December 19722377(P)Acoustic sounder at Canberra (photo)
No. 208 December 19732516(P)Rainfall goes metric (cover photo, illus.)


No. 6 January 195727Antarctic Observational Programme 1957
No. 8 March 195742Establishment of Davis
No. 9 April 195748Mawson 1956
No. 14 September 195782Mawson
No. 14 September 195783Davis (Vestfold Hills)
No. 19 February 1958118Auroral observatory - Hurd Point
No. 20 March 1958122Establishment of Automatic Weather Station on Antarctica
No. 26 September 1958164Extract from Davis Newsletter of 10/8/58
No. 31 February 1959205Antarctic Automatic Weather Station
No. 33 April 1959216Australians take over Wilkes, Antarctica
No. 33 April 1959217Antarctic Automatic Weather Station 1958-59
No. 39 October 1959262Hello, Wilkes!
No. 39 October 1959267Extract from Wilkes Newsletter, September 1959
No. 103 February 1965806New station at Wilkes
No. 115 February 19661017News in brief - Former RD drops in; Congrats on honour; Typist I/C takes over; Barometer for Empress; Bergs increase in Antarctic; New type of cloud

Automatic Weather Stations

No. 1 August 19562Automatic Weather Station - Antarctica
No. 8 March 195744Experimental installation of Automatic Weather Station
No. 20 March 1958122Establishment of Automatic Weather Station on Antarctica
No. 26 September 1958*1693(P)Fire weather service in W.A.
No. 31 February 1959205Antarctic Automatic Weather Station
No. 33 April 1959217Antarctic Automatic Weather Station 1958-59
No. 75 October 1962541Installation of Automatic Weather Station on Ashmore Island
No. 87 October 1963637Ashmore Island Automatic Weather Station
No. 102 January 1965781(P)Maintenance visit to Ashmore
No. 108 July 1965883Maintenance trip to Ashmore Island
No. 119 June 19661061AWS visit
No. 124 November 19661170Cato Is operating
No. 126 January 19671212Ashmore AWS reports encouraging
No. 130 May 19671279Automatic weather stations
No. 132 July 19671324AWS for trial
No. 139 February 19681456Visit to Barrow Island
No. 146 September 19681572New weather watch
No. 146 September 19681573Automatic weather station
No. 147 October 19681590DIR recalls government help
No. 150 January 19691673Noteworthy activities - November
No. 151 February 19691677ADP phase-out
No. 151 February 19691678New A.W.S. off W.A.
No. 159 October 19691822Marion Reef AWS installed
No. 162 January 19701858Port Keats AWS installed
No. 164 March 19701883Flinders Reef - AWS contract let
No. 164 March 19701884Appreciations
No. 164 March 19701885Maintaining A.W.S.
No. 167 July 19701921Flinders Reef, Rowley Shoals AWS installed
No. 168 August 19701931(P)Rowley Shoals AWS
No. 170 October 19701968About Automatic Weather Stations
No. 173 January 19712020Lihou Reef AWS completed
No. 179 July 19712135New automatic weather station in NT
No. 248 March 19803124Emergency Flight
No. 255 June 19813223Scott Reef AWS vandalised (photo)


No. 2 September 19569High level balloon flights
No. 11 June 195759High level wind flights
No. 15 October 195795Introduction of electrical pilot balloon lanterns
No. 16 November 1957100Vernal World Meteorological Interval 1957 - High Pilot Balloon Flights
No. 20 March 1958125High altitude wind measurements - I.G.Y. World Meteorological Interval - December 1957
No. 28 November 1958180High altitude winds
No. 51 October 1960357Transosondes

Cloud Ceilometers

No. 46 May 1960323Cloud ceilometers

Clouds, Nacreous

No. 15 October 195794Rare clouds - Mawson

Cocos Island

No. 38 September 1959255Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Early Instruments

No. 102 January 1965787New standards laboratories
No. 114 January 1966979Old barometer
No. 125 December 19661175Old Russian barometer

Freezing Nuclei

No. 16 November 195798Freezing nucleus measurements


No. 1 August 19561Establishment of Giles Meteorological Station
No. 9 April 195747Giles today
No. 11 June 195756A Visit to Giles by Mr J. Hogan, Deputy Director, Divisional Office, Adelaide
No. 27 October 1958174Amenities at Giles
No. 28 November 1958183Amenities at Giles - further news

Macquarie Island

No. 14 September 195781Macquarie Island
No. 19 February 1958114Macquarie Island - General Report for 1957
No. 19 February 1958116Radiosonde release in southeast surface winds, Macquarie Island
No. 19 February 1958118Auroral observatory - Hurd Point
No. 117 April 19661039Macquarie Island today
No. 117 April 19661040.... and yesterday

Metric Conversion

No. 193 September 19722333Meteorology goes metric (cover and other illustrations)
No. 193 September 19722334Metric markers

Mobile Observing Station

No. 228 August 19752794(P)First outing for mobile met (equipment) (cover photo)

Observing Stations

No. 17 December 1957108Meteorological Office - Gladstone
No. 25 August 1958160Observing Stations as at 30th June, 1958
No. 37 August 1959251Observing stations as at 30/6/59
No. 40 November 1959272Port Hedland
No. 94 May 1964696Opening day - Mt. Gambier
No. 95 June 1964703Official opening day, Moree
No. 113 December 1965978News in brief - Display at Amberley; Thanks from Indian D-G; Barry Holt wed; Message from Prof. Bleeker; Work on Wind Loading on structures; Fax for Alice Springs; Junior Obs now an adult; Radio obs from UK; Ghost signals well received; Back on dry land; Research group meeting; Opening of Broome Office; Visit to CO - O'Brien
No. 114 January 1966980Successful Broome opening
No. 136 November 19671408Coffs Harbour opening
No. 156 July 19691775New Met. station at Esperance
No. 157 August 19691787Flood warnings earn thanks
No. 160 November 19691829Esperance commissioning
No. 160 November 19691835Oodnadatta opening
No. 161 December 19691844Norfolk Island WF2 commissioning
No. 205 September 19732486Forrest facts
No. 208 December 19732524Giles

Ocean Bouys

No. 151 February 19691681Monster bouy
No. 176 April 19712082Nomad (bouy) - Bass Strait's weather watcher
No. 232 January 19762866First test for (drifting) bouys
No. 233 Feb/Mar 19762873More (drifting) bouys released (photo)
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762970Spot on forecasts (Fgge drifting bouy project)
No. 239 August 19772980Drifting bouys set world record
No. 242 March 19783030Birthday bouy
No. 245 August 19793079Flight to the Antarctic - twice! (photos)
No. 246 October 19793097Recovery of Canadian buoy
No. 250 July 19803147(P)Voyage of Buoy 11595 (photos)
No. 252 December 1980318810 000 km voyage by drifting buoy
No. 256 August 19813243Dir visits Willis Island (photo)

Outstanding Performances by Voluntary Observers

No. 27 October 1958171Excellence awards to ships
No. 84 July 1963600Rabaul Trade Fair
No. 93 April 1964690Long family record
No. 102 January 1965790Skipper is Weatherwise
No. 108 July 1965886Observer is 85 and still on the job
No. 110 September 1965920Excellence awards for ships
No. 113 December 1965966Presentation to skippers
No. 115 February 19661006Awards to skippers
No. 120 July 19661089Presentation of excellence award
No. 124 November 19661165Excellence awards presented
No. 126 January 19671200Skipper wins excellence award
No. 128 March 19671253News in brief - Joan is first; Shipboard presentations; Fax at sea; Agronomy conference; Fan mail; Icing up; Obit - Mr and Mrs Paterson
No. 129 April 19671255Shipboard functions
No. 132 July 19671327Excellence award to ship - M/V Pt. New Plymouth
No. 140 March 19681464Presentation to skippers
No. 154 May 19691747Long service to Bureau
No. 163 February 19701870Ship's Excellence Award
No. 166 June 19701904Excellence Awards for rainfall observers
No. 169 September 19701949First Excellence award to rainfall observers
No. 170 October 19701970News in brief
No. 176 April 19712076Ship award in NSW (photo)
No. 176 April 19712080More excellence awards for ships
No. 176 April 19712085Honouring the rainfall volunteers (Observers)
No. 181 September 19712163Excellence award presentation (photo)
No. 192 August 19722314Robinson's rainfall (cover and other photo)
No. 192 August 19722320...and synoptic
No. 194 October 19722349(P)Observers' awards
No. 194 October 19722353(P)Shipshape awards
No. 195 November 19722369Family rainfall record
No. 196 December 19722384Observers' awards
No. 197 January 19732391(P)Excellence award for Port Launceston (photo)
No. 204 August 19732468(P)Observer's Excellence Award to Tasmanian (cover photo)
No. 205 September 19732481(P)Rainfall observers excellence awards (photos)
No. 206 October 19732495Ships award (photo)
No. 208 December 19732517Ships' Excellence Awards (photo)
No. 239 August 19772988Excellence awards
No. 244 June 19793069Rainfall Excellence Award (H. Wienke, SA)
No. 245 August 19793084Excellence Awards (Arthur Fisher NSW)
No. 247 December 19793109(P)Ship's Excellence Award to MV Arafura (photo)
No. 248 March 19803118Excellence Award (C.W. Dorman SA) (photo)


No. 54 January 1961384Ozone investigations in Australia
No. 118 May 19661052Spectro moves to Darwin

Radar, Weather Watching, Windfinding

No. 11 June 195757Night radar wind flights
No. 22 May 1958141Radar photographs of precipitation associated with a tropical depression in the Townsville area on 20th February, 1958
No. 39 October 1959266Radar Wind and Storm Warning Station Mackay
No. 52 November 1960366Radar installation, Cape Byron
No. 54 January 1961380Radar equipment demonstration at Laverton
No. 68 March 1962474Meteorological Radar Station at Cobar
No. 72 July 1962515New third-line windfinding equipment
No. 76 November 1962546Cairns Cyclone Warning Radar System
No. 78 January 1963558Official Opening - Cairns Radar Station
No. 82 May 1963585Third Line Radar Installation - Mildura, Vic
No. 93 April 1964686Handing over of new radar equipment
No. 93 April 1964688Melbourne weather radar installation
No. 100 November 1964753Director's overseas visit
No. 108 July 1965887Visit by Plessey Radar executive
No. 114 January 1966983Acceptance trials of WF44
No. 115 February 19661001WF277 replaced
No. 119 June 19661060WF44 installation at Laverton
No. 120 July 19661094Noteworthy activities for May
No. 123 October 19661148Noteworthy activities, August
No. 124 November 19661151WF44 handed over
No. 125 December 19661189Radomes from Japan
No. 129 April 19671266Noteworthy activities - February
No. 130 May 19671277WF 44 installations
No. 134 September 19671368Noteworthy activities
No. 135 October 19671376Radar installed, Port Moresby
No. 136 November 19671399Port Moresby's WF 44 radar
No. 139 February 19681447Commissioning of WF44
No. 144 July 19681536WF-44 at Eagle Farm
No. 146 September 19681570Radar tracking sets
No. 147 October 19681588(P)Eighth unit to be opened
No. 147 October 19681589Minister's address
No. 147 October 19681590DIR recalls government help
No. 148 November 19681638News in brief - Off south; Centre court star; High honour; Thanks; CQ CQ CQ DE AXM; Year aloft; Pacific visitors; Engagement; Newcomer to IAMRC; Serial sounding; Study tour to US; Cloud seeding study
No. 149 December 19681639Darwin radar commissioned
No. 149 December 19681650Noteworthy activities - October
No. 185 January 19722232(P)The beginning and the end (tropical cyclone photos)
No. 185 January 19722234(P)RD WA visits Esperance (photo)
No. 215 July 19742619(P)The old 277 takes a breather (cover photo radar)
No. 220 December 19742708Mt. Kanighan joins radar fence (map and photo)
No. 222 February 19752728Caught on radar (cyclone Tracey) (photo)
No. 230 October 19752823New radar for Butterworth (cover photo)
No. 230 October 19752824Broome, too (new radar)
No. 235 June/July 19762916PNG radar installed (photo)

Radio Theodolites

No. 1 August 19563Radio theodolite installation at Lae


No. 13 August 195774Summary of radiosonde flights for quarter ended June 30th, 1957 - termination level in millibars
No. 19 February 1958116Radiosonde release in southeast surface winds, Macquarie Island
No. 25 August 1958153Summary of radiosonde flights January to June, 1958
No. 51 October 1960359Radiosonde observations - Willis Island
No. 57 April 1961402Radiosonde results 1960
No. 108 July 1965888402 mc/s radiosonde
No. 236 Aug/Sep 19762948 New radiosonde station (Sydney)


No. 46 May 1960315Weather Satellite 'TIROS 1' a brilliant success
No. 50 September 1960349Further plans for weather satellites
No. 72 July 1962513U.S. Plans for Weather Satellites
No. 89 December 1963648Developments in Satellite Meteorology
No. 90 January 1964666News in brief - Satellite launching successful; Overseas mission; Visitor to Central Office; Christmas party; Christmas greetings
No. 91 February 1964667Local Read-out of Satellite Cloud Pictures
No. 95 June 1964703(P)Official opening day, Moree
No. 99 October 1964736(P)First pictures from Nimbus I
No. 100 November 1964750The short but useful life of Nimbus I
No. 101 December 1964780News in brief - Management Conference; Lloyd, New Zealander calls in; Green Satellite confirms cyclone Rita; Hospital as weather station; Suggestion wins award - Jarman; Visits to CO - RD NSW, Pat Sullivan, D.C. Pitt, Lin Mitchell; Cyclone warning directive; Forecast wins bet for Campbell; Wedding bells for Barbara Daniel
No. 103 February 1965794(P)Lidar - a new met. tool
No. 111 October 1965937NASA will toss up TOS
No. 120 July 19661094Noteworthy activities for May
No. 125 December 19661188Build it yourself antenna
No. 128 March 19671251Noteworthy activities - January
No. 131 June 19671292Nimbus still going strong
No. 141 April 19681484APT at sea
No. 155 June 19691756(P)New NIMBUS is up
No. 164 March 19701881ITOS-1 (and Australis) in orbit
No. 186 February 19722243(P)Daisy oh! Daisy (cover photo) (tropical cyclone)
No. 211 March 19742553Satellite view of cyclone PAM (photo)
No. 219 November 19742692(P)The shape of things to come (satellite photo) R/D's conference (photo)
No. 224 May 19752756Fifteen years for weather eyes (satellites)
No. 234 Apr/May 19762912Weather satellite sends last pictures (ESSA 8) (photo)
No. 237 Oct/Nov 19762961MDUS gets green light (Japanese GMS)
No. 239 August 19772983GMS launch (Japanese geostationary satellite)
No. 240 November 19773012(MS (satellite) picture (photo)
No. 241 January 19783017Tests for Japan's (satellite) station
No. 241 January 19783025MDUS antenna (photo)
No. 242 March 19783028MDUS commissioning (photo)
No. 242 March 19783037MDUS commissioning (photo)
No. 246 October 19793090Second meeting of GMS Joint Committee (photo)
No. 255 June 19813224August launch for GMS2 (photo)
No. 256 August 19813240Successful Launch of GMS2
No. 257 October 19813260GMS Joint Committee meeting (photo)


No. 3 October 195610Atmospherics Direction Finding Network
No. 14 September 195780Sferics in operation
No. 36 July 1959236Sferics Network
No. 45 April 1960313Sferics Network
No. 52 November 1960370Southern ocean sferics
No. 76 November 1962548Sferics - Seven - Station Tests


No. 19 February 1958121Weather reporting by shipping
No. 25 August 1958155Ship reports
No. 37 August 1959243Ship reports 1958/59
No. 47 June 1960330Whaling ship reports
No. 49 August 1960338Ship reports
No. 61 August 1961426Ship reports
No. 73 August 1962526Ships reports
No. 97 August 1964723Ships reports
No. 109 August 1965910Ship reports
No. 109 August 1965911Suggestions received
No. 127 February 19671219Reports from Japanese boats
No. 133 August 19671347Ship reports
No. 145 August 19681560Ship reports
No. 149 December 19681650Noteworthy activities - October
No. 151 February 19691674The weather of 1968
No. 157 August 19691795Success of V.A.P.
No. 176 April 19712079Indian ocean radiosonde trial (from merchant ship)
No. 177 May 19712092(P)Ocean radiosonde project )photo)

Willis Island

No. 24 July 1958151Service in isolation, Meteorological Station - Willis Island
No. 51 October 1960359Radiosonde observations - Willis Island
No. 120 July 19661080(P)Bureau takes over Willis Is.
No. 120 July 19661081Island's early days recalled
No. 194 October 19722356Facelift for Willis Is.
No. 239 August 19772992Airdrops come to an end (Willis Is.) (photo)
No. 243 December 19783062(P)Willis Island air drops (photo)
No. 244 June 19793077Air drops to Willis Island

People in Bright Sparcs - Hogan, John (Doc); Sullivan, Patrick Joseph

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